The 7 Best Sewing Machine for Quilting Under $500 in 2024

Last Updated on December 31, 2023

The Best Sewing Machine for Quilting Under $500: The quilting machine has dramatically simplified the work of sewing and illuminated the fashion world. So, the sewing and quilting machine has now become an essential tool in people’s daily life.

best quilting sewing machine under $500

There are many kinds of machines available in the market. You will find some good quality and some are low quality. That’s why you need to keep in mind some unique features when buying the best sewing machine for quilting.

Review of the Best Sewing Machine for Quilting Under $500

We brought some quilting machines picked from some of the most renowned companies to relieve you. So, let’s take a look at picking your desired machine.

1. SINGER 9960 Sewing & Quilting Machine

Best Sewing Machine for Quilting Under $500
Dimensions8.25″D x 17.25″W x 12″H
Item Weight20 Pounds
Power SourceCorded Electric
Is ElectricYes

Singer Quantum stylist 9960 is a unique addition to the world of sewing machines. It is a high performed and computerized handy sewing and quilting machine. This highly creative sewing machine has come with loads of features that are so worthy of praise.

SINGER 9960 Sewing & Quilting Machine

This machine is patented by Six Hundred Built-in Stitches so that you can make your dream project with lots of options. On the other hand, it has also incorporated with basic, stretch, and decorative stitches, which will help you to work with fashion sewing, home decor, quilting, and crafting.

SINGER 9960 Stiching

In the meantime, you can select the font from several font selection options so that It will help you to customize your projects. Its automatic needle threader feature will give your eyes peace and accelerate the work of sewing.

SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 Needle threader

It also has 13 built-in one-step buttonhole, which features a buttonhole underplate. With the fastest quilting machine, you can sew fast, providing 850 stitches per minute.

SINGER 9960 Buttonhole

It has a scalable table, and its necessary buttons have been added to the convenient location. This machine has come to the market with many accessories. It will give you the correct value for your money.

Credit: coolirpa
– High featured
– Comes with many accessories
– Perfect for various sewing
– Provide smooth stitching
– Handy sewing and quilting machine
– Little costly
– Need an expert hand for repairing

2. Brother XR9500PRW Project Sewing Machine

best sewing machine for quilting under $500
Item Weight9.92 Pounds
Power SourceAC
Is ElectricYes

This model is a popular model among Brother’s sewing machines. It is one of the best-featured quilter machines that sew so smoothly. Due to the excellent features added, it is the most demanded product among people who love to sew.

The XR9500PRW project runway has come with 100 inbuilt utilities. Also, it has included the decorative and heirloom stitches so that you feel a great experience while sewing.

Brother XR9500PRW Sewing Project

An ideal sewing quilting machine for handling your projects that makes your dream projects accurate. It’s an excellent machine for clothing to home decor items and exceptionally well for quilt design.

The huge backlit LED screen has been added so that you can get the information while sewing. On the other hand, this machine has 55 inbuilt alphanumeric stitches, which work for lettering and basic monogramming.

Brother XR9500PRW Led Screen

If you select one of the eight styles of 1-step auto-size buttonholes or use the huge table to attune your big quilt projects, the XR9500 PRW can do this job precisely.

Moreover, it has 140 stitch functions, and the Free Arm design will give you hassle-free sews. A super lovely bobbin winding system will allow you to sew smoothly.

Credit: Robert Silvers
– Highly equipped
– Great featured machine
– Provides smoother sew
– 140 stitch functions
– 100 inbuilt stitches with 8 Styles of 1-Step auto-size Buttonholes
– Little expensive
– Try not to repair if you aren’t expert

3. Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine

best brother sewing machine for quilting under $500
ColorWide Table
Dimensions6.7″D x 16″W x 11.4″H
Item Weight5896 Grams
Power SourceCorded Electric
Is ElectricYes

For a versatile sewing tool that is perfect for sewing and quilting, you can buy the Brother CS600i sewing and quilting machine. The features are so user-friendly, and you never feel bored even for a long time sewing.

Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting

It has achieved a women’s choice award, and almost every user has recommended using this great tool. A stitch selector feature has been included so that you can select the stitch as you like as you.

Brother CS6000i Stiching

It also offers an automatic needle threader, which is so good for your eyes, and you get smoother sewing without interruption. A nice LCD has included in a convenient position so that you can observe the work info while sewing.

best sewing machine for quilting

It has patented with the adjustable stitch speed controller that provides you easy control while sewing. Also, it has a wide scalable table that is so useful for sewing. On the other hand, its Free Arm design will allow you to work with difficult parts of your projects.

Brother CS6000i Stiches

You can sew so fast because its sewing speed is 850 stitches per minute. Its built-in light in the work area will allow you to sew in the low-light situation. This great machine comes with accessories, and you get excellent value for your money.

Credit: Sunshineshare
– Great machine for sewing and quilting
– Women’s choice awarded machine
– Stitch selector button added
– Automatic needle threader
– User-friendly feature
– Pretty costly
– The computerized machine needed extra care

4. SINGER 7469Q Computerized & Quilting Sewing Machine

best singer sewing machine for quilting under $500
Dimensions8″D x 17″W x 12.5″H
Item Weight16.25 Pounds
Power SourceCorded Electric
Is ElectricYes

If you are looking for a sewing and quilting machine with noticeable features, the Singer Confidence quilter 7469Q is the ideal machine for you. This highly featured sewing tool is so popular among users.

SINGER 7469Q Project

An automatic needle threader has included with this machine. As a result, you will never feel eye strain while working. On the other hand, the drop & sew bobbin mechanism has been installed in this machine that helps to set up and boost performance quickly.

SINGER 7469Q Bobbin Threading

It has 98 inbuilt stitches that are integrated with seven fully automatic one-step buttonholes to enhance the project’s ideas. You will be so benefited because of its programmable needle up/down feature, and it is essential for quilters.

Also, it features an adjustable stitch length width, which will allow you to do custom work. It also included a 2staybright LED for a more unobstructed view. It has come with four extra quilting feet that also increase the sewing and quilting ideas.

SINGER 7469Q Quilting

A large sewing surface is attached to this machine so that you can manage huge quilts with ease. Heavy metal frame construction increases the life span so that it gives the proper value for your money.

– Built with top quality metal frame
– Highly featured
– 98 inbuilt stitches
– Programmable needle up/down feature
– Perfect for sewing and quilting
– Pretty pricy
– Handle carefully

5. SINGER 7258 Sewing & Quilting Machine

best quilting sewing machine for beginners under 500
Product Dimensions7.5″D x 14.5″W x 12″H
Item Weight18.74 Pounds
Power SourceCorded Electric
Is ElectricYes

It is another excellent quality Singer sewing & quilter machine that will make your dream a reality. Singer 7258 is a high-tech machine that will take your sewing experience a step ahead. Due to its outstanding features, it is effortless to operate.

SINGER 7258 Setting

Moreover, It is designed for both skilled and beginner users, making it equally acceptable to everyone. Its stylish design and smooth sewing capabilities deserve praise. You can select the stitch as you wish because it has a very simple push-button system.

SINGER 7258 Button Holer

On the other hand, its stitch length and width are automatically set, so you get a hassle-free stitch. It has built with a heavy-duty metal frame, so it lasts for a long time. Also, this machine comes with an LCD screen.

SINGER 7258 Stitching

The best sewing machine for quilting beginners has also come with a bright LED for a clearer view. This electric sewing machine also includes an extra-high presser foot lifter and speed controller for making the job so easy and hassle-free.

The programmable needle up/down feature and automatic bobbin winding clutch have included with this great machine.

Credit: SINGER Best Sewing Machine For Beginner
– Metal frame provides great longevity
– Well equipped
– Electric start and stop
– Nice design, affordable
– Perfect for both skilled and unskilled person
– Needed expert hand for repair
– Handle with care

6. SINGER 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Best Sewing Machine for Quilting Under $500
Dimensions6.25″D x 15.5″W x 12″H
Item Weight14.5 Pounds
Power SourceAc/Dc
Is ElectricYes

Singer 4423 is another high-tech sewing machine that will give you the experience of smoother sewing. This machine comes with a lot of user-friendly features. The metal frame body will provide exceptional longevity and helps to stay stable.

As a result, it offers low vibration while sewing so that you can sew fast and smoothly. This quilter machine has been patented by Basic, Stretch, Decorative, and Buttonhole Stitch, along with Twenty-Three Built-in Stitch, which will allow you to work on many types of projects.

Its automatic Needle Threader option gives you a comfortable sewing experience, and this feature will help keep your eyes well as you don’t have to look always. That’s why many quilters consider it as the best beginner quilting machine.

Best Sewing Machine for Quilting

This sewing machine has come with a 60% stronger motor that delivers high energy. Its maximum sewing speed is 1,100 stitches per minute, so your projects are done in a short period. Its reverse button is attached to the most convenient position.

On the other hand, its other dial buttons are also set in a position so that you easily reach them during sewing. It has come with many accessories. You will get the exact value for your money by buying this great tool.

– Metal frame provides great longevity
– User -friendly
– Comes with lots of accessories
– The nice free arm design
– Sew fast and smooth
– No LCD is attached
– Handle with care

7. Janome 2212 Quilter Sewing Machine

best janome sewing machine for quilting under 500
Dimensions9″D x 17″W x 13.5″H
Item Weight12 Pounds
Power SourceTreadle Powered
Is ElectricYes

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine is one of the best-featured sewing machines among all other sewing machines of Janome. Stylist and elegant designs are impressive to notice. Also, a well-equipped sewing machine that provides smoother sews.

Janome 2212 Quilter
Credit: Suzanne’s Quilts

This sewing machine is so user-friendly that it has become more popular with the user. This machine has a powerful motor included so that it can work efficiently. Its stitch adjustment dial buttons have been set in a very convenient location so that you can reach them easily while sewing.

Janome 2212 Adjustable Knob

This best Janome sewing machine for quilting has been patented with 12 built-in stitches along with the four-step buttonhole so that you can get various sewing possibilities. Its free arm design will allow you to sew the troublesome part of your fabrics, such as cuffs, sleeves, etc.

Janome 2212

On the other hand, its speed is up to 1000 SPM, and you can control the speed simply by turning the dial selector. It has an inbuilt thread cutter, a needle threading system, and an automatic bobbin winding system.

Credit: Suzanne’s Quilts

As a result, your sewing projects will be so easy and smooth. It has also integrated with the reverse stitching system. This great sewing machine has been launched with accessories.

Credit: Suzanne’s Quilts
– Built with heavy-duty material
– Highly equipped & well-featured
– User-friendly
– Included powerful motor
– Patented with a smooth sewing surface
– Little costly
– Handle carefully

What to Consider Before Buying a Sewing Machine for Quilting Under $500?

Quilting machines are in great demand because quilted products surround us everywhere: at home, on the street. These include quilted clothes, furniture covers, blankets, sleeping bags, and other products.

What to Consider Before Buying a Sewing Machine for Quilting Under $500
Credit: Angela Walters

Buying the best quilting machine under $500 is a pretty tough job. There are lots of quilting machines available on the market.

So, you should be aware of its features and quality. In those cases, you have to know some essential things about the quilter machine before buying. So, let’s start to read these important things.


There are a lot of models of industrial quilting machines, and it is pretty challenging to understand everything and make the right choice. To choose the right model, you should first understand the types of this specialized equipment. Quilting machines are-

  • Single-needle and Multi-needle (lockstitch and chain stitch)
  • Mechanical and Computerized
  • Thread and Threadless (ultrasonic).

However, quilting machines’ single-needle frame types are divided into mechanical and computerized. Such machines serve for stitching blankets, bedspreads, and furniture covers.

Single Needle

It is the simplest and most budgetary model of quilt machines for performing stitches using the lockstitch method.

The equipment is used for automatic quilting of duvets and bedspreads with filler. Suitable for all woven fabrics up to 1500 g/m2.

According to the principle of operation, single-needle quilting machines combine the functionality of lockstitch machines (similarities in the enlarged shuttle) and embroidery machines (similarities in frame movement).


The machines are designed for high-precision stitching of soft mattresses, as well as blankets and bedspreads, and other products made of woven materials, the density of which is up to 1500 g/m2.

Credit: Elektroteks

Unlike the single-needle one, the “multi-needle” mechanism is designed for sewing not pieces of fabric and filler but whole rolls, where up to 200 needles will perform the pattern simultaneously.

The multi-needle quilting equipment is ready for intensive, round-the-clock work. There are options for creating both a continuous and a “jumping” pattern. The computer controls working parameters, allowing you to get a perfect stitch, even on the thinnest and most delicate fabrics.

Mechanical Sewing and Quilting Machine

It’s an earlier version of a sewing machine. In mechanical quilted machines, special-shaped gears and various levers, wheels, and other mechanics are in charge of moving the needle and the fabric conveyor.

Due to technological limitations, mechanics-controlled machines cannot perform lines of complex shapes and are limited in functionality. You can handle it manually.

However, there are no noticeable difficulties but pretty tough to handle big projects.

Computerized Quilting and Sewing Machine

It’s a revolutionary sewing machine and an updated version of the electric sewing and quilted machine. It is a computer programmable. Technologically advanced and well-equipped.

In computer-controlled machines, the needle moves in relation to the fabric under the control of a microprocessor. This control setting takes away limits on the number of lines and line complexity.

In the end, it all comes down to how much memory and what kind of program the manufacturer installed in the model. Computer-controlled quilting machines are the only way to make eyelet buttonholes and beautiful decorative stitches.

Now let’s have a look at a few important technical issues. And you should ensure that these features and things exist in your sewing and quilting machine.

Needle Threader

This feature will allow sewing without keeping your eyes at a stretch at the needle. So, you get relief from eye strain. And you can sew so easily.
Speed Controller

It is one of the best features of a sewing and quilting machine. You can control the speed when needed by turning a dial. It’s a great thing for a novice.


A mechanical machine quilts 1-2 patterns according to a given copier, and a computerized machine quilts a pattern of any complexity. There are more than 200 of them in the memory of the machine. So choose the one that comes with more patterns.

Credit: SewCanShe

Built-in Stitch and Stitching Accuracy

The stitch of the product goes with threads, like on a quilting machine, with a shuttle stitch, which is very reliable and robust. A built-in stitch is the most useful feature for the user. It will enhance the work ideas and helps to sew lots of projects. It is a recommended feature by most users.

Moreover, the computerized quilting machine’s stitching accuracy is higher than other quilting machines.

Computerized quilting machines feature Japanese-made servo motors, and industrial computers control these motors. The stitching speed is also high, with 2000 stitches per minute. The machine makes 240 – 260 blankets in 8 hours of operation.

Free Arm and Backlight

These options are designed to make the sewing process easier. The free arm function, equipped with almost all modern quilter machines, allows you to sew cylinder-shaped clothing items: legs, socks, and sleeves.

It will help you sew problematic fabric parts, such as cuffs, sleeves, etc. So, it will be best if you have a sewing machine that is a free-arm design. In addition, the backlight will contribute to a better overview of the work area.

Sewing Table

A wide and convenient sewing table is so necessary for sewing and quilting. It will help you manage fabrics correctly. So you have to buy a sewing and quilting machine which has an advisable sewing surface.


When choosing a quilting machine, you need to pay attention to what products you plan to produce, in what volumes, and the design features of the quilting machine, considering financial capabilities.

The multi-needle quilting machine is used for quilting mattresses, clothes, and bedding from roll to roll, for materials that are not very thick and have a 15-20 mm thickness. These models are used for mass production of clothing, where the fabric is quilted first.

Consider the example of outerwear (insulated quilted jackets). 3- Materials are connected at once: jacket fabric, insulation, and lining fabric, and only then the finished product is cut and sewn. Multi-needle quilting machines are fast and expensive.

Ultrasonic quilting machines are widely used in textile enterprises. The machine’s feature is the stitch does not go with the help of threads but due to the welding of materials. High performance distinguishes the machine. The price is also relatively high.


It is one of the most significant things to buy a good quality machine. I would recommend you buy a heavy-duty and well-equipped sewing and quilting machine. You should not buy poor-quality items at low prices. And the truth is, the excellent quality will cost you a bit more.


What is the Difference Between a Regular Sewing Machine and a Quilting Machine?

A quilting machine is fundamentally the same as a sewing machine but has more add-ons and capabilities than a regular sewing machine. Moreover, it has a much larger working space than a regular sewing machine.

Do You Need a Special Sewing Machine to Quilt?

No, you don’t need any special machine for quilting. Using a regular sewing machine, you can do the quilting. There are 2-ways to do quilting with your regular sewing machine. You can do straight-line quilting by installing the walking foot on your sewing machine.

Also, you can make any design you want by installing the free-motion quilting foot on your sewing machine. Although straight-line quilting is simpler than free motion, both need some practice.

How Long Does It Take to Make a Quilt With a Sewing Machine?

A sewing machine usually takes 1-3 hours to make a 40″ x 45″ quilt. On the other hand, a sewing machine will take 3-5 hours to bind a 60″ x 70″ large throw quilt.

Why Do Quilts Cost So Much?

Quilts are costly due to the labor required to make them. They require evenly cut and sewn fabric pieces to form the shape. For quilting, the seamstress needs excellent expertise and skill to sew the piece together with batting, backing, and binding.

What is the Easiest Quilt Pattern for a Beginner?

A simple patchwork quilt is the easiest quilt to make as a beginner. A simple patchwork quilt is made by sewing fabric squares together in a grid pattern. Therefore, you can cut your fabric into squares or use precut “charm packs” or “layer cakes.” fabric bundles for the quilt.

What is the Best Quilt Pattern for a Beginner?

The nine-patch quilt block is the best quilting pattern for a beginner. It is also an easy pattern for a beginner to try. This pattern creates the quilts using precut strips. Overall, this quilt looks lovely and is incredibly easy to make as a beginner.

What is QAYG in Quilting?

QAYG stands for quilt-as-you-go. It is a simple method for joining quilted pieces by machine. You perform the quilting in tiny pieces, then unite the pieces or close the process at the end.

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Final Verdict

We hope that you will be benefited if you purchase one from the list of the best sewing machine for quilting under $500. We can assure you that you will get the right reward for your money. Since our sewing machines are very user-friendly, you will never feel bothered by using them.

On the other hand, all of our items have been made from heavy-duty metal, which is perfect for rough use as well, and last for a long time.

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