Are Abercrombie Jeans Good? Or Worth It?

Last Updated on August 22, 2023

Abercrombie is a brand, known for elevated basics, quality fabrics, and minimalist-inspired wardrobe styling. This suggests that their jeans might be of good quality and offer a stylish and timeless appeal. 

The options can seem endless when shopping for the perfect pair of jeans. Abercrombie jeans have managed to carve out a significant space in the denim market among the myriad of brands, styles, and price points. With their reputation for quality, style, and comfort, many fashion enthusiasts ponder the question: Are Abercrombie jeans worth it?

Are Abercrombie Jeans Good

Here, we’ll explore the factors that make Abercrombie jeans stand out, exploring their design, materials, and overall value proposition.

Are Abercrombie jeans Good?

Yes, Abercrombie jeans are likely to be of good quality and worth considering due to their focus on elevated basics, quality fabrics, and minimalist-inspired styling.

Abercrombie jeans might be a good choice if you value quality fabrics, classic designs, and a minimalist aesthetic. It’s also worth considering factors such as fit, comfort, and how well the jeans hold up over time.

Why is Abercrombie famous?

Abercrombie & Fitch is famous for several reasons throughout its history. Initially established as a store for outdoor equipment in the late 1800s, it gained significant fame and recognition during the 2000s among teenagers. This popularity stemmed from its brand image, marketing strategies, and clothing offerings considered trendy and desirable among the youth at that time.

During its peak in the 2000s, Abercrombie & Fitch established itself as a symbol of coolness and status among teenagers. The brand’s marketing campaigns featured attractive models and a distinct aspirational lifestyle, which resonated with the young audience. The clothing line embodied a casual and fashionable look that many teens wanted to emulate, making it a sought-after brand in the fashion landscape.

However, the brand faced challenges due to changing consumer preferences and controversies related to its marketing practices, including allegations of promoting unrealistic body standards and exclusionary practices. This led to a decline in its popularity as public perception shifted and consumer priorities changed.

In recent times, Abercrombie & Fitch has regained its prominence by adapting to the evolving fashion landscape. The company’s renewed success can be attributed to its efforts to offer more inclusive sizing, diverse clothing options, and a focus on staying in tune with current fashion trends. This shift has allowed Abercrombie & Fitch to appeal to a broader range of consumers and recapture its status as a relevant and trendy brand.

Do people still wear Abercrombie?

Do people still wear Abercrombie?

Yes, people still wear Abercrombie, but the brand’s focus and style have evolved. Abercrombie has shifted its approach in recent years, moving away from its previous emphasis on high school fashion and provocative branding. Instead, Abercrombie now offers logoless basics, comfortable loungewear, and versatile jackets that cater to a more adult audience.

The brand’s stores have also adopted a lighter and more welcoming atmosphere. This change reflects Abercrombie’s aim to provide clothing options suitable for various occasions, ranging from gym workouts to social gatherings like happy hours.

Is Abercrombie considered fast fashion?

Yes, Abercrombie is considered a fast fashion brand. The text explicitly mentions that Abercrombie is still considered a fast fashion brand, and it explains that fast fashion is characterized by offering low-cost, trendy clothing often produced unsustainably and unethically.

What are the Abercrombie jeans everyone is talking about?

The Abercrombie jeans that everyone is talking about are a pair of baggy jeans that have gained popularity on platforms like TikTok. These jeans are designed to provide a laid-back and trendy look. They come in a style called “Curve Love,” which suggests they are available in sizes that cater to different body types.

The jeans have a high rise, sitting just below the belly button, and they are designed to be worn at your natural waist. This high-rise design allows you to wear the jeans with your shirt, either tucked in or untucked, allowing you to style them according to your preference.

The emphasis on the high-rise design is likely to provide a comfortable fit while maintaining a fashionable appearance.

Is Abercrombie considered expensive?

is this considered expensive

Yes, Abercrombie is considered expensive compared to “fast fashion” retailers like H&M and Zara. The sales decline and competition from these cheaper options suggest that Abercrombie’s pricing is relatively high and less appealing to teens seeking more affordable clothing options.

Do Abercrombie jeans stretch out a lot?

Abercrombie jeans are designed to be somewhat rigid according to the company’s standards, yet they incorporate a small amount of stretch (1%) to provide a subtle softness. Despite having this stretch, they tend to stay manageable after multiple wears.

Instead, they tend to conform to your body’s shape over time, similar to 100% cotton denim. The degree to which they stretch out and mold to your shape may depend on how frequently you wash them and how long you go between washes.

How true to size are Abercrombie jeans?

Either a size 25 or 26 and the 26 fits them perfectly. The size 25 is a bit tighter in the waist, but still works. So, the sizing is consistent with their usual size expectations. However, it’s always a good idea to try on jeans or consult the brand’s sizing chart if you’re uncertain.

Are you supposed to dry Abercrombie jeans?

No, you should not put Abercrombie jeans in the dryer. It’s advised not to put jeans, especially stretchy ones, in the dryer as they can damage the fabric and reduce lifespan. Instead, you should let them air dry to preserve their quality and fit.

Is Abercrombie better quality than Hollister?

Despite Abercrombie’s higher average price point, there is no noticeable difference in the quality of clothing between Abercrombie and Hollister. While Abercrombie sells their clothes for about a third more than Hollister, there may be better quality.

Therefore, Abercrombie’s higher prices may not necessarily reflect superior clothing quality when compared to Hollister.

Do abercrombie jeans shrink?

Do jeans shrink

Yes, Abercrombie 90s jeans are usually made of 99% cotton, which makes them susceptible to shrinking when exposed to heat and moisture. If you want to shrink your Abercrombie jeans intentionally, you should follow these steps:

  • Wash Them: Begin by washing the jeans in cold water using a gentle cycle. This will help clean the jeans and prepare them for the shrinking process.
  • Dry Them: After washing, put the jeans in the dryer on a high heat setting. The combination of heat and tumbling motion can cause the cotton fibers to contract, leading to shrinkage. Remember that high heat is the key factor in causing the fabric to shrink.

The Top 3 best Abercrombie jeans

Here are the Top 3 best Abercrombie jeans:

  1. Abercrombie Curve Love Ultra High Rise 90s Straight Jean: the trending TikTok sensation: Designed for comfort and style, these jeans eliminate waist gaps and come in various washes and styles, including distressed and vent hem options.
  2. Abercrombie Ultra High Rise 90s Straight Jean: the Ultra High Rise 90s Straight Jean from Abercrombie is your key to effortlessly nailing the timeless ’90s vibe. These jeans, beloved by editors, boast a comfortable waist fit and built-in stretch. The sale lineup includes editor-approved styles: medium with a criss-cross waistband, dark destroy, light with vent hem, light with carpenter details, and more.
  3. Abercrombie Curve Love High Rise Mom Jean: Crafted from vintage stretch denim, these jeans seamlessly blend timeless style with modern comfort. Available in a range of washes, the dark destroy option is currently on sale, making it the ultimate trendsetting choice.


Abercrombie jeans undeniably weave a thread of quality and style in the grand tapestry of denim offerings. As we’ve explored here, their attention to detail, commitment to using premium materials, and dedication to catering to diverse body types contribute to the appeal of their jeans.  

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