What Are Some Common Questions on Sewing? – (Top 10)

Common Questions on Sewing

Know Some Common Questions on Sewing: Have you ever wanted to try DIY sewing? But need some help figuring out how to get started? Sewing is an excellent pastime with many benefits, from increased creativity and self-fulfillment to creating custom clothes from scratch or basic alteration and mending. However, it’s important to know the basics …

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Should Buttonholes Be Vertical or Horizontal?

Should Buttonholes Be Vertical or Horizontal

The loops on the straps of knitted blouses, cardigans, or jackets can be made horizontal or vertical. It depends on the product’s design and the bar’s width. And the task is always the same – the loops should be almost invisible but functional. Regardless of the buttons’ size, most loops are formed in a small …

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Thread Snips vs. Scissors – What are the Differences?  

Thread Snips vs. Scissors

Discover Thread Snips vs. Scissors differences and their uses here: Thread snips and scissors have their own advantages, disadvantages, and differences. That makes them better suited for certain tasks – Let’s examine these two tools in greater detail.! A Brief History of Scissors Historians have come to the conclusion that scissors were used more than …

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Polyester vs. Nylon Difference – In-Depth Comparison

Polyester vs. Nylon

Two of the most common fabrics that we use on a daily basis are nylon and polyester. But they have very different properties that make them unique. You should understand in more detail about Polyester vs. Nylon, which one is better. The difference lies in the characteristics, composition, and method of manufacture. Fabrics are durable …

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How to Use Fiskars Scissors Sharpener – Step by Step Guide

How to Use Fiskars Scissors Sharpener

If your scissors lose their sharpness and require frequent replacement, you should consider a scissors sharpener. Fiskars has been producing high-quality tools since 1649 and continues to be one of the world’s most trusted brands. The Fiskars scissors sharpener can provide precise sharpening and offers the perfect combination between speed and power, making it an ideal …

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Wax vs. Clay Tailors Chalk – What are the Differences?

Wax vs. Clay Tailors Chalk

Discover Wax vs. Clay Tailors Chalk & What are the Differences? Tailor’s chalk typically comes in two different types: wax-based or clay-based. While both are used to mark fabrics or transfer patterns onto a material, they come with some distinct differences that could affect your sewing process. Depending on the sewing projects you’re planning, there …

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How Much Does a Monogram Machine Cost?

How Much Does a Monogram Machine Cost

Do you ever walk into a store and see a t-shirt with someone’s initials and wonder how they were put there? The answer is it’s probably a monogram machine! Monogram machines are used by companies to imprint custom designs onto apparel quickly. If you are interested in buying one of these machines, Then you’ll want …

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Clutch vs. Servo – Which Motor is Better for Sewing Machine

Clutch vs. Servo

Two types of motors are commonly used for domestic and industrial sewing machines: Clutch and servo motors. Dealing with these big panels, are you still deciding whether to go for a servo motor or clutch motor? Here we will compare both sewing motor types and their key differences, advantages, and drawbacks so that you can …

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Is Bamboo Viscose the Same as 100% Bamboo?

Is Bamboo Viscose the Same as 100% Bamboo

Bamboo viscose and 100% bamboo fabric are both popular materials in the textile world, and for a good reason. The two fabrics offer a variety of benefits, including being breathable, sustainable, and durable. Below we’ll explore how these two fabrics differ from one another to give you an informed understanding of what each material has …

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Is Bamboo Viscose Toxic – Uncover the Truth

Is Bamboo Viscose Toxic

The rise of bamboo fabrics in recent years has brought a unique textured, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cotton fabric. Despite the many benefits of using bamboo fabrics, such as their sustainability, strength, and comfort, some questions have been raised about whether or not it’s toxic and dangerous for human health. Let’s dive into this …

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