Bernina 350 PE Reviews

Last Updated on December 6, 2022

Bernina is a reputed brand in the sewing industry. It has been manufacturing excellent quality sewing machines for many years. Like its other stuff, the Bernina 350 PE also contains impressive features to notice.

Bernina 350 PE
Bernina 350 PE

Bernina 350 PE Review

The sewing device lets sewers sew buttonholes and zippers accurately. The sewing machine’s best fact is it eliminates sewing related problems, such as broken bobbin thread, different buttonholes lengths, sewing identical buttonholes, and more. That’s why it is reviewed as the best bernina sewing machine of the present time. Thus, without any more delay, let’s get straight into its features:

Automatic Buttonhole

The Bernina 350 PE lets you sew buttonholes accurately. You can sew the same-length buttonholes according to your wish. As you know, sewing identical-buttonholes is pretty challenging, but the Bernina 350 solves this problem. Every time you get perfect results, thanks to the automatic buttonhole function.

Memory Function

The Bernina 350 sewing device houses a memory function. It can store up to thirty different stitch-pattern combinations. As a result, you don’t need to reset your stitch pattern every time you opt for sewing. With the direct-selection key’s help, you can access the saved stitches.


The Sewing machine provides an extensive stitch library featuring 85 pre-programmed stitches for regular sewing. It also contains twenty utility stitches, two buttonhole stitches, fifty-two decorative stitches, and eleven quilting stitches.

General Features

If you are inquiring led lights for sewing machines, you don’t need to find them as the Bernina 350 contains LEDs. These will illuminate your sewing area. Apart from that, the sewing stuff has a slide-on table for sewing larger clothing. The sewing machine’s primary feature is that it can generate a fast sewing speed of up to 900spm.

The Bernina 350 PE comes with a CB hook system, color touch screen, nine needle positions, thread cutters, start & stop button, needle stop up & down, bobbins, needle threader, and more.


The Bernina sewing machine features a reverse-pattern foot #1, which is ideal for sewing utility and decorative stitches in both forward and reverse positions. The sewing stuff has a buttonhole foot with slide #3A, determining the preferred buttonhole length. Plus, the sewing tool comes with the zipper foot #4 for sewing zipper. Lastly, the 350 PE houses a blindstitch foot #5, patchwork foot #37, three-sole walking foot, felting needles, right and left seam guide, etc.

Bottom Line

The Bernina 350 PE has all the essential features to meet your needs. With Bernina 350, you can comfortably do your sewing jobs. So, you better give it a try. You can also go with other sewing machines; it is entirely up to you.

But, choosing a sewing machine according to your need can be a daunting task. If you have no idea about the sewing device selection, you may go through lots of difficulties. It is because there are lots of sewing tools, and they have different types.

For example, if you search sewing machines online, you may notice something like sewing machines for embroidery, coverstitch machines reviews, and more. It can make you confused, and that’s why we recommend you inspect the sewing machine’s features properly, check the budget, and take the expert’s suggestion or follow a guideline to get your desired sewing machine.

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