The 10 Best Needle Threader in 2024 – (Review & Buying Guide)

Last Updated on December 31, 2023

Sewing is the most tedious job that we need to deal with sometimes. We know that sewing isn’t about placing the cloth under the sewing machine and start sewing; it is more than that. In essence, a sewing job is a combination of extensive and different tasks.

And among these tasks, most of us face up with difficulties when we thread needles with floss. We can manage threading one needle easily, but when it is about threading different needles continuously, it becomes pretty challenging. That’s where the best needle threader works.

Best Needle Threader

Our Top 3 Pick

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Product NamePrice & ReviewOur Rating
1. Dritz 202 LED Threader – WinnerCheck Details!4.9/5
2. Dritz 253 Machine Needle Inserter & Threader – Runner UpCheck Details!4.7/5
3. Colonial CNT-1 CottageCutz – 2nd Runner UpCheck Details!4.6/5

Review of The 10 Best Needle Threader

Needle Threader is a piece of essential equipment in sewing-related areas. It helps sewers to thread needles comfortably. It also helps in saving time that some sewers waste to thread needle using hands.

In this article, we will discuss everything about the needle threader and will introduce the best needle threader that can be useful for both professional and homey purposes.

1. Dritz 202 LED Needle Threader

Dritz 202 LED Needle Threader
(Source Amazon)
LightBright LED light
Finger GripsYes
Thread cutterBuilt-in
Lanyard HoleYes

The Dirtz 202 LED Needle Threader is formulated with ergonomic design. It is a handy tool that delivers excellent performance. So, let’s check out its fantastic features:

The needle threader allows you to thread needles quickly and easily. It gives you relief from eye strain. This tool features an LED that activates when you expose the threader. To protect the wire, the manufacturer has made the device retractable. For that, the cable will be safe when you do not use the threader.

Apart from that, the needle threader comes with finger grips, which provide comfort while threading needles. The needle threader also features a built-in thread cutter that aid in cutting thread according to your desired length.

Also, this tool has a lanyard hole that is located at the base. It allows you to insert cord or string so that you can always keep the threader close by. Overall, this machine comes with all the features that you require to thread needles comfortably.

– Highly durable
– Professional level tool
– Ideal for beginners
– Suitable for people with low visions
– Comes at a reasonable price
– Won’t fit in the small eye hole

2. Dritz 253 Machine Needle Inserter & Threader

Dritz 253 Machine Needle Inserter & Threader
(Source Dritz Store)
ColorOriginal Version
Item FormBundles, Fat Quarters, Precuts, Etc
Product Care InstructionsHand Wash Only

The Dirtz 253 is fantastic equipment that can make the threading task for sewers easier. It is specially designed to help sewers to thread and insert machine needles. With the help of it, anyone can conveniently thread needles without facing the eye-strain problem. So, let’s check out the other features of this machine needle threader.

If you look at its overall structure, you will notice that the Dirtz 253 has two sides. One side is for threading needle, and the other is for inserting the needle in the sewing machine. The threading side of the threader contains “Y” groove, one hook, pusher, and the arrow. And the insertion-side features one needle holder.

In the middle section of this threader, you will find the finger grip. All these features make the machine needle threader ideal for specialty threads. The needle inserter holds the needle steady so that you can easily insert the needle.

Besides, you can also remove the needle from the sewing machine comfortably with the help of this feature. That’s why the manufacturer has introduced the tool as ideal for specialty threads. In summary, it can reduce your needle insertion and threading time, and help you with your sewing works.

– Gives relief from eye strain
– Works for threading and inserting needles
– Threads needle quickly
– Easy to use
– Affordable price
– The pusher may not fit in some needles

3. Colonial CNT-1 CottageCutz 2-in-1 Needle Threader

Colonial  2-in-1 Needle Threader
Sturdy Fine WireIn one end
Extra-Large WireIn the other end
HandleInverts and grips securely to protect the wire
DesignA great way to add extra design to whatever project you want to add it to
LengthLong enough to easily reach into machines
Country of originTaiwan

Colonial is a prominent brand, and it offers users an easy and simple mechanism with optimal reliability. That’s why many users find the Colonial CNT-1 Needle Threader useful, and they even consider this as the best needle threader of recent times. So, let’s dive into its fantastic features.

The needle threader features a sturdy wire, which helps to form different unique stitches. Although the cable is stiff, it is flexible and is located on the bottom area of the threader. This needle threader comes with a handle that inverts and allows secure gripping to protect the wire.

Besides, it is long enough to reach into machines efficiently. Apart from that, the Colonial CNT-1 also features an extra-large handle, which offers easy penetration. This tool is easy to operate, and it ensures excellent performance. In short, the high-end users will find this needle threader useful.

– Ergonomic design
– Ensures perfect penetration
– Ideals for cross stitch
– Sturdy and durable
– Good value for the price
– Doesn’t feature thread cutter

4. CLOVER 8611 Needle Threader

CLOVER Needle Threader
(Source Amazon)
PriceAvailable at a lower price .
DesignCool New Design
TypeFlat Tip Threader
Compatible withEmbroidery Needles
Country of originJapan

The Clover 8611 needle threader comes with all the essential features that can meet the requirements of every sewing enthusiast. For its ergonomic design and convenient usage, many users keep this tool in the priority list and love to use it.

This needle threader is pretty durable than other cheap threaders. The Clover 8611 features a flat tip for easy threading. It allows you to keep your threading smooth. The significant feature of this needle threader is it even works with thick threads.

That means the Clover 8611 can handle larger threads, embroidery floss, silk embroidery ribbon, and other specialty threads, which are challenging to thread. Another noticeable feature of the needle threader is it comes with a lanyard hole, which is located at the base. As a result, you can keep the tool close by. Overall, this tool can make threading needle easier and save your time.

– High quality
– Features flat tip
– Easy to use
– Ideal for embroidery needle
– Fairly priced
– Doesn’t come with an LED option

5. LoRan NT-1 Needle Threader

LoRan Needle Threader
(Source Amazon)
Threading Long Eye Needles
MethodHang needle on threader, lay thread over the hook and pull through needle eye
Quantity1 threader per package
Country of originChina

The Loran NT-1 is another high-quality needle threader on our list. It can help you thread easily while saving time. So, without any delay, let’s check out its excellent features.

The Loran NT-1 is specially manufactured for large eye needles. The manufacturer has given it a metallic body to ensure ultimate durability. Both ends of this tool feature threaders that help to thread needles. And it also comes with a lanyard hole.

However, some users find it pretty daunting to thread the needle with the help of the Loran NT-1. It happens when they don’t follow the correct way to thread a needle. It is very convenient; so, let’s see how it works. First, users need to hand the needle on the threader.

Then, they need to lay thread over the hook and pull the thread through the eye of the needle, that’s it. In summary, this needle threader is suitable for embroidery, tapestry, and other needles that come with elongated eyes.

– Durable material
– Ensures easy threading
– Superior quality
– Suitable for large needles
– Fairly priced
– Not ideal for small eye needle

6. 50 Pieces Plastic Wire Loop DIY Needle Threader

50 Pieces Plastic Wire Loop Needle Threader
(Source Amazon)
ProductWiz Bir DIY Needle Threader
Quantity50 threaders per set
SuitabilitySuitable for threading various sizes of needles, both hands and machine needles
MaterialSteel wires
Length2.3cm (cable), 5cm (threader)

If you are looking for a set of excellent needle threaders, then the Wiz Bir DIY Needle Threader can be an ideal option for you. It is a set of 50 pcs threaders, which allow users to thread various sizes of needles. And even they are suitable for threading both hands as well as machine needles.

All of the threaders feature steel wires, and each of the lengths of the cables is about 2.3cm. The manufacturer has given these threaders convenient structures; each of these needle threaders measurement is 5cm in length, 1.5cm in width, and 0.3cm in thickness. And it makes them easy to grip and use. In a nutshell, the set of 50 pcs threaders can make your threading job easier.

– Easy to use
– Suitable for small needles
– Durable construction
– Set of 50 pcs
– Affordable price
– Doesn’t come with any LED

7. Kenkio 4 Pieces Gourd-Shaped Needle Threaders

Kenkio Needle Threaders
(Source Amazon)
MaterialMade of plastic and stainless steel.
Assorted Hand Sewing Needles SetGolden eye
Instruction paperComes with an instruction paper
ApplicationsSuitable for most sewing works, leather, denim, silk, canvas and cotton.
Quantity4 piece needle threaders, 30-Count Assorted Hand Sewing Needles Set in a needle box.

Keniko has been holding the reputation by making high-quality sewing stuff over the years. This brand always comes with products that have fantastic features. So, like its other stuff, this Kenkio 4 Pieces Gourd-Shaped Needle Threader has something exceptional to draw your attention. Even for its quality, it is considered as the best needle threader of recent times.

It is a set of four needle threaders, and all of them are made of plastic. Although they feature plastic structure, they are durable and ensure easier needle threading. Besides featuring plastic, they also have parallelogram stainless steel that helps users to thread needle and string beads. As a result, they become ideal for needles and beads of many different sizes.

Apart from that, this set offers users to use 30-count assorted hand sewing needles. These needles have golden eyes, which are easy to find. Users can use these needles according to their needs. In short, the set of Kenkio Needle Threaders is suitable for most sewing works.

– Ensure needle works efficiency
– Ideal for all sewing projects
– Offers a wide variety of applications
– Sturdy and durable
– Good value for the price
– Could have come with more threaders

8. CLOVER 4071 Desk Needle Threader

CLOVER  Desk Needle Threader
MaterialBody: Polycarbonate, Lever: ABS Resin
Product Dimensions1″D x 1″W x 1″H
Item Weight0.32 Ounces

The CLOVER 4071 Desk Needle Threader is one of those kinds of threaders that can make your threading job more comfortable than the other threader does. As it is titled, it is a desk needle threader that follows a simple mechanism to thread needle.

By simply dropping the needle in the slot and pressing the button, anyone can easily thread the needle. It is ideal for floss, which is difficult to thread. Also, it is suitable for needles that feature small eyes.

The only drawback of this CLOVER 4071 Desk Needle Threader is it doesn’t work thoroughly with tapestry needles because these needles don’t fit in the needle slot correctly. Except for cross-stitch needles, this threader suits other standard needles.

– Easy to operate
– Ergonomic design
– Features thread cutter
– Durable structure
– Comes at a reasonable price
– Doesn’t fit tiny quilt Petites

9. 100x Silver Tone Wire Loop DIY Needle Threader

 Silver Tone Wire Loop Needle Threader
(Source Amazon)
FunctionalityEasier for threading
QualityHigh quality
Compatible withHand or machine sewing
MaterialAluminum + Metal
Target audienceA great tool for the elderly person who is not patient doing sewing.

The 100x Silver Tone Wire Loop DIY Threader comes with all the essential features that can meet the requirements of any sewer. If you are looking for a threader set that features several high-quality needle threaders, then you may check its features.

First, you will notice that it comes with 100 needle threaders. All of them are made from aluminum and metal. And each of the threaders ensures easy threading. They are ideal for threading both hand and machine sewing needles. Also, they are suitable for people who don’t have patient threading needles manually.

Although these threaders help users to thread needles conveniently, some can’t get the best out of these threaders as they don’t know how to use them. Well, first of all, users need to hitch thread into the front end of the threader through the needle eye.

Then, they should pass the thread through the threader. Finally, they need to withdraw the thread from the needle eye, that’s it. In this way, everybody can thread any needle with the help of these great needle threaders.

– Comes with lots of threaders
– Made of aluminum and metal
– Allows easy threading
– Superior quality
– Affordable price
– Need to use carefully as the wires may break off

10. Needle Puller + Thimble & Thread Cutter

Needle Puller + Thimble & Thread Cutter
(Source Amazon)
Multipurpose3 in 1 needle puller, thimble and knife cutter
Quality & Durability Made of ABS and iron
Safe and SmartFit for almost fingers
ItemEasy to use

The last one on the list is a multipurpose threader. That means it works like a needle puller, thimble, and thread cutter, respectively. That’s why many users have considered this sewing equipment as the best needle threader available in the market.

This needle threader is made out of ABS plastic and iron. Thus, it ensures optimal durability. Besides, it features a comfortable design, and it can make patchwork quilting easier.

It gives users relief from stretching their fingers when they grab needles and pull them through thick fabrics. Overall, it can be an ideal option for pulling the needles through thick layers of fabrics.

– Three in one sewing equipment
– Sturdy structure
– Ensures easy pulling, threading and cutting
– Long lifespan
– Fairly priced
– Doesn’t come with LED

What to Look Before Buying a Needle Threader – (Buying Guide)

Needle Threader
Image Credit: GettyImages

Many sewing enthusiasts face up with hassle while choosing the best needle threader. They face such a problem as the market is flooded with lots of various options to select. Below, we will discuss how to choose a high-quality  threader by checking several factors.


Needle Threader
Image Credit: GettyImages

You may have already noticed that some threaders are made of plastic while some others are comprised of stainless steel. Besides, some threaders have the blend of both aluminum and steel, which makes them highly durable. Anyway, before picking one threader, you need to check the material and edges of your threader.


Durability is another essential factor that you need to keep in mind while selecting one needle threader. You need to ensure that besides featuring high-quality materials, your item should feature a compact design. As a result, you can experience the optimal longevity of your needle threader. Also, you need to check whether the sewing stuff is corrosion-proof or not and ensure that it comes with an excellent level of endurance.


Needle Threader
Image Credit: GettyImages

The needle threader you choose should be easy to use and operate. Thus, before purchasing one, you need to ensure that your threader offers this mentioned facility.


The last fact that you need to check is its additional features and price. Some threaders come with extra features such as thread cutter, LED, high-quality needles, etc. So, make sure your threader comes with additional features, and it should be affordable.

People Also Ask – FAQ

Q: What is a needle threader and how does it work?

A: When a needle’s eye is small or challenging to thread, a needle threader is a little instrument that is used to assist. A wire loop or hook is generally used to help the thread pass through the needle’s eye.

Q: Can I use a needle threader on any type of needle?

A: Most needle threaders are designed to work with a variety of needle types, including sewing, embroidery, and beading needles.

Q: Are there different types of needle threaders?

A: Yes, there are several different types of needle threaders available on the market, including: manual needle threaders, automatic needle threaders, and needle threaders with a built-in cutter.

Q: How long do needle threaders last?

A: A needle threader’s lifespan is decided by how frequently it is used and how well it is maintained. Most needle threaders will last for several years if properly cared for.


The needle threader plays an essential role in stimulating the sewing speed with comfort. It helps users thread needles easily that would be challenging to do manually. That’s why this sewing item is vital for both commercial and personal stitching jobs.

However, if you are an avid sewer or homey user, we recommend you to use the small item and enjoy its fantastic features for an extended period. You can use our mentioned needle threaders, which can provide you with high performance.

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