The 10 Best Brother Sewing Machine for Beginners (Updated 2023)

Last Updated on February 2, 2023

Best Brother Sewing Machine for Beginners

The Best Brother Sewing Machine for Beginners: Brother is an award-winning brand. A well-known name in the industry, collecting accolades years after years. They make the best sewing machines and a variety of them. Brother makes office sewing supplies, sewing machines, quilting machines, and embroidery machines as well.

Then, there are combination sewing and quilting machines. They make sewing machines with both built-in stitch and embroidery designs, as well. The type changes, but the performances are top-class in each one of them.

Each one of them is packed with enormous features. There is a reason why Brother has held its place in the competitive industry so well.  They target home users and dug deep to understand their requirements.

Thus, here we are making a list of the best brother sewing machine for beginners. Our purpose is to make your job easy in finding the best ones. We have considered all the types and chose the best among the many.

For affordable yet durable sewing machines, nothing tops the brand Brother. Maximum of its sewing machines come with a limited warranty. It’s a whopping 25 years. Before buying, we hope you will have a look at our review and then go for the purchase.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

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Product NamePriceOur Ratings
1. Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine – WinnerCheck Details!4.8/5
2. XR9500PRW Project Runway – Runner UpCheck Details!4.6/5
3. Brother Machine PE770 – 2nd Runner UpCheck Details!4.4/5

Reviews of the Best Brother Sewing Machine for Beginners

A sewing machine must be full of essential features. So, each one on our list must fulfill that requirement to be the best. So, let’s have a glimpse of what you are getting as a whole. They are lightweight and compact.

Occupy less space while storing. All come with protective covers and a full assortment of accessories. Built-in stitches or built-in designs are there in every machine. The number of stitches and designs varies depending on the type and purpose of the sewing machine.

Most of them have auto needle threader or at least easy threading system. Different sewing feet and one-step auto-sized buttonholes are standard, as well. Not just that, the bright working field, bobbin winding system, LCD screen, stitch, and design selector make your sewing experience convenient. Stitching speed is impressive as well, so you can complete your projects sooner.

Large or small projects don’t matter at all. So, you see, there is no creative boundedness if you have the best brother sewing machine for beginners. There is so much more to talk discuss. So, without wasting any more time, let’s start reviewing the sewing machines individually in detail.

1. Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine CS6000i

Brother CS6000i
Dimensions6.7″D x 16″W x 11.4″H
Item Weight5896 Grams
Power SourceCorded Electric
Is ElectricYes

Brother CS6000i is a sewing and quilting machine with several features. It sews with 850 SPM speed. Completing larger projects takes less time, and small projects take no time. With a 5mm stitch length, one can control the sewing speed and adjust it with ease.

The auto needle threader makes threading easy. Wastage of time is zero. It is a user-friendly sewing machine. It doesn’t make the work complicated. Even intricate designs are easy to make with it.

For that, it has a wide table and a built-in free arm as well. The oversized table makes quilting easy and free arm allows perfect sewing of pant legs, sleeves, and little kids’ clothing.

best brother sewing machine for beginners

You get 60 built-in stitches with an easy stitch selector. The LCD screen displays every move you are taking. Not just that, the sewing machine includes seven styles of buttonholes and eight sewing feet. The white, hard protective case protects the machine from dirt and keeps it out-of-reach from children.

– Apt for large projects
– Easy control on stitch speed
– Free-arm makes intricate designs simple
– Wide table and auto needle threader
– Includes eight sewing feet and a hard protective case
– Light doesn’t help much

2. XR9500PRW Project Runway Sewing Machine

XR9500PRW Project
Item Weight9.92 Pounds
Power SourceAC
Is ElectricYes

Brother XR9500PRW is a limited-edition, compact-sized sewing machine with a built-in free arm. Sewing cuffs, sleeves, and pant legs become easier with the free arm. So make good use of the compact size when you are sewing smaller projects.

However, for larger projects like quilts, jackets, it has an oversized table as well. Just pull and extend the table, and you are ready to work. It allows wide zigzag and decorative stitches up to 7mm.

All the 110 built-in stitches are marked on the sewing machine itself. You have to choose the stitch and press the selector button and select the stitches. Make sure you see what you have selected and pressed, as you get a decent-sized LCD screen.

best brother sewing machine for beginners

You get an auto needle threader, eight sewing feet, eight styles of buttonholes, protective case, a full assortment of accessories, and the list is long. It has a bright work surface. The light helps to work on dark-colored fabrics. If the fabric is of light color, even then, you can see what your machine is sewing with clarity.

– 100 stitches with 140 stitch functions
– Eight sewing feet and styles of buttonholes
– 7mm zigzag and decorative stitches
– Wide table and free arm
– Includes a hard case and a full assortment of accessories
– Hard to wind the bobbin

3. Brother Machine PE770

Brother Machine PE770
Dimensions16.9″D x 21.2″W x 17.3″H
Item Weight26.95 Pounds
Power SourceTreadle Powered
Is ElectricYes

Brother PE770 machines are a whole different ball game. Instead of stitches, embroidery machines have designs preinstalled in them. Brother has perfected even that one.

It is different from other Brother sewing machines and perfect for larger and lettering projects. It has an expansive 5×7 inch field, which is pretty good for working on and sewing large items.

It has included a total of 136 built-in embroidery designs. It has a USB port as well. So, you are allowed importing designs from any USB memory stick. The stock doesn’t end with the specific designs and the others from the USB memory stick.

best brother sewing machine for beginners

Because you also get unlimited stitches with its patented My Custom Stitch feature. It takes 650 stitches per minute to create a design. It is flexible enough to allow editing of the designs as well.

Mirror image, rotate, and size edits you can try a wide range of experiments with the existing designs. To take extra caution, see the result on the LCD screen. Be sure and only then start stitching.

– 5-inch x 7-inch working field
– 136 built-in designs
– Embroidery designs include 10- frame shapes, 6- lettering fonts, and 12 border styles
– A USB port and built-in memory
– Edit designs
– The LCD screen could have been larger

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4. 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger

1034D 3/4 Thread Serger
MaterialPlastic, Metal
Dimensions10.98″D x 11.73″W x 13.19″H
Item Weight13.45 Pounds
Power SourceCorded Electric
Is ElectricYes

A serger is perfect for sewing seams and edges. Creating a design is different from sewing two fabrics together. It has to be seamless, or the look of the apparel will be a downer. So, for sewing seams, hems, and edges, you need a thread serger.

Brother 1034D serger delivers high performance. It works with a 3/4 lay-in thread system with a F.A.S.T. lower looper threader. So, changing the thread is easy and quick. It works with a massive 1300 stitches per minute.

The serger has differential fabric feed, which is for adjusting the tension. It is crucial for getting a seamless finish on stretchy or thin fabrics. The best part is that it is seamless even in the case of critical fabrics like knits, linens, and formal wear as well.

Best Brother Sewing Machine for Beginners

So, you can get any fabric, thick, thin, or delicate, but the seams will be seamless. There are twenty-two built-in stitches in it. You can stitch with four and three-thread overlocks, narrow and rolled hem, ribbon lock, and more. More, because you can have three optional feet as well. They are snap-on presser feet, so easy and quick to change from one to another.

– 22 stitch functions include 4 and 3 overlocks and more
– Gives the seams and edges a perfect finish
– Easy to join thin and stretchy laces
– F.A.S.T. lower looper threader
– Includes two snap-on feet, foot controller, softcover, and needles
– Requires pre-oiling

5. XM2701 Sewing Machine

XM2701 Sewing Machine
Dimensions5.9″D x 12.1″W x 15.3″H
Item Weight12.6 Pounds
Power SourceCorded Electric
Is ElectricYes

This one is by far the most compact sewing machine from Brother. It’s less complicated as well. As a handy sewing machine, it has twenty-seven built-in stitches with sixty-three stitch functions.

Choose the stitches with a simple turn of a dial. This best brother sewing machine for beginners provides solid performance in everyday sewing projects. Ideal in emergencies. The versatile free arm is an absolute need for working in small areas.

Perfect for beginners and more than enough for the most skilled. It might seem a small and compact tool but works with a solid 800 stitches per minute. It comes with six sewing feet and allows for a quick change of the feet.

You are getting sewing feet for buttonhole, zipper, narrow hemmer, blind stitch, zigzag, and button sewing. Not just that, it includes built-in, one-step, auto-sized buttonholes as well. The surface area you are working on always stays bright due to the LED light.

This Brother sewing machine also allows for an easy threading system with the auto needle threader. The quick-set top drop-in bobbin keeps the bobbin at one place, without much movement. It is jam-resistant as well. So, you get a seamless stitch quality at the end.

– Free arm for working on small areas
– 27 stitches with 63 stitch functions
– Six sewing feet
– Jam-resistant
– 25-years warranty
– No LCD screen

6. Computerized Sewing Machine HC1850

Dimensions12.5″D x 19.2″W x 15.2″H
Item Weight10.14 Pounds
Power SourceCorded Electric
Is ElectricYes

HC1850 is a multipurpose sewing machine. A perfect combination of both sewing and quilting machine features. Not just that, it is an ideal monogramming machine, as well. It works at 850 SPM speed.

The sewing machine has 130 built-in stitches. With that, it includes a basic monogramming font. So, one can complete the lettering and monogramming projects also with this one. It also comes with eight specialty feet and eight styles of buttonholes.

best brother sewing machine for beginners

It is a brother sewing machine for quilting, as well. So, it has an extended table. One gets enough space to work with large items due to the ample space. Also, you get a spring action quilting foot with it. The foot will allow you to move the fabric in between the stitches.

You can raise or lower the needle to do that.  Then, we all know how convenient free motion quilting is. When you can move the quilt freely on the sewing machine, it lessens the hassle a lot. There is no need for the feed dogs.

– Easy to use
– 130 built-in stitches
– Allows free motion quilting
– Eight auto-sized buttonholes and eight sewing feet
– 25 years limited warranty
– It may make odd noise

7. Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric Sewing

Dimensions10.75″D x 19.48″W x 15.96″H
Item Weight14.75 Pounds
Power SourceTreadle Powered
Is ElectricYes

CS5055PRW is an electric sewing machine from Brother. It claims to provide couture-level quality in its every stitch. Many of you might not be familiar with couture. Couture is a type of sewing where the couturier sews with utmost detail and attention.

It is mostly done with hands and high-quality threads on specific fabrics. Only the most skilled are capable of couture. So, you are getting that high-level of sewing with this sewing machine.

The complicated hand sewing and the time-consuming process are done with a machine that, too, at 850 SPM speed. With the consistent stitch quality, you get a perfect finish. It includes a free arm that is essential for sewing cuffs and sleeves.

best brother sewing machine for beginners

Lastly, it adds 50 built-in stitches, 6- specialty sewing feet, and 5- one-step buttonholes as well. Not just that, you also get accompanying stitches and specialty needles.

The designer in you can rejoice with every feature of this sewing machine. It allows for easy threading with its top thread and bobbin system. Thread jamming or uneven stitch is a rare case with this one.

– Couture-level stitches
– 50 built-in stitches
– Six specialty feet with specialty needles
– Five one-step custom-sized buttonholes
– Easy threading system
– No protective case

8. XR3774 Full-Featured Quilting Machine

Dimensions5.8″D x 15.3″W x 12″H
Item Weight15.87 Pounds
Power SourceCorded Electric
Is ElectricYes

For stitching larger projects like quilts, XR3774 is the best. None of the others in our review of the best brother sewing machine for beginners can top this one, especially in this area. It is a solid quilting machine, made for sewing large items.

It has a broad, extended working table. That doesn’t imply you can not opt for other sewing purposes. You can easily do that as well. Hence it is versatile. It comes with a great selection of decorative stitches and sews at 800 SPM speed.

Best Brother Sewing Machine for Beginners

You can create out-and-out unique designs with it. For distinct creativity, you get 37 stitches with 74 stitch functions. There is an easy dial right beneath the stitch chart for selecting the stitches. The machine comes with eight sewing feet, including a quilting foot.

It has a bright working field, so, you get clarity in viewing what you are sewing. The threading is quick and easy as it features a built-in needle threader. It has a jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin system that tackles threading and thread winding with ease.

– Sews larger items with ease
– 37 unique built-in stitches with 74 stitch functions
– Eight sewing feet
– Wide table
– Easy threading with top drop-in bobbin system
– Loose walking foot

9. Brother Quilting and Sewing Machine PQ1500SL

Dimensions7.9″D x 12.6″W x 19.3″H
Item Weight29.76 Pounds
Power SourceCorded Electric
Is ElectricYes

Here is another sewing and quilting machine for you but with better stitching speed. It sews with 1500 SPM speed. So, it is a high-speed machine, indeed. More importantly, it is a straight stitching machine.

So, you are not going to get the built-in stitches in this one. The importance of a high-speed straight stitching machine is highly felt while working on larger items like quilts and bulky things. Such projects will be done and completed at lightning speed.

It is also different in another aspect. The sewing machine comes with four feed dog settings. The more feed dogs settings, the better because, with it, you have better control of the fabric. The feed dog is retractable, as well. There is a tension control knob for controlling the tension.

best brother sewing machine for beginners

No other sewing machine extends this much, the way this one does. It is the ultimate brother sewing machine for quilting. The knee lifter makes your work more convenient, and you can work in maximum comfort for hours. It comes with both auto needle threader and trimmer. Threading is easy and fast, and trimming is done with just a push on the button.

– 1500 stitches per minute
– Four feed dog settings
– Auto threader and trimmer
– Wide table and knee lifter
– Warranty 0f 25 years
– Lacks built-in stitches

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10. Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger

Brother Designio Series DZ1234
Dimensions13″D x 15.2″W x 13.2″H
Item Weight18.1 Pounds
Power SourceTreadle Powered
Is ElectricYes

We are ending our review on a high note by discussing the features of this serger. It is a thread serger from Brother’s Designio Series. It is a complicated machine, but once you get an idea of how it works, then it is as good as it gets.

As we have mentioned earlier, sergers are perfect for working on seams, edges, and joining two fabrics. This thread serger helps you create customized, high-end finishes on any fabric. The result is always seamless with this one.

Threading the serger is easy because it is color-coded. It stitches with a speed of 1300 SPM. It has a free arm, as well. Perfect for working on larger projects and thick items. It includes three different sewing feet and two sets of starter threads. The stitch width is adjustable between 3 to 7mm.

best brother sewing machine for beginners

This serger claims to provide couture-level quality stitching. So, it is reliable and fast enough to finish the projects before time. Fast performance in no way compromises the quality of the stitches.

The 0.7 – 2.0 ratio of the differential fabric feed allows the fabric to move freely. Free motion quilting also does the same and helps to have better control over the fabric.

– Seamless finish
– Adjustable stitch width between 3 t0 7mm
– 1300 stitches per minute
– Three sewing feet with two sets of starter thread
– Differential fabric feed offers a 0.7 – 2.0 ratio
– Complicated

Brother Sewing Machine Buying Guide

Brother sewing machines are useful for making clothes and accessories. Its sewing machines are popular among beginners and professional sewers alike due to their easy-to-use functionality. Brother also makes computerized sewing machines equally well-liked by sewers of all levels.

They are packed with essential functions (such as automatic threading and thread trimming) and attractive functions that beginners and advanced users will appreciate. Now, we will discuss some points to remember when purchasing a Brother sewing machine. We will introduce each point in detail.


Brother’s sewing machines have a rich lineup from beginners to intermediate and advanced users. They are available in several types, such as computer sewing machines, electronic sewing machines, and models specializing in embroidery.

So it is easy to choose the sewing machine that suits your purpose, and it is ideal for those who are new to sewing machines or who are having trouble choosing a sewing machine!

Quick Threading

Isn’t threading the most painful task in sewing work? Brother sewing machines are equipped with a quick threader for easy threading. This convenient function saves you from threading trouble and helps you work efficiently. Just insert the bobbin, and you can sew immediately!

Dog Feed

Brother sewing machines are equipped with 6 or 7 feed dogs. Thick and thin cloth can be firmly caught and fed, so the finish is beautiful. The seams will also be uniform. You can sew thick jeans smoothly, so we recommend Brother sewing machines for those who want to sew various materials.


Most Brother sewing machines have one light, but some have up to 3 LEDs. It is helpful for those who want to improve work efficiency by illuminating their hands, which tend to be dark.

Besides, LEDs doesn’t get hot, and it’s warm light, so it’s easy on the eyes. So, this feature is helpful for those who have worked for a long time. In addition, it lasts for a long time. So there is no need for maintenance.

Slow Start Function

For those who are new to sewing machines, the speed of the sewing machine at the beginning of sewing is scary. Brother’s sewing machines are equipped with a slow start function that starts sewing slowly, so even unfamiliar people can work calmly without being impatient.

Also, if you start sewing slowly, the seams will be clean, so it is ideal for intermediate and advanced users.

Memory Function

If you have many opportunities to use the sewing machine, you may find it troublesome to set each time. Brother is equipped with a memory function to save the settings, such as the desired swing width and stitch length.

Since you can easily recall the registered settings, there is no need to set them every time, and you can start working immediately.

Teaching Function

The teaching function is ideal for those who do not know how to use the sewing machine. Touch the LCD screen mounted on the computerized sewing machine to display how to use it and sew it. You don’t have to bother expanding the manual and looking it up because it is explained with illustrations.

Final Verdict

Those of you who are into sewing machines know very well how broad the range of Brother sewing machines is. They are many in numbers, and choosing just ten among so many was difficult. Thus, the trick is to understand one’s requirements from a sewing machine.

Do not overstress yourself with too many features if you are a beginner. Choose a basic sewing machine to learn and practice. As they are affordable and last for years, you can invest in them. The sewing machine from Brother with most features is easy to work with and understand.

However, going with a less complicated one will be wise, but the choice is still yours. If you are sewing for years, then you have no stoppage. Go with the one that can help you to be more creative.

To conclude, there are no hard and fast rules for buying sewing machines. And with each one from our best brother sewing machine for beginners list, you can only purchase the best. Be creative as much as you want and give the much-needed wings to your dream of creating the most fashionable attires.

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