The 10 Best Quilting Fabric in 2024

Last Updated on February 28, 2024

Without the right and excellent quality materials, you cannot make a good craft. Unlike others, you need the right quality fabric, and these fabrics will help you to make a good quilt. Sheets are cloth foil, and a piece of quilting fabric on the exterior layer of the final product can make them attractive and comfy.

Best Quilting Fabric

Our Top 3 Recommendations

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Product NamePriceOur Ratings
1. flic-flac 200pcs Cotton Craft Fabric – WinnerCheck Details!4.7/5
2. Connecting Threads Precut Quilting Fabric – Runner UpCheck Details!4.5/5
3. iNee Green Floral Quilting Fabric – 2nd Runner UpCheck Details!4.3/5

Review of The Best Quilting Fabric

Thus, the sheet must have vivid and eye-catchy colors and should have enough good material for long-lasting life. There are a variety of fabrics available online.  Here we are reviewing ten best quilting fabric hopefully; this will help you to choose the best one for you.

1. flic-flac 200pcs 4 x 4 inches Cotton Craft Fabric

Image: Amazon
Fabric TypeCotton
Item FormPrecuts, Bundles

Flic-Flac’s quilting fabric is an excellent choice as quilting fabric. You’ll get 200 pieces of sheets in a set. These sheets have 50 different designs. That means you are getting four layers of the same pattern. So you are getting a variety of choices here.

The sheets contain a gorgeous and lovely design. You’ll fall in love with the color and the quality of the fabric. You can also use these sheets for other sewing work. The built quality of these sheets favors them as a piece of quilting fabric.

The sheet is 100% cotton, the best quilting fabric available on the market as the material needs to go through rough handling while washing the material so this fabric can easily handle it.

The fabric is very high in quality, soft, and durable. You’ll get the soft feeling whenever you touch them, and you will also get many options and sizes of the sheets.

– 100% Cotton
– 50 different patterns
– Eye-catchy design
– Soft and durable
– Easy to iron
– Materials are not good

2. Connecting Threads Print Collection Precut Quilting Fabric

Image: Amazon
ColorGeneral Store Vol 3
Fabric Type100% Cotton
Item FormPrecuts,Bundles
BrandConnecting Threads

Connecting Threads has a massive collection of precut fabrics. They are available at a very affordable price. In a bundle of connection thread, you will get 40 pieces of sheets.

The sheet’s color is quite vibrant and beautiful as these sheets are pre-cut, so you don’t need to customize it. You can use them as it is, and make a quilt easily. So using these sheets, you can efficiently finish your quilting project.

There is a lot of colors and design available for these fabrics. So you can have a lot of designs to select. The sheets feature a floral pattern designed. So they look charming. The built quality of these is also quite good.

They are 100% cotton. Therefore, these are very soft and durable. These affordable and beautiful sheets are perfect for quilting for their built quality and design. You can easily make a beautiful looking quilt using these sheets.

– Very soft and strong
– Floral pattern
– Charm squares
– Beautiful design
– Many color option
– Not accurate quantity

3. iNee Green Floral Fat Quarters Quilting Fabric

iNee Green
Image: Amazon
ColorGreen Floral
Fabric Type100% Cotton
Item FormFat Quarter,Fat Quarters,Fat,Bundles

iNee green floral fabrics are designed so beautifully that anyone will fall in love with it. The design and color of these sheets are so vibrant and eye-catchy. One set contains six fat quarters. The size of these sheets is also quite ideal.

Each of the sheets is 18×22 inches in size. This measurement is quite large and also suitable for motion quilting because you need minimal effort on sewing work. You will get many more designs and colors of these sheets to buy.

These sheets are 100% cotton making the fabric very soft to touch and also durable. So you’ll feel soft to touch them, and it can also handle rough use. The sheets will last for a long time as its made of high-quality material.

As the sheet is big, so it reduces the sewing work a lot. If the sheet was small in size, then you need to sew them as a small piece, and that will take a lot of effort.

– Green floral design
– Many designs available
– Soft and though
– Very durable
– Ideal for quilting
– Cheap fabric
– Colors may bleed

4. flic-flac Quilting Fabric Squares Precut Quilt Fabrics

Image: Amazon
Fabric Type100% Cotton
Item FormPrecuts, Bundles

This fabric is one of the best quilting fabrics available in the market. You’ll get 60 pieces of the set in a pet. These sheets have a very unique and eye-catchy floral print design. The size of these sheets is also quite ideal.

They are 10 x 10 inches in size each. The best thing about the sheets is that they have a machine cut. For machine cut, they are ideal for quilting. In a machine cut fabric, the measurement you get is accurate, and the edges of the sheets are elegant and have a precise cut.

So you are getting very neat and accurate sheets for quilting. These sheets are very high in quality, 100%  cotton. Cotton is the best quilting fabric out there.

It is very soft to hold and also very durable for long-lasting life. So you can use these sheets for a long time, and they won’t look old. These beautiful sheets are also available in different colors and sizes.

– Machine cut
– Measurement is quite accurate
– Soft and though
– Beautiful design
– Comes in different patterns
– Quantity is not right

5. levylisa 100 Pieces 100% Printed Cotton Quilting Fabric

Best Quilting Fabric
Image: Amazon
Fabric TypeCotton
Item FormPrecuts, Bundles

Levylisa fabrics are quite ideal for making crafts and quilting. These fabrics are available in many sizes, from small to big sizes. So you can select the best fit for you among them. You will get 50 pieces of sheets in a set.

These 50 sheets all have different colors and designs. That means you will have a lot of design to work with. You can mix them and create a new masterpiece. The design and patterns you are getting all are random. So each sheet you get is unique.

The built quality of these sheets is also well as the design.  The 100% cotton that is used to make it is not like another ordinary cotton; it is denser than the others.

So the materials are quite good in quality and sturdy also. That means even if you use this fabric rough, it won’t do any harm to it. You will be able to use it for an extended period.

– Many designs available
– Precut fabric
– Hand-cut
– Beautiful designs
Soft and durable
Raw edges
Dimension is not so accurate

6. RayLineDo® Different Pattern Poplin Fabric

Image: Amazon
ColorBlue and Purple
Item FormFat Quarter, Bundles

If you prefer more color and dense floral design, then RayLineDO is the best fit for you. These sheets have stunning small size dense floral, which is quite eye-catchy to look. The paint is pretty intense. The sheets are available in many different colors.

In a set of these, you get ten fat quarters. In each sheet, you will get a mixture of two-color, and the color blend is lovely. So you are getting a massive collection of multicolor sheets for beautiful creation quilt.

For a better and easy stitch, the sheets are machine cut. So the edges of the sheets are quite neat and sharp. All the sheets in the set are the same in size due to the machine cut.

Most of the sheets are cotton, but these sheets are made of cotton poplin. The material is thicker than cotton, and it is more robust and durable. Do these sheets are excellent in quality and ideal for a quilt.

– Sharp and accurate edges
– 150% thicker than others
– Beautiful design
– Available in many colors
– 10 pieces in a pack
– Thin material
– Not so color accurate

7. iNee Pink Fat Quarters Quilting Fabric Bundles

iNee Pink
Image: Amazon
Fabric Type100% Cotton
Item FormFat Quarter, Fat Quarters, Fat,Bundles

iNee fabrics are the most top-rated fabric of all. These fabrics are also quite affordable, as well. Even with a low budget, you can easily buy them. The sheets are quite significant. It measures 18 inches by 22 inches.

As you can see, these sheets are quite big, and for that, you need less sewing effort while stitching the quilt. You need to sew the underlying surface, and you are good to go as the sheets are big, so you have a single design over a large surface area.

The color and design of the sheets are very well with a floral theme in pink. All of the sheets have a pinkish shade with a different design. Many people love pink a lot for them; these sheets are ideal.

These sheets are cotton made, which makes the sheets very soft to touch and durable, as well. For a long time use, you should wash the sheets in cold water.

– Good in quality
– Nice color print
– Very durable and soft
– Perfect cuts
– Very good as a quilting fabric
– Thin Fabric

8. iNee Bright Solid Fat Quarters Quilting Fabric Bundles

iNee Bright
Image: Amazon
ColorAurora Solids
Fabric Type100% Cotton
Item FormPrecuts, Fat Quarters, Fat, Bundles

iNee Bright Solid fabrics come 19 fat quarter in a set as they are many in amount, so the price of these sheets is also quite high – the size of the sheets too perfect for quilting.

So you are getting 19 big sheets in a set, and they provide you a large amount of fabric to make a quilt. These sheets come in a single color. That means you are not getting any patterns or designs; you are just getting a solid color sheet.

The color of each sheet is different, and the color is very glowing and vibrant. Many love a single color sheet for them; these are ideal choices.

The material is 100% cotton, so you don’t need to worry about the quality. They are outstanding in quality and will last for a long time. These are very high quality and beautiful colored fabric for making a quilt.

– Ideal as any sewing fabric
– Quite thick
– Soft and strong
– Beautiful color
– Good quality material
– Not accurate in size

9. Kaufman Essex Linen Blend Natural Fabric

Best Quilting Fabric
Image: Amazon
Fabric Type55% Linen/45% Cotton
Item FormCut By The Yard
BrandRobert Kaufman

Kaufman Essex Linen is a very famous fabric worldwide. Many people around here love the texture of linen, but linen is not ideal for the quilt. For all these people, this fabric is a perfect choice.

In this fabric, you’ll get the texture of linen as well as the softness and durability of cotton. That is because the material is 55% Linen and 45% Cotton. There is much fabric out there, but most of them don’t offer this type of texture and softness.

These sheets are more extensive than other sheets. So you will have a large fabric to work on. The fabric featuring machine cut so the edges of the sheets will be so sharp and neat.

The measurements of the sheet are also entirely accurate for the machine cut. For machine cut, the sheets are ready to quilt. You need to sew the underlying surface. The fabrics are not so heavy, so your quilt won’t be substantial if you use this fabric to make it.

– Good quality fabric
– Very wide
– Lightweight fabric
– Nice texture
– Cuts are perfect
– A bit small in size

10. 100PCS BcPowr Different Pattern Fabric

Image: Amazon
Fabric TypeCotton
Item FormPrecut

For a good quilt, the right fabric is a priority. All fabric is not ideal for quilting. A perfect quilting fabric must be thick and durable. Most of us prefer a cute and colorful sheet for quilting because it looks beautiful.

So the sheets must be permanent and also have good design. These sheets of design are very glowing and radiant. The dot pattern makes these sheets very beautiful and eye-catchy.

The sheets are beautiful and quite durable too. These sheets are well class cotton, and it makes the fabric very soft to touch and durable as well. The fabrics are manually trimmed so that you may get raw edges.

The color of these sheets generally faded with time, but that not going to happen with these. You will get a bright and vibrant color for a long time.

– Beautiful dot pattern
– High-quality material
– Edges are neat
– No adjustment needed
– 10 by 10 cm size
– Small in size
– Very thin

What to Look Before Buying Quilting Fabric – Buying Guide

There are many fabrics available on the market, but most of them are not ideal for quilting. There are a lot of things to consider before buying the best quilting fabric set.

Quilting Fabric


Size is a significant factor while buying quilting fabric. The ideal size of these fabrics is 18×22 inches. A big size fabric is right because then you need to sew less on the fabric. At a big size fabric, you just a few stitches to attach the material to the lower layers.

As well as a big size sheet, you can also buy smaller size fabric for mixing up design. For mall size fabric, the sewing process is huge, but you’ll get multiple colors or designs on your quilt.


The quilting fabric mostly comes in a pack. You’ll get many sheets in one set. The more the number of the sheet, the good it is because you’ll have a lot of options to choose from. Generally, the sheets you get in a set in different in color and design.


For a sewing project or quilting, the material used on the fabric is essential. There are many types of material available like cotton, linen, voile, etc. among them, cotton is the most common.

Cotton is quite durable and robust fabric. For washing this fabric, it needs to go through rough handling, and it can easily tolerate this. Cotton is also very soft.

These properties make the cotton quite ideal as a piece of quilting fabric. Manufacturers also use some other thicker and denser variation of cotton for quilting.  Cotton poplin is one of them.

Machine Cut or Not

Generally, the machine makes a little number of errors. So machine cut fabrics are neater than hand cut. Due to having about zero error, the edges of these sheets are perfect.

So you need not change any sequence. You work on the sheet, but on the hand-cut sheets, you need to make some adjustments to work on it. The dimension of the machine cut sheets is about to perfect size.

Final Verdict

As you can see, there are many different types of fabrics available on the market, with some similarities and dissimilarities. You can compare these sheets and buy the best quilting fabric for you.

It is difficult to find suitable quilting fabric. We have helped you to narrow down the list for you and reviewed the ten best quilting fabric.  Hopefully, this review will help you to find the best one of these varieties of fabrics.

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