10 Different Types of Collared Shirts (in 2024)

Last Updated on December 31, 2023

10 Types of Collared Shirts That You Can Try: A shirt is a formal item of clothing. These shirts usually have a collar that ties a shirt together and uses buttonholes to close the front of the garment. As the collar is such a critical part of any dress shirt, it’s essential to get the collar right and well-fitted.

Hence, based on the collar, there are many different types of shirts available. And this article will teach you what they all are and how to choose the perfect one for you. So, without further ado, let’s start.

Different Types of Collared Shirts

10 Types of Collared Shirts That You Can Try

1. Band Collar Shirt

A band collar is quite literally just a band that’s used in place of a collar. Eventually, these shirts have no collar at all. It comprises a flat band of cloth that wraps neatly around your neck.

In other words, a band collar is an informal shirt style. If you like to experiment with your fashion choices and don’t mind being a little different from the crowd, go with a band collar.

Though the band collar style is less formal than other collars, you can still wear it in the office. Moreover, they are the best way to spend a vacation for most people, and they are excellent for getting out of the house when you need a change of pace. However, various band collar shirt styles are available, and most of them comprise denim or chambray.

2. Button-Down Collar Shirt

The button-down collar was designed to keep the collar and cuffs of a shirt in place. Eventually, this collar was designed for Polo players who wish to avoid their shirts Collar slapping around during play.

Men desire both comfort and style in their shirts. A button-down collar shirt is comfortable to wear due to the large collar and is frequently decorated nicely.

Although button-down collar shirts are associated with preppy styles and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Also, you can wear them with both casual and more formal outfits.

Hence, button-down shirts are ideal for men who want to appear professional even when they aren’t wearing a tie. Also, these collars are still a part of many. These days, many men prefer to wear this shirt without ties.

In other words, a button-down collar is a classic, and that simplicity allows you to wear it formally or casually. These shirts are usually worn by people who work in casual jobs or like to be comfortable.

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3. Club Collar Shirt

The “Club” Collar, also called the Eton collar, was initially worn by students at Eton College. The club collar is a variant of the standard point collar, which lacks the sharp edges of regular point collars and gives it a softer appearance.

The rounded ends make them different and more interesting than other shirts, and they can be both casual and formal. They’re also a lot of fun to wear.

To go to a semi-formal event, you can pair your club collar shirt with a suit and tie (or blazer at the most). Overall, this club collar shirt is a style that combines both comfort and style very well.

4. Cutaway Collar Shirt

Cutaway Collar was designed to fit Windsor tie knots; a shirt collar is also known as a Windsor collar. These shirt’s collars are angled so that they “cut away” from the wearer’s face. It was designed in response to the stiff collar styles that were popular in the 1920s, and it is meant to be more trendy and modern than those shirts.

This V-shaped collar is more spread out than many other collars, making it an excellent choice for men who like to wear ties with patterned designs. It makes your face and neck look even more distinguished.

Therefore, you can wear them to practically any event, from work to play, and from formal to informal, because they are suitable for all of them. Overall, for guys with a thinner or long neck and an angular face, a cutaway collar is the most acceptable option.

5. Forward Point Collar Shirt

The forward point collar is ideal for a basic dress shirt collar since it is both comfortable and attractive. The points of this sort of collar are close together, and they may even be visible above the jacket’s lapels.

This type of collar will suit you best if you have a traditional sense of style. Also, point collars are best for dress shirts because they complement the style of almost any suit.

However, the forward point collar shirt suits every man and helps you develop your style and attitude, regardless of how much time you devote to your style or express yourself.

6. Pin Collar Shirt

The points are connected with a pin or bar of some sort with a pin collar, resembling a miniature hatpin. In other words, a pin-collar shirt is a type of shirt that features a small bar that fits through the buttonholes and under the tie.

The pin not only secures the knot in place; it also lifts the tie knot, giving you an elegant appearance. People who look for a more classic, more tailored look can consider the pin-collared shirt for sure.

Furthermore, shirts with pin collars have a formal appearance and are best suited for formal or semi-formal occasions. Although the pin collar shirt is formal and creates a feeling of professionalism, you’ll be able to wear it to more places you want.

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7. Spread Collar Shirt

Spread collars are neither too formal nor too casual, making them an excellent choice for men who want to appear somewhat dressed up without looking bad.

The points on these collars terminate and disappear where the collar meets the jacket, giving them a perfectly straight and elegant appearance. This classically cut collar is wider than the Windsor but not as much as a Cutaway.

In addition, the shirts are ideal for men who enjoy the latest styles and designs but prefer to dress conservatively. Afterward, there is no wrong place to wear a spread collar shirt because it looks great whether you attend a formal business meeting or your children’s soccer game.

8. Tab Collar Shirt

Tab collars developed from the old-fashioned practice of removing collars from shirts and replacing them with other clothing. The tab beneath the tie knot secures the tab-collar shirt with a button.

From a distance, it appears to be a standard forward point collar shirt. While you’re a conservative by nature, you can prefer a shirt with tabs that feel and look more comfortable.

Furthermore, people looking for a tab collar should get a custom-made shirt as the tab collar doesn’t fit every shirt style.

9. Straight Collar Shirt

The straight collar has more versatility than you might think. This collared shirt, also known as point collar shirt, is a classic option for the man who likes to dress up. It can be worn with a tie or open collar and is available in a range of colors.

Additionally, this straight collar looks great with almost any outfit and can be worn for any occasion. Significantly, this style is appropriate for weddings and business functions. Overall, this classic collar shirt goes with anything; it’s an excellent investment.

10. Hidden Button Collar

This multi-functional button-down collar looks similar to the straight collar but has an integrated tip control at the collar base.

This collar looks great with and without a tie, making it ideal when the day begins casually and becomes more formal. Overall, this hidden button-down collar is a great way to add a little elegance to your look without being too formal.

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Which Shirt Collar Will Suit Me Best?

Selecting the best collar style for your look has a relation with your face shape. Therefore, when choosing between collars, you shouldn’t focus on the shape of your face.

Afterward, you may begin by wearing shirts with a more traditional collar, but you will eventually experiment to find the best collar for your personal preferences and face shape. A collar that fits you well and makes you feel confident about your appearance at all times should be your number one choice.

Again, the key to finding the collar style that works for you is to base it on what you feel is appropriate for the occasion. Remember that you should consider which shirt styles will work best when special events like weddings and others. Of course, it makes a big difference.

Final Verdict

There are a variety of different collar styles in the market. Classic and casual menswear brands have their names for collar styles. Whatever the names, these are the main variations of the collar types described earlier, and once the key variants are considered, you can identify the characteristics of any collar. Above, we have discussed trendy collar choices. The rest is up to you.

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