Top 7 Best Swimwear Sewing Patterns in 2024

Last Updated on December 31, 2023

If You Are tired of spending a fortune on swimwear that doesn’t fit you perfectly, Do you want to create your own custom swimsuit that flatters your body type? Look no further than the Best Swimwear Sewing Patterns.

Creating your own swimwear is a rewarding and practical project. Sewing patterns provide a blueprint for creating a swimsuit that is both stylish and personal to you.

Best Swimwear Sewing Patterns

Top 7 Best Swimwear sewing patterns

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sewer, swimwear sewing patterns, offer a wide range of designs to suit your preferences. Here, we’ll explore the benefits of using swimwear sewing patterns and provide tips for selecting the right pattern for your skill level and body type. Get ready to make a splash with your unique and perfectly fitting swimsuit!

1. BUTTERICK PATTERNS B4526 Misses’ Swimsuit

BUTTERICK PATTERNS B4526 Swimwear Sewing Patterns

Get ready to make a splash with the BUTTERICK PATTERNS B4526 Misses’ Swimsuit and Wrap sewing pattern. This versatile pattern allows you to create your own stylish swimwear and matching wrap, perfect for your next beach getaway or poolside lounging.

Pattern Options

  • Lined one-piece swimsuit or two-piece swimsuit
  • Neckline variations, front darts for shaping, low back, and panty shield for added coverage
  • Cup size options: Size A, B, C, and D bra cups are available

Elastic Requirements

  • Swimsuits A and B: 2 3/4 yards of 1/4″ elastic
  • Swimsuit B: Additional 1 1/8 yards of 1″ elastic
  • Swimsuits C and D: 4 1/4 yards of 1/4″ elastic, 3/4 yards of 3/4″ elastic
  • Swimsuit D: Additional 1 1/8 yards of 1″ elastic

Fabric Recommendations

  • Two-way stretch knits (Nylon Spandex or Polyester Spandex) for swimsuit variations
  • Chiffon, gauze, and crepe de chine for wrap options
  • Avoid obvious diagonals in the fabric
  • Extra fabric needed for matching plaids or stripes
  • Consider nap yardages/layouts for pile, shaded, or one-way design fabrics

Size Range

  • Available in size range EE (14-16-18-20)
  • Multiple cup size options for customization


  • Suitable for both seasoned sewists and beginners
  • Offers an opportunity to create personalized and stylish swimwear
  • Enjoy the process of making your own swimwear ensemble with the BUTTERICK PATTERNS B4526 Misses’ Swimsuit and Wrap.

2. Butterick Patterns B5795

Butterick Patterns B5795 Swimwear Sewing Patterns

The swimsuit features various neckline variations, front darts for a flattering fit, a low back, and a panty shield for added comfort. Options A and B are designed to be worn without a bra, while options C and D cater to different bra cup sizes (A, B, C, and D). This ensures that you can achieve the right level of support and coverage based on your preferences and body shape.

Swimsuit Features

  • Various neckline variations
  • Front darts for a flattering fit
  • Low back
  • Panty shield for added comfort
  • Options A and B: Designed to be worn without a bra
  • Options C and D: Cater to different bra cup sizes (A, B, C, and D) for customized support and coverage

Essential Notions

Swimsuits A and B

  • 2 3/4 yards of 1/4″ elastic
  • Option B also requires 1 1/8 yards of 1″ elastic

Swimsuits C and D

  • 4 1/4 yards of 1/4″ elastic
  • 3/4 yards of 3/4″ elastic
  • Option D also requires 1 1/8 yards of 1″ elastic

Fabric Selection

  • Choose two-way stretch knits exclusively
  • Suitable options: Nylon and polyester spandex for stretch and durability
  • Experiment with chiffon, gauze, or crepe de chine for the wrap
  • Fabrics with obvious diagonals are unsuitable for this pattern
  • If working with plaids or stripes, allow extra fabric for pattern matching
  • Fabrics with naps have different yardage/layouts compared to fabrics without naps

Size Ranges

Misses’ Swimsuit and Wrap sewing pattern is available in two size ranges:

  • AA (6-8-10-12)
  • EE (14-16-18-20)
  • Choose the size range that best fits your body shape and size.

3. Vogue Patterns Misses’ Wrap-Top Bikini

Vogue Patterns Misses' Wrap-Top Bikini

Introducing the Vogue Patterns Casual Misses’ Wrap-Top Bikini, One-Piece Swimsuits, and Cover-Ups, a versatile swimwear sewing pattern that allows you to create stunning and stylish swimwear pieces. Designed for sizes 14-16-18-20-22, this pattern offers a range of options to suit your personal style.

Pattern Features

  • Wrap-top bikini, one-piece swimsuits, and a cover-up
  • Unique features and details for each design

Swimsuit Options

A) Wrap-top bikini

  • Shoulder straps extend into tie ends for elegance and adjustability
  • Self-lined for a comfortable and secure fit

B) Lined swimsuit

  • The front extends into back straps for a flattering look with a slightly dropped waist
  • Back tie ends for added flexibility and customization
  • Self-lined for a comfortable and secure fit

C) One-shoulder swimsuit

  • Asymmetrical and trendy look
  • Elasticized right side, bra component, and purchased decorative ring for sophistication
  • Self-lined for a comfortable and secure fit

D) Self-lined swimsuit

  • Self-lined for a comfortable and secure fit

E) Adjustable cover-up

  • Self-drawstrings on the sides for adjusting length and style
  • Neckband, front exposed zipper, and stitched hem
  • A fashionable and practical addition to beach attire

General Guidelines

  • All designs are close-fitting and cut on the crosswise grain
  • Elasticized for a flattering and comfortable fit
  • Two-way stretch knits recommended
  • Swimwear fabrics with 4-way stretch and swimwear lining for durability and support
  • Not suitable for obvious diagonals

4. McCall’s Patterns M7168 Misses’ Swimsuits

McCall's Patterns M7168 Swimwear Sewing Patterns

The McCall’s Patterns M7168 Misses’ Swimsuits Sewing Template is the perfect tool for creating your own stylish and well-fitting swimwear. This sewing pattern offers a range of options for creating close-fitting, lined swimsuits with elasticized bra tops and bottoms.

Pattern Features

  • The pattern allows for versatility and personalization.
  • Mix-and-match pattern pieces enable you to design your own unique swimsuit.
  • Designed for medium-weight two-way stretch knits for a comfortable and flexible fit.

Fabric Recommendations

  • Swimwear knits are recommended for the main fabric.
  • Swimwear lining is suggested for the lining.


  • Detailed instructions are provided for creating various swimsuit top and bottom styles.

Notions Needed

  • 3/8″ elastic
  • 2″ swimwear hook
  • Varying elastic lengths for different swimsuit parts (Note: The specific requirements for each style are included in the pattern.)

Size Ranges

  • Available in two size ranges: A5 (6-8-10-12-14) and E5 (14-16-18-20-22).
  • Choose the perfect size for a precise and flattering fit.

5. Simplicity US8513A Misses’ Long Sleeve

Simplicity US8513A Swimwear Sewing Patterns

Simplicity US8513A Misses’ Long Sleeve Bodysuit Sewing Pattern is the perfect choice for creating stylish and versatile swimwear. This sewing pattern kit includes sewing templates, pattern pieces, fabric recommendations, sizing advice, and thorough directions for constructing five distinct bodysuits.

Pattern Features

Designed specifically for women, offering a range of options to suit personal style.

Three neckline choices

  • Chic mock neck
  • Classic crew neckline
  • Daring deep V-neck

Different sleeve options

  • Mock neck bodysuit: Long sleeves or short sleeves with cold shoulders
  • Crew neckline: Elegant long bell sleeves
  • Deep V-neck bodysuit: Wrap or lace-up front for a sultry look


  • Available in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL.
  • Clear English and French sizing guides are included in the packet for easy size selection.

Fabric Suggestions

The pattern provides fabric suggestions to help you choose the most suitable materials for swimwear creations.

Since 1927, Simplicity has been a trusted name in sewing patterns, and this offering proudly continues that tradition. With its high-quality templates, pattern pieces, and comprehensive instructions, this sewing pattern ensures that your sewing experience is enjoyable and rewarding.

6. Simplicity 8139 1950’s Vintage Fashion Sewing Pattern

Simplicity 8139 1950's Vintage Fashion

Simplicity 8139 1950s Vintage Fashion Women’s Bathing Dress and Beach Coat Sewing Pattern, perfect for adding a touch of retro charm to your summer wardrobe. This delightful pattern includes everything you need to create your own stylish swimwear ensemble, featuring a bathing dress and beach coat.

Features of the Swimwear Sewing Pattern

  • Designed for women, the pattern offers sizes ranging from 6 to 14, ensuring a flattering fit for various body types.
  • The package includes sewing templates, comprehensive instructions, and sizing guides, making it suitable for both beginner and experienced sewists.
  • The bathing dress pattern features an elastic area for the legs, providing a comfortable and secure fit while swimming or lounging by the pool.
  • The beach coat pattern offers versatility, allowing you to choose between a self-belt or a contrasting lining for a personalized touch.

Benefits of the Vintage-inspired Swimwear Sewing Pattern

  • Recreate the elegance and sophistication of the 1950s with these delightful retro patterns.
  • Perfect for beach outings, pool parties, or simply soaking up the sun.
  • These timeless designs are sure to turn heads and make a statement.

7. McCall’s M7417 Swimsuits Sewing Pattern

McCall's M7417 Swimsuits Sewing Pattern

Introducing the McCall’s Swimsuits Sewing Pattern, available in sizes 8-22. This versatile pattern allows you to create stylish and comfortable swimwear for various sizes and body types.

Pattern Features

  • Various top options with neckbands, stitched hems, and sleeve and length variations
  • Customizable to suit personal style and preferences
  • Options include a classic scoop neck, trendy halter top, and more

Bottom Features

  • Elasticized and partially lined for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Contrast variations for adding color or pattern
  • Close-fitting design, cut on the crosswise grain for a flattering silhouette

Fabric Requirement

  • Designed for two-way stretch knits
  • Medium-weight swimwear knits recommended
  • Provides necessary stretch and support for swimwear construction
  • Durable, comfortable, and suitable for water use

Note: The pattern is specifically tailored for two-way stretch knits and medium-weight swimwear knits to ensure high-quality swimwear that meets performance requirements.

Bonus: How to Sew a Swimwear? A Step-by-Step Guide

Sewing your own swimwear can be a rewarding and empowering experience. This guide will help you through the process of sewing your own swimsuit, from fabric selection to basic construction techniques. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Fabric Selection

Choose a fabric with ample stretch, as swimwear patterns are designed with negative ease. Two-way stretch fabric is suitable for two-piece suits, while four-way stretch fabric works best for one-piece maillots and two-piece suits. Opt for swimwear fabric composed of man-made fibers like nylon, with around 10-20% Lycra or spandex for stretch.

Step 2: Notions

Swimwear elastic is essential for shaping and securing the garment. Look for cotton swimwear elastic, which withstands chlorinated and saltwater. Rubber elastic is an alternative, offering a lower profile and less bulk. Use polyester thread and ballpoint or jersey needles for sewing swimwear fabric. Foam cups designed for swimwear provide support and coverage.

Step 3: Cutting

Swimwear Fabric Cutting, slinky swimwear fabric, can be tricky. Cut single layers whenever possible to maintain control. Cut with the right side facing up to ensure proper print placement if using printed fabric. Consider using a rotary cutter and pattern weights for precision. Pay attention to the grainline and cut your pattern pieces accordingly.

Step 4: Construction Techniques – Seaming

Use a serger or a domestic sewing machine for construction—Serge the swimwear fabric right sides together with a 3/8 inch seam allowance. If using a sewing machine, use a wide, short zigzag or mock overlock stitch. Test your stitch on a scrap fabric and stretch it to ensure adequate strength and stretch.

Step 5: Construction Techniques – Basting

Basting may be required to join layers of fabric. Place the main fabric and lining fabric wrong sides together, clip them in place, and baste using a wide zigzag stitch.

Step 6: Construction Techniques – Elastic

Finish Elastic is typically used to finish the edges of swimwear. The sewn-and-turned method is commonly employed.

Attach the elastic to the wrong side of the raw edge, serge or zigzag overcast the elastic and fabric together, then turn the elastic to the wrong side and topstitch in place using a standard or three-step zigzag stitch. Stretch the fabric evenly as you sew.

Step 7: Construction Techniques – Elastic in a Seam

In some cases, elastic is added to a seam for extra support. Sew the seam using a serger or zigzag stitch, then attach the elastic to the seam allowance using a zigzag stitch, stretching evenly as you sew. Turn the unit right side out to admire your supportive seam.

Video – Swimwear Basics: Everything You Need to Know About Sewing Your Own Swimsuit

Dive into the World of Swimwear Sewing with Haley from Seamwork! Discover all the essentials you need to know about creating your own stylish swimsuits in this comprehensive video tutorial. From fabric selection to construction techniques, Haley shares her expertise and valuable tips for sewing swimwear that’s as fabulous as it is functional! Get ready to make a splash this summer!


In conclusion, making your own swimwear doesn’t have to be difficult. With these Swimwear sewing patterns for women, you can create a custom fit and style that suits your body type. Whether you prefer a more modest design or a daring look, there’s a pattern out there for you.

So grab your sewing machine and get started on your handmade swimwear journey today! Remember to share your favorite swimwear tips and tricks in the comments below.

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