Addi 46 Vs. Sentro 48 Pin Knitting Machine – (Comparison)

Last Updated on October 11, 2023

We’re exploring 2 knitting machines today, particularly the Addi 46 Vs. Sentro 48 models. You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re unsure which one to invest in. We investigate both knitting machines and here to share our observations and thoughts.

Addi 46 Vs. Sentro 48


  • Addi is more stable with clamps for large projects, while Sentro needs occasional adjustments without clamps.
  • Addi works with a wider variety of yarn weights, offering more project possibilities.
  • Both machines create professional-looking stitches for your projects.
  • Sentro offers comfortable handling, while Addi’s round handle might need adjustment. Addi’s noise signals completed rounds.
  • Sentro includes basic tools, while Addi provides clamps for stability and a specialized needle for finishing touches.

Addi 46 Vs. Sentro 48 Knitting Machine – Which one is better?

Addi has clamps for stability and works with a wider range of yarns, making it great for extensive projects. Sentro is budget-friendly but lacks clamps and is best for casual crafting.

The main difference between Addi and Sentro knitting machines lies in their handle design, yarn compatibility, and stability features, with Addi offering a round handle, broader yarn range, and clamps for added stability, while Sentro provides an ergonomic handle, beginner-friendly features, and suction cups for stability.

Introduction to the Machines

First things first, let us introduce you to these fantastic machines. The Addi and Sentro knitting machines are both innovative devices designed to simplify and speed up the knitting process.

Each machine comes with its unique features, making them suitable for various projects and knitting styles.

Physical Comparison

Addi 46 Vs. Sentro 48

Let’s start with the physical characteristics. The Sentro machine has 48 pins and an ergonomically designed user-friendly handle.

The creative structure of the handle makes it easy to grab and an ideal choice for people with arthritis or dexterity issues.

The Sentro machine also includes necessary elements such as a tension guide and a counter.

On the other hand, the Addi machine has 46 pins and a unique round handle. While the handle design may take some time to get used to, it still produces effective cranking.

The clamps that come with the Addi machine are a useful addition that maintains stability during work. They can make all the difference, especially when you’re working on big projects.

In-Depth Comparison

Let’s look at these machines’ detailed components in comparison:

1. Tension and Handling

Tension and Handling
  • Sentro: A simple tension guide at the bottom ensures a comfortable knitting experience. The ergonomic handle enhances its appeal.
  • Addi: The tension guide is on top and may require some adjustment if you’re used to other machines. Though the round handle initially seems strange, it works nicely once you get used to it. The additional stability provided by the clamps makes one-handed operation possible.

2. Stitch Quality

Stitch Quality

It is difficult to differentiate between the two machines in terms of the finished result because both machines produce high-quality stitches.  

3. Noise Level

  • Sentro: Generally quieter during operation.
  • Addi: Slightly louder, but the noise is tolerable and serves as an audible indicator of completed rounds.

4. Yarn Compatibility

Yarn Compatibility
  • Sentro: Works well with various yarn weights, although some users reported minor difficulties with thicker yarns.
  • Addi: More accommodating, handling a broader range of yarn weights, making it versatile for different projects.

5. Additional Accessories

  • Sentro: Comes with four schemes of yarn, tapestry needles, and a crochet hook. Suction cups provide stability but might not be suitable for all surfaces.
  • Addi: Provides clamps for securing the machine to the table, enhancing stability. A single tapestry needle with a bent tip aids in smooth finishing.


AspectSentro MachineAddi Machine
HandleErgonomic designRound handle
Tension GuideBottom positionTop position
Stitch QualityHigh-qualityHigh-quality
Noise LevelGenerally quietSlightly louder
Yarn CompatibilityVersatileMore versatile
Additional ItemsYarn, needles, hook, suction cupsClamps, needle with bent tip
StabilitySuction cupsClamps

The Addi machine may be the best option if you desire stability and versatility, especially for extensive or professional use. Its capacity to handle different yarn weights, and also the addition of clamps, make it a reliable companion for serious crafters.

The Sentro machine, on the other hand, is a wonderful, beginner-friendly, low-cost choice with superb stitch quality. Its ergonomic design and included supplies make it an ideal solution for casual crafters and hobbyists.

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