The 10 Best Dress Form for Sewing in 2023

Last Updated on March 15, 2023

Best Dress Form for Sewing: If you have a knack for designing that is combined with a passion for fashion, then this one is for you. Practicing fashion designing as a hobby, or taking it further to pursue it as a career, can be a significant step in your life. Getting into this journey requires you to know and adhere to a lot of things.

You should also familiarize yourself with a few vogues, and clichéd fashion terms to mold in with the crowd with trendy fashionistas and fashion designers. Hemline, peplum, monochrome, ensemble, of the rack, fashion-forward, and dress form, are just a few examples.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

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Product NamePriceOur Ratings
1. Dritz 20420 Sew-You Dressform – WinnerCheck Details!4.8/5
2. SINGER Dress Form DF251 – Runner UpCheck Details!4.7/5
3. Only mannequins Female Dress Form – 2nd Runner UpCheck Details!4.5/5

Review of The Best Dress Form for Sewing

Among these, a dress form is a useful fashion tool that will be your helping hand in designing dresses and attires. It will allow you to work effortlessly as if you were working with an actual silhouette. Placing the attire on top of it, you can model and remodel your work time and again to achieve that perfect drape or cut.

A dress form has two names. Judy is referred to the female form, whereas James points to the male form. It is a must-have tool that all fashion practitioners require. To make your selection easier, here is a list of the ten best dress form.

1. Dritz 20420 Sew-You Dressform

Best Dress Form
Item Weight9.4 Pounds

The first one in the list of the top ten best dress form is the Sew-You Dressform from Dritz. It is not surprising as Dritz is a well-known and preferred brand for such products. This one is special as the exterior is made of a polyester cover.

This makes it easy to poke in pins and needles to secure clothes and laces into place for the user. The tripod has a lengthy height that can be elongated up to 63 inches or approximately 160 centimeters.

This will level up to standard shoulder height, giving you the ease of work and causing less strain on your muscles even while working for many hours. Furthermore, the entire dress form is adjustable at all points. There are nine adjustment wheels at the bust, hips, and waist to let you freely adjust the position.

The neck is also adjustable with a built-in pin cushion, and so is the back waist length. These will give you optimum usage capacity. A pin hem marker is also provided as an accessory for pinning uniform hems.

– Extended, adjustable height of 63 inches
– Nine adjustment wheels attached
– Adjustable neck and back for smooth movement
– Built-in pin cushion provided at neck for ease
– Pin hem marker provided
– Extended shoulders not provided
– No offset poles to accommodate pants

2. SINGER Medium/Large Dress Form DF251

Best Dress Form
Item Weight8 Pounds
Item LengthMini

As a famous and reliable brand, Singer needs no introduction at all. It has been part of the sewing and fashion industry for over a hundred years. Their dress form DF251 is a perfect tool to assemble your masterpieces.

This has a total of thirteen individual adjustments that will let you get that perfect fit. You will also be able to easily change the dimensions of the dress form to attain maximum precision. These features are not only limited to the body, but also the neck and neckline.

For making your work even more relaxed, the dress form is adjustable to most heights. To create a jaw-dropping fashion ensemble, the focus must be on little details, and Singer left no stone unturned in this case. Thus, a hem guide is provided so that you can trace your way.

A pin cushion is placed at the neck for quick and easy access to pins whenever required. A hem gauge is also included that will aid you to mark the hemline for skirts and petite dresses. The dark blue color of the dress form makes it apposite to drape on fabric in a manner that reflects an actual ensemble.

– Pincushion for easy access
– Guided hemline
– Adjustable bust, waist, and neck
– Settings for smooth collars and necklines
– Completely adjustable
– Hard to expand the dress form

3. Female Jersey Dress Form with Base & Neck top

Female Jersey
Item Length (Description)Mini
Waist (cm)26 Inches

This dress form will serve you for a dual purpose. Not only can you use this as a dress form, but you can also seamlessly use it as a mannequin for your store display. The tripod stand is made with natural wood that has a raw color, and also the top of the neck.

This color gives it an elegant look, and you can use it as your store to display your best attires. The height along with this base is 4′ 4″ – 5′ 10″, whereas the height of the torso alone is 27.5 inches.

Additionally, the dress form consists of standard dimensions. These are 34 inches for the bust, 26 inches for the waist, and 35 inches for the hips. The measurement of one shoulder to the other stands at 17 inches.

These dimensions make it the ideal dress form for any dress designing project. It is top-notch for customized sewing projects and DIY dressmaking. It is also easy and quick to assemble, dress, and undress whatever material you are working with.

– Can be used as a mannequin
– Posh outlook
– Easy to assemble
– Quick to dress and undress
– Body dimensions are fit for purpose
– Height is not adjustable

4. Giantex Female Mannequin Torso Body Dress Form

SizeAdjustable tripod stand
Item Length (Description)Mini

This is a striking piece of Judy, where you have six options for the exterior print. You can choose among rustic handwriting, vertical lines, cute patterns, and electric labels. The tripod stand is sturdy and adjustable, which is made of pinewood and painted in stunning black color.

This makes it appropriate to use as a store mannequin. Although it is sturdy and can stand steadily, the tripod is light and shaped in a manner so that it can be moved around easily. It will allow you to move around your workplace freely with the dress.

Adding to the list of ease of use is the knob on the torso. This knob will let you adjust the height of the torso between 51.2” and 66.2”, giving you the freedom to decide which height is suitable for you to work with.

A major concern with the dress from is it tends to be hard to assemble, even for reputed brands. However, this one also eliminates that concern. This dress form is easy to set up and has clear instructions and steps provided, along with numbers and graphics. The smooth surface allows for easy cleanup.

– Six beautiful patterns to choose from
– Adjustable torso height
– Easy to assemble and set up
– Easy to tidy up and clean
– Can be used as a store mannequin
– The body is not adjustable

5. Dritz 1750A Twin-Fit Dressform with Tri-Pod Stand

Best Dress Form
Item Weight9.24 Pounds

It is not surprising to see another product from Dritz halfway through our list of the best dress form, as the brand never fails to deliver quality. This one is also packed with all the fantastic features that fashion designers look for in a dress form.

First, the entire body is covered with a grey foam-backed polyester. This soft exterior will let you push in pins quickly and wherever needed. It will allow you to achieve that perfect drape and curve over the silhouette.

Second, twelve built-in auto-set dials will let you expand the body. This way, you can work with an array of figures, and cater to the modeling needs accordingly.

Third, not only is the tripod stand adjustable up to 63 inches, but it also has measurement lines marked. This will give you better precision and measurement. Along with the tripod, the neck, back, hip, bust, and waist are also adjustable.

Lastly, the neck has a pin cushion for storing all your pins neatly tucked in one place and allows for easy access. Along with that, a pin hem marker is also provided.

– Adjustable body and height
– Measurement lines attached
– Soft polyester exterior
– Pincushion provided
– Pin hem marker for easy marking
– Cannot accommodate pants
– Does not have extended shoulders

6. New White Female Dress Form on Natural Tripod Stand

This is yet another dress form that you can use for dual purposes. The raw wood texture and natural color of the tripod give it a classy look. You can use this to create and design outfits and also hang them for display on it once they are complete.

The plain, white color of the dress form makes it a standard piece to work with. The empty background will make all colors even and natural so that you do not have to compromise with the design or fabric.

Talking about the structure, it is robust and sturdy. The base is made of wood, whereas the figure is made with fiberglass that is wrapped in foam and rayon. The base measures 4.5 feet, but this can be adjusted to 6 feet.

The height of the torso is 28 inches, and the shoulder-length measures 14.5 inches. The body comprises of standard measurements of 35 inches bust, 24 inches waist, and 33 inches hips. All these measurements make it the ideal model to work with.

– Dual-purpose usage
– Adjustable base
– Strong and sturdy
– Standard body size
– Plain white background
– The body is not adjustable

7. White Female Dress Form on Black Tripod Stand

Best Dress Form

This is another Judy that will aid you in creating mind-blowing outfits. This dress form stands on a black tripod stand. The stand is wooden and shiny and has a stylish look, perfect to go with the attire you will be hanging atop.

Thus, you can use this dress form as a headless mannequin too. The standard measurements of 35 inches bust, 24 inches waist and 33 inches hips make it the perfect tool to flaunt your creations. This will accentuate the dress you hang on it.

Apart from that, the height is adjustable from 4.5 to 6 feet. Thus, you can have ease of work and set it to a height that is suitable for you. The entire coating is of a thin foam layer, which is soft.

It will let you push pins anywhere, and you do not have to look around in case you lose one, as all of them can be tucked in it. Lastly, the white background gives a neutral base color for you to work on, which will not dull or brighten any complexion.

– Can use it as a store mannequin
– Adjustable base
– Standard figure size
– Neutral base color
– Soft padded all over
– The body is not adjustable

8. Aspire Tall Iron Dress Form Mannequin

Item Weight5897 Pounds

This dress form is not for designing or sewing purposes, but it will cater to your decoration and organization needs. The dress features a beautiful, feminine iron figure with spirals, leaves, and scroll designs all over. You can add it to your bedroom, dressing room, walk-in closet, or even the bathroom.

It will add charm and beautify any room you add it to. Furthermore, if you own a boutique fashion house or fashion designing company or institution, this can be the perfect accouterment for your store or office. This artful piece will let you speak for your zeal for fashion.

You can also utilize this decorative piece for other purposes. Hang your clothes on it, like coats and scarves, so that you can grab them quickly when you are on the go.

There is a trapdoor in the middle that you can use to store pieces of jewelry and accessories such as earrings, bracelets, watches, finger rings, and nose pins. Shoes can be put at the bottom, on the base. Just keep them ready for your next day, so that you can remain organized.

– Beautify any room
– Hand your clothes on the go
– Stay organized and ready
– Store small accouterments
– Easy to move around
– Outfits may get stuck on the iron rods

9. Professional Female Half Body Dress Form

Best Dress Form
SizeHalf Body Size 8
MaterialCast Iron
Item Weight33.6 Pounds

It is a dress form for professional use and contains all the features that a fashion designer dreams of. Firstly, it has a long body length that can cover half a female body, from the shoulders to knees. It will let you create longer dresses and gowns that will not deflate near the bottom.

The top part is made of foam, where you can push pins into it. The entire surface can be pinned, both at the front and back, making your work easy. The bottom part, from the torso, is made with cast iron. It makes the figure sturdy and robust.

Not having any shoulders to work with is another nightmare for fashion designers. But, with this Judy, you can leave that thought aside. The Professional Female Half Body Dress Form features collapsible shoulders and arm of size 8.

Furthermore, the height is also adjustable, so that you can work according to your will. Adjusting the height is too easy, with a simple push on the foot pedal at the bottom of the base.

– Long body length
– Adjustable height
– Collapsible shoulder and arm
– The surface can be pinned everywhere
– Easy to assemble
– The body cannot be stretched

10. Dritz 20200 My Double Dressform with Tri-Pod Stand

Best Dress Form
Item Weight11.1 Pounds
Item Length (Description)Mini

Last but not the least in our list of the best dress form is another one from Dritz. Dritz, having a history that spans over a hundred years, is a preferred brand by professional sewers, fashion designers, and DIY enthusiasts. This one comes in three sizes that are petite, medium, and full figure.

There are a dozen rotating dial wheels for better accuracy and measurement while pinning the dress. The neck, bust, waist, hip, and back waist length, can all be adjusted with half-inch increments.

The figure stands on a metal pole that can be adjusted up to 63 inches. Apart from all these adjustable features, there are added features for accuracy. The whole body is coated in a plum-colored, foam backed polyester cover.

This soft material can be pinned anywhere so that you can gain better precision and definition at work. The metal pole has measurements imprinted on it to adjust the height accurately. Furthermore, it comes with a pin cushion finial and pin hem marker.

– Adjustable height
– Body van be pinned anywhere
– Three options for size
– Portable
– Rotating dial wheels attached
– Extended shoulders not available

How to Choose a Good Dress Form for Sewing – (Buying Guide)

Selecting the perfect dress form can be confusing at times. Although we have listed the top ten best dress form that you can get today, these may still not be available to you. Thus, below we have outlined the features that you should look for in a dress form.

Adjustable Height

This is an essential factor to look out for a while selecting the best dress form that is suitable for you. With an adjustable height, you will get the ease of use to work. You can set the height according to your needs and work accordingly. Typically, look for something that can be adjusted up to 63 inches. You can also opt for poles that have marked measurements. Working in this manner will cause less strain on your back.

Body Material

It is another major factor to look out for. The material that makes up the body should be soft and padded, such as foam or polyester. It will let you push the pins anywhere so that you can design effortlessly. Some models also provide a pin cushion on the neck, which can be a bonus in this case. However, being able to poke pins everywhere is the real deal.

Body Dimensions

The length and dimensions of the body is another important assessment criterion. Not necessarily, you will always be working on the same dimensions. Thus, opt for something that has a standard size or adjustable wheels. In this way, you can alter the width of the body accordingly. Look for at least eight adjustable wheels on the surface of the body. Having adjustable wheels will let you do the work of multiple models with a single dress form.


The overall outlook of the body should also be assessed. It also depends on the purpose of the dress form. If you are buying one for both display and work, then choose something that has a beautiful base. A wooden, shiny, polished base looks posh and classy. These can also be used as mannequins for store display. Other than that, some brands offer a dress form that has a unique print or popular color.


One last factor that you should consider is checking what accessories are provided along with your product. Although most brands do not come with a lot of accessories for a dress form, you can check whether a pin hem marker and pincushion are at least provided or not. It will save you money as you will not have to buy them additionally.

Final Thoughts

A dress form is an essential tool for any sewer, fashion designer, or DIY practitioner. If you are just getting started in the fashion industry, you should know that this is one of the many things that will give you a helping hand at work. Just as the ingredients are impossible to avoid while cooking, likewise, a dress form is a necessary tool to have while designing. It will work as your still model, a mannequin, while you craft your way with creativity.

This article provides an elaborate and comprehensive dissection of the top ten best dress form available today. We have also outlined all the advantages and disadvantages of each product. Each product listed above is carefully picked from a sea of a hundred other products. Furthermore, the buying guide will help you in your decision making while you shop for the perfect dress form yourself.

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