10 Best Mat Cutters in 2024 – (Review & Buying Guide)

Last Updated on February 28, 2024

Mat cutter will give you DIY experience. You don’t need anybody’s help; you can save your money and time by doing yourself. It will help you to show your creativity. A mat cutter with high quality will increase your cutting skills.

Best Mat Cutters

Our Top 3 Recommendations

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Product NamePriceOur Ratings
1. Logan Graphics Compact Versatile Mat Cutter – WinnerCheck Details!4.7/5
2. Logan Graphic Inc. 450-1 Mat Cutter – Runner UpCheck Details!4.6/5
3. Logan 350-1 Compact Elite Mat Cutter – 2nd Runner UpCheck Details!4.4/5

Review of The Best Mat Cutters

The best mat cutters take your work to another level. But choosing a high-quality mat cutter is difficult. So, we are here to help you. We have done vast research about it and found some best mat cutter for you!

1. Logan Graphics Compact Versatile Mat Cutter

Logan Graphics Compact Classic Versatile Portable Mat Cutter
Logan Graphics Compact Classic Versatile Portable Mat Cutter
Precision Mat Cutting SystemCreates professional beveled mats for framing projects
Bevel Cutting HeadAllows for beveled cuts
Mat KnifeEnables straight cuts
Parallel Mat GuideMaximizes cutting potential and options
Open-Ended MachineAllows for infinite length cuts by cutting and sliding material through the machine
Maximum Length CutNot limited to a 32-inch length cut
CompatibilityWorks with standard thickness 4-ply mat board
Blade CompatibilityUses Logan 270 blades
Included Accessories1 cutting board, mat guide, bevel cutter, straight cut knife, and instruction manual

This beautiful mat cutter made by Logan Graphics Company will give you a fantastic cutting experience. The product is mainly for professionals. Although it is perfect for both professional and DIY work, it has a bevel mat knife and bevel cutting head. That means you can cut your mat straightly, and it will help you as a parallel guide. The logan mat cutter is 36.2 x 8.5 x 2.8 inches; you will get the necessary utensils with it. The blade is a 45-degree angle.

Moreover, the mat cutter comes with a slip sheet. It will prevent your mat from slipping. The tool has a measuring scale attach to it to give you an infinite length cutting experience. So, there is no limit in 32 inches.

It has a standard thickness of 4 ply mat board. The mat cutter is a feature with Logan 270 blades. Though, you can adjust your cutting length. You will get a bevel cutter, straight cut knife, one cutting board, mat guide, and an instruction manual with the mat cutter.

What we like
– Durable and sturdy mat cutter
– Built for amateur and professional
– No bindings of cutting
– Standard thickness four-ply mat board
– Includes extra accessories
What we don’t like
– Some complained about missing parts
– Not as much multipurpose

2. Logan Graphic Products Inc. 450-1 Mat Cutter

Logan Graphic Products Inc. 450-1 Artist Elite Mat Cutter
Logan Graphic Products Inc. 450-1 Artist Elite Mat Cutter
Cutting MechanismStraight Cutter Elite & Pull Style Bevel Cutters
Cutting HeadsIncludes both bevel and straight cutting heads
Adjustable Cutting LengthFully adjustable to suit professional or at-home framing needs, up to 40″ cuts
Precision FeaturesEquipped with Parallel Mat Guide, Scaled measuring bar, Hinging Guide Rail & Production Stops
Extra BladesIncludes Five Extra Blades for Convenience

This 450-1 is another best mat cutter by Logan Graphic Company. Due to its name, it is perfect for an artist. The Logan Company, established in 1994; this is a famous company in the mat cutter market. The mat cutter size is 35 x 8.1 x 0.6 inches. And its weight is 7.9 pounds. This is a very high-quality mat cutter. This mat cutter has 40 inches cutting capacity. So, this mat cutter is perfect for the cutting project. Besides, the mat cutter consists of a baseboard.

You also get a parallel guide in aluminum channels and a 20inch measuring bar. But measuring bar can remove. The product features with production stops and a squaring bar.

You will like the bevel cutting head, and it has a start and stops indicator, an anti crawl button, and a nylon guide. For the best cutting experience, you should use a slip sheet. It will protect your project from sliding. The product is enough high quality that lasts longer.

What we like
– Squaring bar to keep mat board in the square
– Featured with a parallel guide
– Perfect for artist
– Includes 5- extra blades
– High-quality mat cutter
What we don’t like
– A little bit expensive

3. Logan 350-1 Compact Elite Mat Cutter

Logan 350-1 Compact Elite Mat Cutter
Logan 350-1 Compact Elite Mat Cutter
Cutting SystemLarge-capacity precision cutting system
Cutting Capacity32-inch cutting capacity board
Mat CompatibilityWorks with standard thickness mat board only
Included Components1 cutting board, mat guide stop, guiderail stop, straight cutting measuring bar and stop
Additional ToolsBevel cutter, heavy-duty straight cutter, five blades
Professional ResultsCreates professional-looking beveled mats for framing projects

The Logan 350-1 is a handy tool, an improved version of Logan 301. It is an elite version that surprisingly comes with a squaring arm. The weight of the machine is 8.5p, and it measures 8.5 inches x 3.0 inches, and depth 36.0 inches.

You will get a new type straight cutter with it as the squaring arm has a measuring option. It’s got a scale much like the older model. Although, the more former model had a more extended bar. But this can move and adjust the size of your cutting.

There is a fantastic measuring stop on the mat cutter, which is obviously to stop the length of cut. It is quite a new feature. It is not seen that before in a small machine. It looks like Logan is starting to combine the functions of professional straight line cutters in their basic models.

The logan mat cutter comes with a hinge mechanism. You will get a DVD which helps you to work comfortably. So, a beginner can learn how to use your machine. Always use a slip sheet from protecting your project sliding. You can use different thickness board.

What we like
– Cutting capacity 32 inches
– Usable for framing projects
– Some unique features
– Comes with five cutting blades
– It has a squaring bar
What we don’t like
– Not for left-handed people
– Some complained about the missing item

4. Logan Graphics 4000 Deluxe Pull Style Mat Cutter

Logan Graphics 4000 Deluxe Handheld Pull Style Mat Cutter
Logan Graphics 4000 Deluxe Handheld Pull Style Mat Cutter
Material CompatibilityMat board, foam board, and other similar materials
Cutting TypeFull bevel cuts
Blade ActionPivot-and-pull blade action
Cutting AccuracyEasy and accurate
Recommended SurfaceAlways use matboard underneath the board for clean cuts
Additional Marker BarIncludes a marker bar for faster marking on mats for easy cutting
Ergonomic DesignFeatures an ergonomic knob for comfortable operation for all ages
Compatibility for UpgradeCan be upgraded for use on the Adapt-A-Rule straight edge, Compact, Artist, or Simplex board-mounted mat cutting systems
Blade TypeUses Logan 270 blade

Logan Graphics 4000 is one of the best and popular mat cutter in the list. The product is for cutting mat board and foam board. It has a mechanism to cut any materials quickly and accurately. So, you can do your DIY very comfortably.

The tool features a knob mechanism, which is so easy to handle. Anybody can use this mat cutter. Because it has a safety mechanism, you will get quality cutting delivery with it. This tool cutting accuracy proves its quality.

The product design is so unique; you can use it for various purposes. The logan mat cutter is so small in size, and you can move it around very quickly. It is available in silver. The mat cutter size is 3.5 x 8 x 8 inches. And the weight of this cutter is 0.16 ounces; you can carry it with you comfortably.

What we like
Too small in size
– Light in weight
– Easy to carry
– Comes with a marker bar
– Providing video instruction
What we don’t like
– Not able to cut than the four-ply mat board
– You may need an extra straight guide

5. Logan Model 201 Oval & Circle Mat Cutter

Logan Model 201 Oval & Circle Mat Cutter
Logan Model 201 Oval & Circle Mat Cutter
Product Dimensions10.2L x 10.2W Centimetres
Item weight0.01 Ounces
Number of Items1
BrandLogan Graphic Products

Logan also manufactures this mat cutter. It is operative in just three steps, which means it is swift. You can use it very easily. You also can carry comfortably. The mat cutter dimension is 2.2 x 6.5 x 14.5 inches. That’s why it is tiny. Its weight is 11.2 ounces, which is enough light.

The logan mat cutter is portable because of lightweight. The mat cutter is designed for circular cutting. This mat cutter is to create a beautiful oval or circular cutting. The adjustment of the cut is smooth. You will able to make oval cuts ranging from 8×12 to 51×58 cm and circular cuts of 11 to 51 cm in diameter.

You will get an instruction manual with it that will help you cut accurately. Even a beginner can do it very easily. The product will make the maximum difference between oval width, and oval height is just 3 inches. The mat cutter uses Logan 324 blade.

What we like
– Made for oval and circular cutting
– Uses Logan 324 blade
– Very small in size
– Easily portable
– The price is affordable
What we don’t like
– The cutting adjustment may stuck
– Instruction is not clear

6. NT Cutter 45 Degree Bevel Mat Board Cutter

NT Cutter 45 Degree Bevel Mat Board Cutter
NT Cutter 45 Degree Bevel Mat Board Cutter
Product NameMat Board Cutter
Cutting Angle45 degrees
Cut TypeBevel straight cut
MaterialAluminum Die-Cast Slide Grip
Additional BaseIncluded non-slip rubber base-sheet to stabilize ruler placement
Replacement BladeBMC-45P
Cutting Tips 1Do not force the cut with one stroke.
Cutting Tips 2Score the mat and cut over it a few times until it cuts through for a cleaner cut.
Cutting Tips 3Slightly over cut the 4 corners of the mat for a nice sharp cutout.
Cutting Tips 4Do not stick the blade out too far. Position the blade point about 0.3mm out of the matboard.

The mat cutter is very unusual to look at. This unique tool is made of chromium and carbon tool steel, which makes the mat cutter very strong. So, it will give you a more extended service. The size of the product is 4.7 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches.

And it weighs just 7.8 ounces, very light. You can carry it with you when you need it. It also gives you higher control with the mat board. The mat cutter is a feature with the aluminum die-cast slide grip. So, it will not slip away from your hand.

You will also get a non-slip sheet, made of soft rubber. Thus, the cutter will remain attached to your mat. Your project will continue undamaged. This blade depth of this mat is adjustable.

You can control-blade depth according to your mat thickness. It has a straight bevel cut, which is a 45-degree angle. The product has a blade retracts automatic mechanism that means it is safe to use. This mat cutter is made in Japan.

What we like
– Made of high-quality material
– Strong and long-lasting
– Very lightweight
– Adjustable blade depth
– Rubberize slip sheet
What we don’t like
– Not very easy to use
– May does not cut 45 degrees

7. Logan 440-1 Team Cutting System Plus

Logan 440-1 Team Cutting System Plus
Logan 440-1 Team Cutting System Plus
Cutting SystemLogan Graphics Made in USA combo cutting system
Components– 40″ (101cm) straight edge
– 302-1 Logan Push Style Bevel Mat Cutter
UsagePerfect for framing, matting, design, art, and creative applications
Mat Cutter302-1 Logan Push Style Bevel Mat Cutter
Mat KnifeThree-depth position mat knife with a slip lock depth feature
Cutting CapacityAccommodates standard thickness mat board and foam board up to 3/16″ (5mm)
Straight Edge40″ (101cm) long straight edge for cutting accurate straight lines
Precision BladesEnsures high-quality mat cutting with precision blades
VersatilitySuitable for professionals, novice framers, and artists
Ease of UseSlip lock depth feature for easy downsizing of mat board and foam board
ApplicationIdeal for various applications including framing, matting, design, art, and creative projects
Country of OriginMade in the USA

It is another best quality mat cutter from Logan Graphic. It is a simple mat cutter for everyone. We can call it a combo cutting system; you can use it comfortably. The logan mat cutter is the best use for design, framing, matting, art, and other creative activities. This cutting system has 40 inches long straight edge.

You are allowed to perfect straight line with this long straight edge. Moreover, it has a Logan 302-1 model push style bevel mat cutter. That’s why it will give you perfect and high-quality mat cutting. Your project will be beautiful. The product has a three-depth position mat knife.

The slip lock depth system allows you to cut up to 5mm thick mat board and foaming board. This product is for all kinds of creators, for example, professional or beginner framers and artists. This beautiful mat cutter is the USA made. Therefore, it is one of the best products on the list.

What we like
– It has a 40 inch long straight edge
– Very lightweight
– A combo cutting system
– Ideal for framing, design, matting, and art
– Made in the USA
What we don’t like
– It is not suitable for thick mats
– It only uses custom Logan 270 blades

8. Logan 855 Platinum Edge 48 Inch Mat Cutter

Logan 855 Platinum Edge 48 Inch Mat Cutter
Logan 855 Platinum Edge 48 Inch Mat Cutter

It is one of the latest mat cutters from Logan Graphic Company., specially built for professionals. This Logan mat cutter is a tremendous tool, made of high-quality aluminum, and the weight is 44.1 pounds. It is much more substantial than other Logan mat cutter family.

Its cutting head has ball bearing for fantastic cutting. So, you can do you’re all cutting work comfortably. Besides, the product has 48 inches cutting function. You are allowed to do a massive project with it. It is usable for professional 4- and 8- ply mat cutting.

Also, it features a quick-changing magnetic blade cartridge. You can replace your blade with model 267. You will get a mat guide with it. The 32 inches removable scaled squaring arm makes it a very accurate cutting machine. We can say this is a heavy-duty cutting machine.

What we like
– 48 inches cutting capacity
– Made of high-quality aluminum
– Strong and high quality
– Magnetic blade cartridge
Heavy-duty mat cutter
What we don’t like
– Heavier than other products
– Not affordable for everyone

9. Dexter-Russell 54150 – Best Dexter Mat Cutter

Dexter-Russell 54150 Mat Cutter
Dexter-Russell 54150 Mat Cutter

The Dexter-Russell 54150 is in the list best Dexter mat cutter due to its quality and performance. The unique design makes it so elegant. You can give your relative or friend as a gift who love art or framing. The mat cutter weight is 12.8 ounces. So, that makes sure its weight is very light.

You will not feel uncomfortable to carry it. And, the size of the mat cutter is 9.2 x 6.8 x 2.3 inches. It is so small. You have no problem to operate it. It is best for straight cut or beveled edges. Dexter Russel is only one which can cut freehand shape. So, you can create a variety of forms with it. The mat cutter comes with five replacement blades.

The straight or beveled edges are usable for smooth cutting. The mat cutter is made of pure aluminum, made in the USA. The material makes it very tough won’t break after a long time use. And, the mat cutter will fit in your hand comfortably.

What we like
– Made of aluminum
– This small in size
– Easy to carry anywhere
– Freehand shape
– Best idea as a gift
What we don’t like
– Blade casing is not wide enough
– It is not available in every country

10. PK Artist’s Easy Mat Cutter

PK Artist's Easy Mat Cutter
PK Artist’s Easy Mat Cutter

This artist mat cutter is the last one in our 10- best mat cutters list manufactures by PK Artist. The mat cutter weight is just 3.04 ounces. It is too lightweight, and you can carry it with you. This cutter is for cardboard, foam board, and mat board. So, there are various useful tools.

You can use it for a few years. It is strong enough to give heavy-duty work. The mat cutter handle is so soft, and you can comfortably grip it. The product has two extra sharp stainless steel razor blades. So, you can use it by both hands right or left side.

It is a critical feature for every creator. Stainless blades are rust-resistant. And, these blades are easy to replace. It has a switchable fence for cutting 45 degrees and 90-degree angle bevel edges. The cutter also has an adjustable blade up to 14mm. Slide blade holder with a position lock for safety.

What we like
Easy to carry
– Made of high-quality material
– Two cutting angles
– Blade depth capability up to 14mm
– Both hand operation
What we don’t like
– Not for the beginner
– It does not have any instruction manual

What to Look Before Buying a Mat Cutter – (Buying Guide)

Mat cutter is handy for artists, photographers. If you have a store or shop, then you need high quality and reliable mat cutter machine. There is so many mat cutting tool in the market. It is tough to select the right mat cutters. You need to know some information before buying a mat cutter. Here are some of the things you should know.

Mat Guide

You should control your mat cutter. Because it is not possible to do your work accurately without a mat guide, so, we can say a cutter must have a reliable mat guide. It will reduce mistakes.


You should select the last longer mat cutters. If a tool breaks or malfunctions after a few uses. It is so frustrating and a waste of money. If you are a beginner, start with a durable tool. It will support you during your mistake.

Easy to Use

You should buy a tool that is easy to install and use. Some machines are very complicated. Please just avoid that kind of machine because you may not be able to operate it.


The size is another crucial thing to focus on. Some project needs a big size mat cutter, and some need small size tool. So, you should buy a mat cutter according to your project.

Purpose of Use

You need to choose according to your work – some machine for square shape frame and some for Oval, circular shape frames. So, you should buy a tool which is related to your work.


You should always choose a multipurpose usable mat cutter. You can use it in different materials. So, you can do any kind of project with just one mat cutter. It will save you money and time. And don’t have to depend on others. If you follow this guide, you can easily buy the best Mat Cutters online.

Final Verdict

Mat cutter is used for framing, matting, art, etc. In this article, we are giving information about some best mat cutters. You can do a lot of things with a Mat cutter. So, you should have been careful to invest in a Mat Cutter. Try to know about mat cutters, which one is best for your project. It is challenging to choose the perfect tool. We hope after reading this article, and now you can buy the best Mat Cutters for you.

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