The 10 Best Quilting Ruler in 2024 – (Review & Buying Guide)

Last Updated on December 31, 2023

Just imagine you are drawing geometry, straight lines in your math book by the ruler. Do the same thing on your fabric by using a quilting ruler. Quilter ruler is not like a usual ruler. It is specially designed for sewing work. Quilter ruler works for you to create a high-quality quilt.

Our Top 3 Quilting Ruler Recommendations

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Product NamePriceOur Ratings
1. ARTEZA Acrylic Quilters Ruler – WinnerCheck Details!4.7/5
2. Omnigrid Non-Slip quilter’s Ruler – Runner UpCheck Details!4.5/5
3. ’Lipfa 11111 Ruler with Lip Edge – 2nd Runner UpCheck Details!4.3/5

Review of The Best Quilting Ruler

There are so many quality and sizes quilter ruler in the market. It is challenging to select the right quilting ruler; if you do not know what is suitable for you. So, we have some best quilting ruler description to help you.

1. ARTEZA Acrylic Quilters Ruler & Non-Slip Rings

best quilting ruler

ARTEZA manufactures this ruler. This company is manufacturing many utility tools for the various creative profession. This Acrylic quilter is laser cut acrylic. The product is 0.1 inches thick. The ruler is enough thinner. But this is a strong quilter ruler.

The ruler is especially for beginners. You will get four sizes of the ruler in one pack. The sizes are 4.5″ x 4.5″, 6″ x 6″, 9.5″ x 9.5″, and 12.5″ x 12.5″. The ruler is designed for patchwork. You can start to build a ruler collection with it.

ARTEZA Acrylic

These rulers are most popular in the sewers. Their grid lines are in black and bright lemon green. Besides, the fabric color is so visible in the light. So, you will have no problem to see. The product comes with a half-inch seam.

It will help you cut your fabric vertically or horizontally. You also can cut your cloth with both your hands. The laser-cut acrylic helps to clean it very quickly. Besides, the company is also giving a money-back guarantee.

– Laser-cut acrylic
– Ultra thinner rulers
– Specially built for beginner
– The pack comes four size rulers
– Comes with affordable price
– They don’t have center 45-degree angle lines

2. Omnigrid Non-Slip quilter’s Ruler, 6″ x 24″

best quilting ruler

Omnigrid ruler is one of the stronger quilter rulers in the market, made of high-quality plastic. The product did survive the test. So, you can trust it. The ruler will last longer than others. You can see through the ruler because of its design.

So, you can see your fabric during your work. The product backside has a grip. So, it will not slip, and you can do your work comfortably. The weight of the ruler is 11.7 ounces. Moreover, the important thing is the ruler is laser cut.

Omnigrid Non-Slip

That’s why you can depend on it for every project. The beginner and professional quilters can use it. Some of these rulers are added with ½ inch seam benefit.

Many angles are on the ruler, for example, 30°, 45°, and 60° angle system. Besides, the product is providing left and right numbering and angle system. These technological advance rulers are handy for your all kind of quilting work.

– Made of strong plastic
– Light in weight
– Half inches additional seam
– Both side numbering and angle system
– Suitable for every quilter
– Some complained of slipping
– Thick yellow lines made distracting.

3. O’Lipfa 11111 Ruler with Lip Edge, 5 x 24-Inch

quilting ruler

This ruler is multipurpose usable. That means you can use it for so many purposes. You can do any kind of project with it. The ruler size is 5inch by 24 inches. Also, the O’Lipfa 11111 Ruler comes with lip edge.

It features perpendicular as well as angle lines and works against the side of the Olfa mat. The product has two 45 degree angles and two 60 degree angles. It also has 4 inches perpendicular lines.

Besides, the ruler’s weight is 4 ounces, which is too light. You can work with it comfortably. The ruler is transparent. So, you can see your fabric through it. The ruler is made of plastic, having no metal cutting edge.


You can have it for your ruler collection. The ruler’s features make it easy to use. The product price is lower than the others. So, you have no tension to buy it. This best quilting ruler is better than other rulers; this is the USA made product.

– Made of high-quality plastic
– Too light in weight
– Features with two types of angles and one perpendicular angle lines
– Affordable price
– Made in the USA
– The grip does not work properly
– Some customers received a defective ruler

4. O’Lipfa 66636 Ruler with Lip Edge, 4 x 36-Inch

O'Lipfa 66636

This ruler is another product of Olipfa; this ruler is known for its high-quality. The ruler is made of plastic yet so strong. It will last longer than other rulers. The ruler’s size is 4 inches by 36 inches, which is the standard size.

You can do your all kind of fabric cutting work with it. The weight of the product is just 9.9 ounces. It is very light in weight so you can work with it very efficiently. The product will not bother you made in the USA.

quilting ruler

This ruler is transparent, which means you can see your fabric through it. The ruler will not make you confused. The lip edge of this ruler features a unique lip edge. The lip edge will hold your ruler with your cutting mat.

Besides, the ruler has two 45 degree angles and two 60 degree angles lines; it also has perpendicular lines. So, it can measure both the right and left sides. You can do your work in a short time. So, we can say this is a time efficiency ruler.

– Transparent ruler
– Made of high-quality plastic
– Feature with angle lines and perpendicular lines
– It has a unique lip edge system
– Made in the USA
– The lip edge is slightly curved
– Sometimes did not get an accurate measure

5. Imagine Crafts MP230001 10-Piece Combo Sheet Metal

best quilting ruler

Omnigrid manufactures this plastic ruler, which is the best quality quilting ruler. This rectangularly shaped ruler sizes 2-1/inch by 18 inches. The ruler is pretty much standard size. This ruler’s weight is 3.84 ounces. It is very light in weight. So, you can handle it easily.

The ruler comes with a feature of laser-cut, that makes it very consistent. It also gives you very accurate work. However, this ruler is very popular in the sewers. You will have ten pieces in one pack.

Again, this ruler has ½ inch additional seam allowance. The ruler specially designed for Cutting short strips and sashing. It also featured three-angle lines on both sides.

Imagine Crafts MP230001

Angle lines are 30 degrees, 45 degrees, and sixty degrees; both sides have numbering and angle. You can work on both sides. Besides, this ruler has a diamond and square design, manufactured in the USA. So, we can say it will be your real helper.

– Standard size
– Amazingly light in weight.
– Suitable for all quilters
– Durable and sturdy
– Last longer than others
– It is not a flexible ruler.
– It may slip sometime.

6. EZ Quilting 882700 Easy Dresden Quilt Tool Set

best quilting ruler

The Easy Dresden quilt set is essential for the quilter. The ruler is specially designed for Dresden quilting like flowers, design, or patterns. The ruler is transparent; you can see your fabric or project through it. The ruler is made of plastic.

This product size is 3.5 inches by 8 inches, and weight is just 2.08 ounces. The product is very basic looking. The ruler is for the beginner or experienced quilter. Besides, you will have a bamboo pointer and creaser tool.

The bamboo pointer will help you to cut fabric easily and comfortably. You will also have an instruction manual with the product that will help you to create a Dresden plate step by step. The ruler can be used as a rotary cutter. This ruler’s price is too low. So, it is affordable for every quilter.

– Specially built for Dresden plates
– Easy to use
– It comes with a bamboo pointer
– The traditional tool of china
– Affordable price
– Quality is not good enough

7. CLOVER 7811 Hot Ruler Press Perfect


This ruler comes from Clover Company. The product size is 2-1/2 inches by 10 inches, which is pretty much standard size. It is usable for larger quilting tasks. The ruler’s weight is just 0.64 ounces; that means it is very light in weight.

It is a useful multipurpose tool featuring mark, fold, deep hems, long hems, and miter corners. You can do all of your projects very easily. Also, it will give you a comfortable and speedy work experience.

The ruler is perfectly designed for a large project. It has heat resistant features. So, you can press yours directly on the ruler. This ruler is usable with dry or steam irons. It is an amazingly strong ruler; heat will not damage the ruler.

clover ruler

The product is also featured with grip technology on the surface your fabric will remain in one place. Your measurement accuracy will be better. Besides, this is the latest product of the Clover ruler family. The ruler is made of heat resistant plastic material.

– Versatile usable.
– For Comfortable task
– Heat resistant.
– Can be done more task
– Non-slip technology.
– The ruler is quite thick.

8. Skyhawk 9 Slot Quilting Rulers Rack Organizer

Skyhawk 9 Slot Quilting Rulers

If you want to keep your all quilting ruler in one place with organizing, you need a perfect rack. Skyhawk is presenting a fantastic ruler rack organizer.  The ack is made of wood. So, the product is so hard and durable; it will last longer.

The rack contains nine slots. You can keep your ruler larger to smaller orders. When you need a ruler, you can just get it from it. So, you don’t need to search for your ruler when you need one.

Moreover, the rack has nine horizontal slots. The rack size is 7.5 inches long, 7.1 inches wide, and 0.86 inches thick. You need to protect your ruler from scratching; the rack will keep your ruler separate from each other.

You will also get three thread spool holder. So, you can also keep your favorite thread in just in front of you. The product is available at an affordable price. But it is not available in every country.

– Made of high-quality wood
– The rack contains nine slots
– Hard and strong
– Last longer
– Camoes with bones thread spool holder
– Can’t be kept all brands of the ruler
– May not keep a thick ruler

9. Creative Grids Machine Quilting Tool Ruler Template

best quilting ruler

It is another quilting ruler from Creative grids Company, manufactured with a unique design. The ruler size is 5.3-inch width and 10.8 inches long, which is slim enough to do your complete task. This ruler is specially built as a machine quilting tool.

It is ¼ inch thinner. And the weight of this product is just 3.2 ounces. It is very light in weight for comfortable work. The ruler looks so odd. But you can use it for echoing. The ruler is not for the usual cutting. Although it is a good helper, this makes sure straight lines when you will quilt.

So, you can quilt your project comfortably. It’s a feature with a curved edge. So, you can use it for multipurpose. It has a guideline marking with black and white. That means the fabric will be visible in light or dark. The ruler has a non-slip feature. This ruler will give you accurate stitching experience.

– Ultra-thin ruler
– The ruler is for straight line quilting
– Light in weight
– The ruler has a unique shape
– High-quality ruler
– It may not work in every quilting machine
– The price is a little bit high

10. Dritz R641 Omnigrid Ruler Set, Squares

best quilting ruler

Omnigrid is a famous company in the quilting tool market, manufacturing high-quality quilting accessories for years. These rulers are among them. These rulers are made of acrylic material.

So, they are the best quality tool. It will reduce cutting time. The package contains three sizes of rulers, comes with a laser-cut edge. That’s why you will find smooth works.

quilting ruler

It will also help you deeply fabric cutting. Moreover, the product has a double sightline. You will find a clear view of dark and light fabric.

The product price is lower than other products. So, it is affordable in price. It has three angle lines like 30 degrees, 45 degrees, and 60 degrees. You can work with both sides. You will get three sizes of the product. Sizes are 1×6, 4×4, and 6×6. It only has inches marking.

– Made of acrylic material
– Laser-cut edge
– Features with a double sightline
– Three angle lines on the ruler
– Easy and comfortable use
– Made in the USA
– Someone complained about missing a ruler

What to Consider Before Buying  a Quilting Ruler?

Best Quilting Ruler

A quilting ruler is an essential tool for quilting. This ruler can be a ruler’s best friend. There are many types of the ruler. So, you may feel confused about which one is best. You need to focus on something before buying a ruler.


Size is an essential fact before buying a ruler. You will find two sizes, a quilting ruler. You need to select a ruler, either big or small, for your quilting project. But a too big ruler may become a cause of the wrong measurement. Again, a too-small ruler is not suitable for large fabric. So, find the accurate sizes of the ruler for you.


The ruler’s main job is to take an accurate measurement. You need to see on the ruler surface to figure out perfect cutting. The marking of the ruler helps to correct size. If the marking on the ruler is not visible, you will make mistakes. That means you need to look for marking on the ruler. So check-marking before buying a ruler.


The actual use for measurement. But sometimes it is used for a rotary cutter. So, you need to find a high-quality and robust ruler. Some rulers are built with high-quality materials. And you can trust it.


There is various ruler in the market — for example, 60-degree rulers, square rulers, both small and large, and width-of-fabric rulers. You need to select your ruler based on your project. But if you have all style ruler on your hand. So, you can make a good collection of quilting rulers.


The prize is another vital thing you should know. You have to understand which one best for you, according to your ruler. The quality ruler is expensive than an ordinary ruler. If you do not have a money problem, you should buy the best quilting ruler.

Quilting Rulers vs. Templates – What’s the Difference?

The key difference between templates and rulers lies in their functionality. Templates are shapes you cut around to achieve a specific design, while rulers are equipped with measurements and lines for precise cutting. Rulers often include degree lines, such as 45 and 60 degrees, to aid in cutting different angles.

Templates tend to have fewer lines and markings compared to rulers. Rulers provide comprehensive measurements, allowing you to cut accurate shapes and sizes for your quilting projects.

Understanding Ruler Markings

Most quilting rulers come with various markings to assist you in achieving precise cuts. Common markings include:

  1. 45-Degree Line: Used for squaring up half-square triangles and other angle-specific cuts.
  2. 60-Degree Line: Useful for creating 60-degree triangles.
  3. Centering Lines: Help you align your fabric accurately for cutting or fussy cutting.
  4. Quarter-Inch Line: Often present for consistent seam allowances.

Removing Protective Paper

Upon receiving a new ruler, you may notice that it appears to be printed upside down or backward. This is because rulers are shipped with protective paper covering the front side. This paper safeguards the ruler during shipping and use. Carefully peel off the protective paper to reveal the proper markings, ensuring the front side remains smooth and unscratched.

Essential Quilting Rulers

If you’re starting out with quilting, consider acquiring these essential rulers:

  1. 12.5-Inch Square Ruler: Ideal for accurately squaring up blocks and cutting various sizes.
  2. 5×24-Inch Rectangular Ruler: Perfect for cutting strips of fabric or sub-cutting larger pieces.
  3. 15-Inch Rectangular Ruler: Offers versatility for cutting diagonally on 10-inch squares and working with pre-cuts.

These rulers provide flexibility and precision for various quilting projects and techniques.

Fussy Cutting with Rulers

Fussy cutting involves selectively cutting fabric to showcase a specific design element. To fussy cut using a ruler:

  1. Align your fabric design with the desired template shape.
  2. Utilize centering lines on the ruler to ensure accurate placement.
  3. Cut around the template, preserving the chosen design element.

Fussy cutting adds visual interest and creativity to your quilting projects.

How to Use Quilting Rulers Properly? – Simple Tips

Quilting involves precision, and quilting rulers are your handy helpers. Here’s how to use them effectively:

  1. Know the Width: Check your ruler’s width; some are 6.5 inches wide. Be aware of the half-inch mark—it affects your cuts.
  2. Measurement Marks: Rulers have inch marks divided into halves, quarters, and eighths. Line these marks up with fabric edges for accurate cuts.
  3. Angles: Use angle markings (45 or 60 degrees) for diagonal cuts. Match the ruler’s angle line to the fabric edge.
  4. Diagonal Line: Square rulers have a diagonal line. Use it for quick measuring and squaring up blocks.

Master these basics, and your quilting projects will be more accurate and enjoyable!

Final Verdict

Quilters need many kinds of the ruler. It is so difficult to choose the best quilting ruler. Our research will help you to buy an appropriate ruler for you. The best quality ruler helps you to cut your fabric smooth and comfortably.

The right measurement will give you a good quilting working experience. Without the correct measure of your fabric, your project may distract. And non-slip ruler will help you to cut quickly. So, all the above information will you to find the right quilting ruler for you. Have a nice quilting.

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