The 10 Best Hand Quilting Needles in 2024

Last Updated on December 31, 2023

Whether you stitch by hand or sewing machine, you can have the same result. Although most sewing patterns are designed to be sewn by machine, you can make such patterns by hand quilting. Hand quilting is an age-old practice that people use to make excellent crafts. It provides quilters more control over quilting to create some intricately designed quilts.

But some quilters struggle to make fantastic patterns. Even sometimes, they can’t create a sewing pattern by hand. And this situation takes place when they try to quilt with the help of inappropriate needles. That’s why experts always recommend quilters use the best hand quilting needles. By using them, they can quilt comfortably and make amazing crafts.

Best Hand Quilting Needles

Our Top 3 Recommendations

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Product NamePriceOur Ratings
1. Colonial Needle 58912 62E Jingle Bells – WinnerCheck Details!4.7/5
2. Outus Large-Eye Stitching Needles – Runner UpCheck Details!4.6/5
3. Tulip Long Sashiko Needles – 2nd Runner UpCheck Details!4.6/5

Review of The Best Hand Quilting Needles

In this article, we will describe such types of needles that can help quilters a lot to make their desired sewing patterns. You may go through the article if you want to know about or purchase the best needles.

1. Colonial Needle Creative Hands 58912 62E Jingle Bells

Best Hand Quilting Needles

The Colonial Needle Creative 58912 is a set of top quality quilting needles. It offers quilters to use 50 pieces of needles. All of them feature evenly tapered shape. That’s why they are comfortable to use.

For featuring such kind of shape, they can easily penetrate through fabrics and batting. These needles also have quality plating over their sturdy metal construction. For that, they ensure easy piercing and resist rust.

These needles have the most massive eye so that you can thread them comfortably. The most significant feature of these needles is its size. Although each of the needles comes in size 9, the Colonial Needle offers different sizes too.

You can choose from 10, 11, and 12 in size. Another feature is its storage; you may think of how you can store such a large number of needles. Well, you get plastic tubing for storage purposes. It holds all these needles safely and keeps them organized. Overall, it is suitable stuff that you may check for hand quilting.

– Allows easy piercing
– Ensures maximum durability
– Can resist rust
– Comes in size 9
– Affordable price
– Some may find its size small

2. Outus Large-Eye Stitching Needles – Stainless steel

Best Hand Quilting Needles

Outus Large-Eye Stitching Needles are specially manufactured to ensure smooth gliding through fabrics and batting. These needles have a stainless steel structure, and so they are sturdy. They are suitable for working with leather, thick clothes and shoes, as well.

The manufacturer has given them a smooth surface, which means each of the needles is polished enough to provide a more seamless stitch experience. You can use them for knit and crochet projects comfortably.

Apart from these features, they also have another noticeable feature, which is the large eye. As all these needles come with large eyes, even people with poor eyesight can easily thread yarn without a threader.

These needle’s long eyes, peaked tips, and thick shafts make them easier to handle. Their length is 5.2cm each, and you get 20 pieces of superior quality needles in this package. All of them come in a secured bottle. In summary, they can be ideal for quilting thick-clothing.

– Ensure easy quilting
– Suitable for knit and crochet
– Allows repairing shoes
– High-quality
– Durable construction
– A bit expensive

3. Tulip Long Sashiko Needles


The Tulip Long Sashiko Needles are designed to help sewers with their sashiko embroidery needs. Besides using these needles for such a kind of project, quilters can also use them for silk ribbon, yarn embroidery, typing quilts, candle wicking, and lots more.

These needles have sharp points so that they can easily glide through woven fabrics. Also, they feature a smooth surface; as a result, you don’t have to experience any burr. As they are grooved, they won’t make friction with fabrics and make your quilting easier.

The manufacturer has given them a convenient design so that they hold their shape without bending much during quilting. Alongside these features, these needles have large eyes, for that you can easily handle thick thread.

You will get different sizes of needles for your quilting jobs. And all of them come in a plastic vial with a cork stopper. In a nutshell, you can use them for repairing denim, wool applique work, etc.

– Allows sashiko embroidery
– Suitable for denim repairing
– Come with six different sizes of needles
– Sturdy and durable
– Good value for the price
– Some may find an issue with their sizes

4. Milliners Hand Needles


The Milliners Hand Needles have the highest quality that you probably won’t find in others. For their quality, many quilters have considered them as the best hand quilting needles available in the market. Let’s check out their features.

These needles are also known as the straw needles. They tend to be smaller in size. Each of the needles has a roundish eye for easy threading. For featuring such kinds of eyes, they withstand snagging.

Like their eyes, their shafts have the exact thickness, as well. And they have sharp points. Thus, they don’t bend while gliding through stiff fabrics. They come in assorted sizes of 3/9. You will get 16 needles in this package. In short, they can help you out doing various hand and beadwork.

– Superior quality
– Easy to thread
– Ensure comfortable quilting
– Durable materials
– Fairly priced
– Require a little time to get used to them

5. 30 Large Eye Stitching Needles

Large Eye

If you want to use many needles at a time or you are looking for a pack of several needles, then you may opt for 30 Large Eye Stitching Needles from UA Crafts. These needles come with excellent features to notice.

Firstly, you will notice their large eyes. They have large eyes and thick shafts. As a result, they can easily accommodate thick threads. Besides yarn, you can also use other types of materials in these needles for weaving.

They feature sharp tips for which they glide through almost every fabric comfortably. The manufacturer of these needles offers you to use three different sizes of 30 needles in your project.

You can choose 10 x 2, 10 x 2.2, and 10 x 2.4 inches needles as per your needs. Overall, they are excellent for stitching, sewing, crafting, and needlepoint projects.

– Offer three sizes
– Comes in a set of thirty needles
– Easy to use
– Have large eyes
– Comes at a reasonable price
– It may seem pretty challenging to thread the twisted yarn

6. Colonial Quilting Needles

Best Hand Quilting Needles

The Colonial Needle is a reputed brand and well known for its fantastic quilting stuff, especially needles. Its needles allow users to sew comfortably even with thick fabrics. Thus, let’s check out the features of these needles.

The company offers a pack of 20 needles. They come in a standard size, which size-10. These are specially designed for quilting thick-fabrics. All these needles have metal construction.

For that, they are highly durable and ensure smooth gliding, as well. Apart from that, they have sharp points that help sewers with their projects. In summary, as a starter, they are perfect for any project.

– Made in the UK
– High quality
– Sturdy and durable
– Comfortable to use
– Affordable price
– As they are pretty tiny, they may get lost in hands

7. Fons & Porter 7746 Hand Quilting Needles

Best Hand Quilting Needles

The Fons & Porter 7746 Hand Quilting Needles can be an excellent choice for beginner quilters. Also, they are ideal for professional sewers. In case you are inquiring about the highest quality needles, you may use them.

These needles are robust and durable than traditional needles. Because they feature nickel-plated steel, another great feature to notice in these needles is, they are available in different sizes.

If you are a beginner quilter, then we recommend you to start with a size 7. After leveling up your quilting skill, you can go with a shorter needle. The set contains 7,9 and 10 sizes of needles.

Besides that, there is the other noticeable feature, which is the needle grabber. In a nutshell, it has all the features that can fulfill the requirements of any hand quilters.

– Superior quality
– Ensure easy quilting
– Don’t bend easily
– Ideal for novice
– Good value for the price
– Some may find them small and thin

8. Mayboos Stitching Needle and Sewing Needles


The Mayboos offers users to choose from a variety of applications. That means it comes with several fantastic needles along with cases. All needles meet different sewing needs. That’s why many quilters have rated it as the best hand quilting needles of the present time. So, let’s check what it has to offer.

The Mayboos comes with a package of surprises for sewers. The package contains two pieces of needle storage. And within these storages, you will get four traditional stitching needles and nine large-eye hand sewing needles.

That means these needles can help you out with both regular sewing projects and hand quilting. The needle cases are made of sandalwood and brass. Thus, they are pretty sturdy and durable.

After unscrewing the lid of these cases, you can put your needles. Besides keeping needles organized, you can also use them for other small applications like a toothpick, etc.

Even these can be an excellent gift choice, as well. The most significant fact is you can stay stress-free as your children can’t play with these needles. Overall, it is a perfect package for all quilting lovers.

– Features nine hand quilting needles
– Sturdy and durable
– Has two needle cases
– High-quality
– Comes at a reasonable price
– Need to use carefully as they are very sharp

9. Clover No. 3-9 Gold Eye Embroidery Needles

Best Hand Quilting Needles

Whether you are doing ribbon embroidery or another sewing, the clover needles cans serve you well. These needles are pretty sharp than the traditional needles available in the market. So, let’s check their other essential features.

As they have sharp points, they can easily pierce through fabrics. If you are a quilter or know a bit about quilting, then you might know how challenging it is to thread yarn through small eyes. Even you have done it somehow, you may face problems with the floss. That’s why these needles come with accurate needle size.

You will get two packs of high-quality clover needles. Each pack contains 16 needles. Two needles have each in sizes 3 to 7, and three needles feature 8 and 9 sizes. All of them have large eyes for convenient threading. In summary, you may opt for these needles if you want to do cotton or ribbon embroidery.

– Robust and durable
– Easy to thread
– Large needle eyes
– Excellent quality
– Affordable price
– Small size needles

10. Dritz 56B-7 Quilting Betweens Hand Needles

Best Hand Quilting Needles

The Dritz 56B-7 is a set of high-quality needles. These needles can help you bring great quilting art on your fabrics. Let’s take a look at their features.

Generally, they are short needles, and each of the needles has size 7. So, if you want to quilt with small size needles, you may use them. Another remarkable feature of these needles is their eyes. They feature round eyes for easy threading. Although they come with large needle-eye, they won’t leave a hole in your cloth after hand quilting.

The most significant feature of the Dritz 56B-7 is you will get 20 needles for your quilting project. As you know, additional needles can be useful in many ways when it is about hand quilting. Thus, this needle set can be an ideal option to choose for quilting thick-fabrics.

– Ideal for professionals
– Superior quality
– Durable
– Easy to thread and use
– Good value for the price
– Not suitable for those who want large needles

What to Look Before Buying Hand Quilting Needles – (Buying Guide)

Most people consider that they don’t need to look-ins and outs of needles before purchasing. As a consequence, they end up buying less durable and useful needles. So to avoid such a problem, here are few facts to notice before buying the best hand quilting needles.


The first feature that you should check is the size of the needles. There are mainly two classifications in terms of needle size. And they are the small and large size. If you are new to hand quilting, then we recommend you to use the larger needles. Because they are easy to grip on, thread, and sew.

On the contrary, you should use small size needles as they pierce through fabrics easily and let you work at a faster pace. Thus, you can go with size 11 or 12 to complete your quilting project.

Needles Per Set

The next feature is the number of needles per kit. Most quilting experts say that the more the pieces, the better you can quilt. And so, you need to look for a brand that offers a large number of needles. Besides checking the number, you need to look for another fact, which is the assortment of sizes.

If your set contains only single needle size, then you won’t be much benefited from this set. Anyway, you need to ensure that the pack you want to buy comes with differently sized needles.

Eye Size

The needle’s eye size is the essential fact that you need to check before purchasing. It directly affects how easy you thread the needle. Generally, the larger needle eye allows easier threading. So, make sure that your needle’s eye is round or oval so that you can easily thread yarn.


Everybody wants their stuff to last a more extended period. And this term applicable for needles too. If your needles are made of high-quality materials, then they will be highly durable and enable you to work correctly.

Besides that, this type of needle won’t bend, which is an added plus. You can work with multiple layered fabrics and batting comfortably.


An additional accessory is another feature that you should check before buying a set of high-quality needles. Some brands offer needle grabber, while others provide reusable containers for storage. And some brands offer both features. Thus, try to purchase quilting needles from such a kind of brand.


After checking all the essential features, it is time to check the price. Of course, you don’t want to purchase anything that doesn’t meet your budget. But as you know that the highest quality stuff comes with a high price tag.

So, we recommend you extend your budget if you don’t find needles at a reasonable cost. However, all these needles mentioned above meet the highest quality standard, and they are affordable.

Final Verdict

Quilting is an art that allows you to bring your creativity to the top of your fabrics. To make attractive quilting designs, it requires time, patience, and hard work. And with that, the best quilting stuff is also compulsory to make such a design. But when it is about hand quilting, you need to pay attention to every vital fact that is related to it.

While working on hand quilting projects, you must need to use a hand quilting needle as it is an essential tool. However, we recommend you not to go with a regular needle instead of using the best hand quilting needles. After going through this article, we hope that you can easily pick your desired needle.

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