The 10 Best Sewing Machine Needles in 2024

Last Updated on December 31, 2023

Sewing is an art. You can show your creativity through the stitching, and you need many things for sewing. The sewing needle is the most critical tool. One kind of sewing needles are for hand sewing, and the other is for machine sewing.

Sewing Machine Needles

Our Top 3 Recommendations

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Product NamePriceOur Ratings
1. SINGER 4790 Sewing Machine Needle – WinnerCheck Details!4.7/5
2. Euro-Notions Universal Machine Needles – Runner UpCheck Details!4.5/5
3. SASEW8012 Sewing Machine Needles by Organ – 2nd Runner UpCheck Details!4.3/5

Review of The Best Sewing Machine Needles

The wrong needle will make your work difficult. There are different sized or type machine needle available in the market. Therefore, you should find out the right needle for you. We are providing you a suggestion about the best sewing machine needles in the market.

1. SINGER 4790 Universal Sewing Machine Needle

Best Sewing Machine Needles

Singer is one of the leading manufacturers of sewing machines and accessories. The company tries to satisfy its client with its quality product. This needle is one of the best quality needles for sewing machines. We put it on our list of best sewing machine needles due to its durability and performance.

This needle is also coated by nickel and the body made of steel. So, it is rust-resistant, and you can sew your several items with it. The pack comes with ten regular point needles to sew a variety of cloth. Different sizes of sewing machine needle are suitable for different kinds of fabrics.

Moreover, you can sew lighter and thicker fabrics if you want to. These needles come in with color-coded, so it is effortless to pick the right one for your sewing work. The orange needle is for lightweight fabric.

The blue needle size is 90/14 and for medium weight fabric. And, the purple one is 100/16 and for heavier fabrics like denim and cotton. You will get the sewing needles in a plastic case. And can be used in all sewing machines like Singer, Brother, Kenmore.

– Nickel-plated steel body
– Ten normal point needles
– Three different color-coded needles
– Last for longer than other product
– Best suited for most sewing machine
– The needle may break sometime

2. Euro-Notions Universal Machine Needles

Best Sewing Machine Needles

Euro- Notions distribute this machine needle, which is situated in Chicago, USA. This is a distribution company of various accessories of sewing. For over 40 years, It is importing SHCMETZ needles.

The SHCMETZ needles are a German company, which is established in 1851. Euro notion is working with Schmetz needles for over 30 years. The needles package is designed to protect from rubbing against each other.

You will get ten universal needles in a packet. Four pieces needle is 70/10 size – these are for maximum double layers of cotton fabric. The four pieces of the needle are 80/12, and these are for medium-range fabric.

Another two-piece size is 90/14 – these size needles for a thicker fabric. The needle’s shoulder is now color-coded. That’s why you can recognize your needle easily. They are firm and sturdy, also sharp and beginner-friendly. It can be used in every sewing machine.

– Three different sizes of product
– Very friendly for the beginner
– Strong enough
– Suitable for all sewing machines
– Last longer quality made in Germany
– Some client got broken needles
– May break during sewing

3. SASEW8012 Sewing Machine Needles by Organ


Organ Company is a leading needle manufacturer; it has created trust among their customer all over the world. The organ is manufacturing all kinds of sewing needles, electronic and precision parts. They are committed to giving the best quality product through their innovative idea.

This sewing machine needles one of the best affordable best sewing machines in the market. There are 100 needles in one packet. This needle made of pure steel and the color is silver. The size is 80/12 that is best for medium-range fabric. It will give you the best sewing experience.

You won’t be disappointed with it. This needle shank is flat, which is perfect for your machine. You can fit it to most of the sewing machines. The product is so affordable. So, every sewist can get this. And you can sew much fabric with these.

– 100 needles in one pack
– Best for medium-range fabric.
– Needle shank is flat.
– Comfortable to sew.
– Last longer than other
– The product eye is so small.

4. SINGER 04808 Regular Point Machine Needles


This is another quality product by Singer. The plastic package includes ten needles; these are three color-coded. So, you will not get confused to choose the right needle for your project. The orange needles size 80/10 to use in light fabric like Satin and Chiffon.

Blue color product size is 90/14 to use medium thick fabric. Moreover, the Purple color is 100/16 for heavyweight fabric like denim and cotton. You can see the color-coding after installing it.

This needle is made of titanium, which is stronger than steel. But still, it’s weight is too light. So, the product quality is excellent. It won’t break or bend and will make your work comfortable. Besides, it can hold multiple layers of fabric very easily.

You can experience smooth and hassle-free stitching. So, your work will be done faster than before. The needles will last four times longer than the other steel needles. Moreover, this is a universal product. Which means you can use it in all quality machines.

– Titanium needles
– Stronger and more robust than the other needles
– Color-coded needles
– Smooth and comfortable sewing
– Last four times longer than other sewing machine needles
– The hole in the needle may small for the thick threads
– Some customer claim missing needles from the packet

5. 50 Pieces Home Needles for Sewing Machine

Best Sewing Machine Needles

This needle is a great multiple fabric stitching tool manufactured by Organ Needles Company; 50 pieces come in five envelopes. The needle packet contains ten pieces organize by size, best for the home sewing machine. Many creative sewers all over the world want to show their sewing creativity.

This needle will help them a lot because this needle comes in a huge collection to the beginners who break needles to learn sewing. Therefore, this is also a top-rated product. It has taken place in the list of ten best sewing machine needles for its quality and performance.

Its packaging is very nice. The needles size is 65/9,75/11,90/14/,100/16,/100/18. So, you can use sew all kinds of fabric you have ever known. You can sew smoothly and efficiently. The needles are made of pure Japanese steel, more durable and sturdy.

It is suitable for all kinds of sewing machines in the market. Though it is an economical product, the quality is excellent. However, if you are a professional sewer, this product is not for you. Besides, it is one of the cheapest products in the market.

– It can be installed in every sewing machine.
– It’s a five several needles product
– Gives smooth and comfortable work experience
– Best Suited for all kind of fabrics
– The price is affordable
– Especially for beginners
– The needle eyes are so small

6. SINGER 4758 Sewing Machine Needles

Best Sewing Machine Needles

These needles are the heavy-duty product manufactured by Singer. The package comes with three pieces of the needle. You can easily identify each needle for its color-coding system, and these needles are a silver color.

The needle size is 100/18, which is very strong and sturdy. It comes in a plastic case. So, you can keep your needles organized. Machine Needles are designed for heavy-duty sewing on upholstery, denim, duck,  and canvas when using heavier threads.

Moreover, the needle is made of steel. That’s why it is a very strong and sturdy product. You can be used for fashion detailing or decorative topstitching with button-hold-twist or topstitching thread. It will make your sewing much more relaxed and comfortable.

These machine needles are universal, and you can use these with all kinds of quality sewing machines. This product is longer compare to other this kind of product. It’s not so expensive. So, every sewer can get this. The product is almost every country.

– Best quality.
– Designed for heavy-duty
– Size is color-coded with silver
– Strong sturdy
– The product price is affordable
– Some client claim about rust needle

7. Euro-Notions 1712Jean & Denim Machine Needles


Euro Notions is one of the best wholesale distributors in the USA. The company is popular among the sewers. The company newly launches these Denim machine needles. These needles size is 100/16. Also, the needles specially made to sew Jeans/ Denim.

The products come in a plastic case. It can also hold the product. So, you can keep the needle safe after using it. These needles made using pure German steel. Because of this, it is very tough and strong. Therefore, you can use it even thicker fabric. The needle will not break even the needle will not skip stitching.

Consequently, you will do your all heavier project with it. Also, it will not make you frustrated. The package contains five shiny silver needles; you can use this in all kinds of denim sewing machines. The needles might be used for artificial leather.

– Made of pure German steel
– Silver color needle
– Each plastic package come with five needles
– Specially built for denim fabric
– May not able to fit in every sewing machine

8. SINGER 04801 Heavy Duty Needles for Sewing Machine

SINGER 04801

The 0481 Universal heavy duty needle by Singer is slim, sturdy and suitable for professional projects. There are three sizes and color needles in the case. Two of them are 100/16 for denim fabric; another two of them are 110/18 for heavier cotton fabric. And, the last one is 90/14 for medium weight leather.

You will get comfortable and smooth work results from them. These needles are also color-coded. The blue color is for Denim, Brown is for cotton, and the red color needle is for lightweight leather.

So, you can easily recognize which needle you want. These heavy-duty needles are for all top-rated sewing machines, including  Brother, SINGER, and Kenmore brands.

– Come in a plastic case.
– Three sizes heavy-duty needles
– Color-coded needles
– Easy and comfortable sewing
– Suitable for all quality sewing machines
– Needles may break in sometime

9. Euro-Notions 1783 Jean & Denim Machine Needles

Best Sewing Machine Needles

Schmetz has been manufacturing the most beautiful needles since 1851. Their business has expanded every corner of the world. There are five needles in one package. And the Needles made using pure steel. These products are specially made for professional sewers.

You can sew all the hardest work with it. You will never feel frustrated with it. You can sew not only denim or other hard fabrics, but also artificial leather waxed cloths or vinyl can also be sewn using this needle easily.

These products size is 110/18. The point of the needle is so sharp that it can be worked on multiple layers of fabric. The quality of this needle is good enough. Schmetz denim machine needles are for denim and other heavier fabric.

It is also suitable for leather. The overall dimension of this super quality sewing machine needle is 3.7 x 2.7 x 0.1 inches. It is very much lightweight, weighs only 0.32 ounce.

– These products come in a plastic case
– Very sharp point
– For denim and heavier fabric
– Very much lightweight
– Can sew multiple fabrics
– These needles may not fit in the traditional Singer Machine.

10. SCHMETZ – 130/705 H – Sewing Machine Needles

Best Sewing Machine Needles

This is another special needle set by the SCHMETZ manufacturer. The product is top-rated in the house sewist. This needle is so much helpful for the beginner. It works great for lightweight sewing cloth.

Each of the boxes contains 100 needles. So, you can use a box for a long time without any tension. Besides, it will not cause any trouble in your sewing. The needle size is 80/12, and the colors of the needles are silver.

These needles system is 130/705H. It is special for microfibers, silk, polyester, artificial leather, etc. The shank of the needle is flat, and the needlepoint is very sharp. Therefore, You can sew your fabric smooth and comfortably.

The product comes in bulk packaging. SCHMETZ Universal needle is fixable for all household sewing machines. Although everything is suitable for this needle, its price is very high.

– Very good on lightweight fabric
– 100 needles in a single packet
– Very useful for the home sewers
– The needlepoint is so sharp
– For all household sewing machines
– Some client may get the wrong batch product
– The product is costly

What to Look Before Buying a Sewing Needles – Buying Guide

A sewing machine is a small tool for sewing. However, without this tool, you cannot sew your cloth or fabric. Therefore, the sewing needle is a vital tool. There are thousands of sewing needle in the market. It is too tough to find the sewing needle among them.

Best Sewing Machine Needles

If you buy the wrong size and types of the needle it will give, you stitch experience. Besides, you will be disappointed. You need to get some knowledge about Best sewing machine needles for quilting. There is some information below to guide you in choosing the right needles for sewing machine.

Fabric Type

You should choose your needles according to your fabric. There are many kinds of fabrics- silk, cotton, denim, leather. You cannot sew all these with one sewing needle. Different fabric demands different types and sizes of sewing needles:

Needle Size

The size of the needle is also very important. There are many sizes of a sewing machine needle in the market. Such as 80/12 size needle is for silk and lightweight fabric, on the other hand, 110/18 size needle is for denim and heavier fabric.

Needle System

You also have to know about the sewing needle system. You will see code like 130/705 H .This code means this needle is for the home sewing machine.

Needle Type

You will find three types of needles. They are universal needles, jersey needles, stretch needles. Universal needles are for all kinds of fabric. Therefore, you can sew all kinds of heavier fabric with these. Stretch needles used to sew lightweight fabric, and the Jersey needles made for knit fabric.


Thread type is also a factor for choosing sewing machine needles.

Needle Point

This vital part of the sewing needle. It helps to make a hole through your fabric. The point comes with many shapes, and the ballpoint shape is usually used for knit fabric. Setpoint is used for cotton fabric. Besides, Wedge point is for heavier fabric like denim and leather.


Best sewing machine needled usually buying a challenging task. You can find various types of needles in a craft store. But the quality product is not so available. Only a few are in the market. You have to select the best sewing machine needles from those which needles will give you a smooth and comfortable sewing feeling. With the above information, we have tried to notify with some quality sewing machine needles. We hope you will find the right best sewing machine needle for you.

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