The 10 Best Sewing Machine for Leather (Updated 2022)

Last Updated on January 1, 2022

Leathers are a bit different from other fabrics. These are quite thicker than any other materials. If you are doing any product of leather sewing, you’ll need a sturdy sewing machine as leather is opaque, so the average sewing machine can’t handle it. The manufacturing company does not specify which one is better for the leather.

Best Sewing Machine for Leather

For this reason, it is tough to get a good sewing machine for leather sewing. You’ll get a massive number of sewing machines online. To help you find the best here, we are reviewing the Best Sewing Machine for Leather that you can buy online.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Sewing Machine for Leather

1. Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing Machine

2. Janome Hd1000 Heavy-duty Sewing Machine

3. Janome Hd3000 Heavy-duty Sewing Machine

4. Juki Tl-2010q 1-needle Sewing Machine

5. Janome Hd3000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

6. Singer Heavy-duty 4423 Sewing Machine

7. Singer Tradition 2259 Portable Sewing

8. Singer Sew Mate 5400 Handy Sewing Machine

9. Consew 206rb-5 Triple Feed Needle

10. Brother Sewing Machine, St371hd

1. Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing Machine

Best Sewing Machine for LeatherThe singer is a well-known company all over the world. Singer 9960 is a good sewing machine, and it is computerized. The device has many more feature that other doesn’t have.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing Machine is featuring 600 inbuilt stitches. Stitches are also customizable. So you can customize the stitch as you want. These stitches designs can be used to make your leather project more decorative.

By using a wide range of stitches, you can create a unique sewing project. While most of the company offers one or two buttonhole design, the machine is offering you 13 buttonhole designs.

So you can create 13 unique virtual buttonhole designs. These features make the machine unique and better than others, and it is also quite fast. You can sew 850 stitches in every minute. Automatic needle threading makes your threading work easy.

Threading a needle needs less effort. It also has two LED lights inbuilt. These are here to makes your working surface bright. So you can do your work even in the dark. Overall this is an excellent machine for decorative work.


  • Computerized sewing machine
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Portable
  • Many stitch option
  • Easy to use


  • Makes loud sound
  • Has lost tension issue

2. Janome Hd1000 Heavy-duty Sewing Machine

Best Sewing Machine for LeatherJanome hd1000 is an excellent choice for those who are searching for a durable machine that comes with a variety of stitches. The device constructed with aluminum. Both the exterior and interior are made of aluminum.

That is why the Janome hd1000 sewing machine is so durable and sturdy. The aluminum design also makes the machine quite heavy. So it is not a good machine to travel. This machine is offering you 14 inbuilt stitches.

So the machine has both primary and some decorative stitches as well. Choosing between the stitches is so easy. There is a dial on the sewing device. With the help of the dial, you can select the desired stitch. Even the buttonhole making is also so comfortable with the machine.

By following just four easy steps, you can take a virtual buttonhole. Automatic thread cutter and reverse stitch make the machine very easy to use. So you can control the device. The tool is powerful enough to handle thick leather.


  • Long-lasting machine
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Free-motion sewing
  • Has removable free arm
  • Easy reverse


  • Bobbin jams
  • Not good at sewing thick clothes

3. Janome Hd3000 Heavy-duty Sewing Machine

JanomeJanome hd3000 is an enduring sewing machine. The users of the device confirmed that the machine is so good at its work. It can handle multiple layers of lather at once. It is one of the kind sewing machine on the market for leather sewing.

The Janome hd3000 sewing machine device looks quite a bit old fashioned; the machine is not computerized. Therefore, it doesn’t have many features that an automatic sewing machine has. But despite that, it is perfect a machine. It can sew at a quite decent speed.

The machine is a perfect choice for beginners, so they are new and learn to sew leathers. The device has 18 fixed stitches. For doing leather sewing work, these stitch designs are more than enough.

You can create a buttonhole by just a single simple step. The machine is also useful in the case of the reverse stitch. Most of the device doesn’t have the feature. This machine can do the reverse stitch.

You are also getting a build-in thread cutter that saves a lot of time of yours. The metal construction ensures durability. It is a pretty good machine for even sewing multi later of leather.


  • Easy 1 step buttonhole
  • Heavy duty
  • Easy to use
  • Reverse stitches
  • Great for leather sewing


  • Not so well quality
  • Not suitable for a thick layer

4. Juki TL-2010q 1-needle Sewing Machine

JukiThe machine from Juki has received excellent reviews from its users. Everyone praised the quality and speed of the device, and it has a very durable aluminum body. Aluminum makes the machine so durable and robust.

For home use, the machine is a good choice. For industrial use, the machine is not so good. The sewing speed of the machine is awe-inspiring. The top sewing speed of the device is 1500 SPM. That means it can sew about 1500 stitches in a minute.

But the best thing about the Juki TL-2010q sewing machine is even at that high speed it makes very little noise. So you won’t feel disturbed while working. The machine also has an extension table. This table provides you more space while you are working on a big project.

There is a very helping feature named automatic needle threading that saves a lot of time for the user. You can put a thread into the needle in no time. Inbuilt LEDs are bright enough to provide yours with focus work. The machine is quite reliable and speedy in the case of leather sewing.


  • Larger working space
  • Very lightweight
  • Portable and compact
  • Also has a foot pedal
  • Heavy duty


  • Difficult to thread
  • Needle threading is not good enough

5. Janome Hd3000 Sewing Machine

Best Sewing Machine for LeatherJanome hd3000 is a perfect sewing machine for leather sewing. In essence, it is the best sewing machine for leather. It can work on several sheets of leather. The sewing speed of the device is impressive, and it can sew any fabric without any trouble.

The needles used on this machine are solid and universal. For being active, they won’t break easily. This needle even functional a sewing multiple layers of leather. It also has many stitches inbuilt.

These can be used to do wonderful projects. The metal construction made the machine quite durable too. You can use it for various sewing purposes. The machine has all the necessary options.

So operating the machine is simple. The pressure foot is alterable to suit your needs. For leather sewing, more pressure needed than other fabric. That is why adjustable sewing speed is quite necessary.

Automatic bobbin winding makes the machine even more comfortable to use. Reverse stitch can be very quickly done using this machine. You’ll also get many free accessories for additional work.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy bobbin winding
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure
  • Free arm sewing
  • Free accessories


  • Quality control is not good
  • No inbuilt buttonhole style

6. Singer Heavy-duty 4423 Sewing Machine

Best Sewing Machine for LeatherSinger 4423 is considered as one of the most speedy and heavy-duty sewing machines. The stitching speed of the machine is very high. It can sew about 1100 stitches in every minute.

So you can complete your work on this machine very quickly. The metal construction ensures durability. The motor that used on this machine is also very powerful. That is why the stitching speed is so high.

The powerful motor helps to do your job easily and quickly. The machine is offering many inbuilt stitches. You’ll also get a dedicated lather sewing option on the machine. So the machine is quite suitable for thick fabric.

The Singer 4423 sewing machine has a twist knob dial. By using the dial, you can select whatever stitch design you want. It is so easy to operate the machine. You’ll get other necessary features like automatic needle threading on this machine.

Many accessories are providing by the company with the machine. This sewing machine built very well and so much durable that you can use it for years.


  • High speedy
  • 60% stronger than other
  • Metal design
  • Good at sewing thick clothes also
  • Easy to use


  • Makes weird noises
  • Needle stuck often

7. Singer Tradition 2259 Portable Sewing

SingerSinger tradition 2259 is a moderate sewing machine, and this is an entry-level portable sewing machine for leather. The device is an excellent fit for new sewers. It has a 19 fixed stitches pattern. If you are a beginner, then these stitches are more than enough for you.

The selecting between those stitches is very easy. You can choose between them by using a rotary dial. On this machine, buttonhole making is also quite easy. By following just four simple and easy steps, you can make a perfect buttonhole.

Stitch length is an essential factor for sewing leathers. At least 4mm of stitch length is required. The Singer Tradition 2259 sewing machine is offering you adjustable stitch length. So you can select the stitch length as our need.

Bobbin winding is as tricky as needle threading. You can wind the bobbin easily using an automatic bobbin winding feature. Metal construction ensures strong hold and durability. The company is also providing 25 years warranty.


  • Free arm sewing
  • Easy stitch selection
  • Adjustable stitch length
  • Metal construction
  • Multiple needle position


  • Cheap material
  • Needle breaks

8. Singer Sew Mate 5400 Handy Sewing Machine

SingerSinger Mate is another mister piece made by the singer. Mate 5400 is designed to provide excellent power and sewing benefit, and this featuring a variety of stitches. It has 60 fixed stitches. So you’ll get all basic to decorative stitches in one machine.

By using these stitches, you can easily do decorative projects. You’ll also get four fully automatic buttonhole designs. For that, you can create a virtual buttonhole design. Most machines generally offer one. But you are getting four designs on this machine.

If you buy this machine, then you don’t need to think about threading many more because of auto needle threading. Some device often has little issue with thread tension. On this machine, the pressure of the thread controlled automatically.

So you can work more effectively – the company offering you a metal frame construction. Therefore, the device is heavy duty and durable. It also has an inbuilt LED. The stitch length is also adjustable; you can adjust the stitch length as you need. This machine is quite powerful and can sew thick leather easily.


  • Many decorative stitches
  • Heavy duty
  • Metal frame construction
  • Adjustable stitch length
  • Setup is easy


  • Short cord
  • Threading is hard

9. Consew 206rb-5 Triple Feed Needle

Best Sewing Machine for LeatherConsew 206rb is an all-time best seller sewing machine. The machine used for handling big projects. It is used worldwide widely in industry and ideal for managing a large project. That’s why many sewers consider it as the best sewing machine for leather purses.

Most of the company offers a 5-6mm stitch length while this machine has a 10mm stitch length on this machine. You can do reverse sewing quite comfortably on it. The reverse stitch length is also adjustable.

With this adjustable stitch length, you can correctly sew your leather fabric. With the right needle, you can sew leather like a pro. The sewing speed is quite high on this machine.

The machine can sew about 3300 stitches in every minute. As a machine is an industrial sewing machine for leather, so this is a quite good speed. Its stitch selecting regulator can be locked manually. That helps to secure the stitch selecting regulator while sewing at such high speed.

The working space on the machine is very large. The well-constructed machine ensures high durability. The needle you are getting is also quite sharp. You need to oil the sewing machine after every use for better performance.


  • High-pressure foot
  • Adjustable revise stitches
  • Changeable feed dog
  • Stitch regulator lock
  • Very durable


  • Need to oil after every use

10. Brother Sewing Machine St371hd

Best Sewing Machine for LeatherBrotherst371hd has many features that favor leather sewing. This machine can sew multiple layers of leather with ease and featured using two heavyweight needles. The needles are so sharp that they can sew thick fabric so quickly.

The metal needle plate feeds the material very smoothly. It does it work quite seamlessly. The metal needles are very useful while multiple sewing layers of thick fabrics. With the help of inbuilt 37 stitches, the machine is capable of providing you decorative project.

You can do unique projects using these stitches. Selecting between the stitches is also easy. By just turning a dial, you can choose between the stitches. The most challenging job of sewing work is threading.

This machine is featuring automatic threading by which the needle can thread so easily. The machine’s sewing speed is pretty good. A maximum of 800 stitches can be done by it. So you can work quite fast and effectively on this machine. Indeed it is quite an excellent machine for a leather sewing project.


  • Speedy sewing
  • Very strong
  • Six quick-change sewing feet
  • Very durable
  • Long-lasting life


  • Needle slipped
  • Needle breaks

Sewing Machine for Leather Buying Guide

Leather is unlike any other fabric. Some leathers are thick are some are not. So you should consider some factors before buying the best sewing machine for leather.

Speed and Motor

For ordinary sewing, it is not necessary to have a high power sewing machine. But for sewing leathers, a high power sewing machine is needed. The speed and motor power should be high because leather is unlike other fabric. Leather is thicker than others. So it requires more energy to stitch.

The sewing speed is also a significant factor as you are sewing a thicker fabric, so you should not choose a machine that has a very sewing rate. High sewing speed can harm or defect your material. So you should choose a powerful sewing machine with medium sewing speed.


A standard needle can sew leather as it is thicker than the other. Therefore, a sharp needle is needed. Regular needle often breaks when you tried to sew a thick fabric with them. Most of the company leather compatible needle in the accessories, or you can easily buy them from the market.


The number of stitches varies from machine to machine: the more stitch design you have, the good it for decorative sewing. With a broader stitch option, you can create a decorative masterpiece. So for making a unique and useful looking project, you should choose a machine with more stitches option.


Everyone wants a machine that is very simple to use. Threading often is a difficult task. So you should buy one that has an automatic threaded option for the needle. Some machine has LED lights inbuilt. That helps to lighten the work area. So if you are even in the dark, you can work with ease.


Generally, the cost of an Industrial Sewing Machine is high. But for daily purpose work, you should choose a machine within an affordable price range. Industrial sewing machines cost more than conventional sewing machines. Choose wisely according to your purpose.

Final Verdict

If you don’t know what to look for in a machine, it will be quite difficult for you to buy a suitable device for leather sewing. You will find a vast option in the market for a leather sewing machine. So it is quite challenging to find the best one. That is why we reviewed the best sewing machine for leather available on the market. Hopefully, this will help you to choose the perfect one for you.


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