The 10 Best Tailors Chalk in 2024 – (For Sewing & Fabric Marking)

Last Updated on January 24, 2024

Nowadays, most people involve themselves in doing challenging tasks, including sewing, tailoring, etc. Among these tasks, tailoring is widely popular, though. And it should be because it isn’t considered only as a job, but also as an art. In short, it is all about customizing fabrics that ensure the perfect fitting.

What Chalk Do Tailors Use?

Tailors typically use tailor’s chalk, which is a type of chalk designed explicitly for marking fabric. It comes in various colors, including white, yellow, and blue, and is easy to apply and remove from fabrics.

Some tailors also use soap or water-soluble markers to mark fabric, but tailor’s chalk is the industry’s most commonly used marking tool. It is important to use a marking tool that is easy to remove and does not leave any residue on the fabric, as it can affect the final product.

Best Tailors Chalk

When it is about providing the perfect fit, making accurate cuts and stitching becomes the priority for every tailor. If you are a tailor, dressmaker, or custom sewer, then you might know the importance of making perfectly aligned fabrics. And you don’t want anything that can ruin your job.

That’s why most professional tailors always try to use the best tool for completing their projects. From sewing needles to tailoring chalk, they go with the best. You should also follow their method; while choosing tailoring tools, especially chalks, make sure that you check every key factor before purchasing.

As you know, there are several brands and numerous tailoring chalks available in the market. Thus, to help you out, we have arranged a list of the best tailors chalk that may fulfill your requirements. Let’s check them.

Our Top Picks – Top 10 Best Tailors Chalk

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Product NameOur Ratings
1. Best Overall Tailors Chalk – Ogrmar 10Pcs Professional4.9/5
2. Best for Precise Markings – CLOVER 432/W Triangle Tailors Chalk4.7/5
3. Best for Multiple Colors – Tailors’ Soft Triangle Tailor Chalks4.5/5
4. Best for Dressmaker Chalk – Dimecrafts 3 pcs pkg Wax Tailors Chalk4.4/5
5. Best for Creating Sharp Lines – Colonial Tailor’s Chalk 4 Dozen Wax4.4/5
6. Best for Easy Removal – JDYYICZ 10 Pieces Pack Triangle Tailor’s Chalk4.3/5
7. Best for Making Patterns – Bias Bespoke 1 Box Colorful Royal Tailor’s Chalk4.2/5
8. Best for High-Performance – Tailors Chalk Dressmakers Chalk Sewing Chalk4.2/5
9. Best Square Shape Chalk – ROSENICE Tailors’ Chalk Dressmakers4.1/5
10. Best for that Won’t Stain – Vaorwne Professional Tailor’s Chalk4.0/5

1. Ogrmar 10PCS Professional Tailors Chalk

best tailors chalk
Ogrmar 10PCS Professional Tailors Chalk
Instrument FormChalk
Color4 Color
Age RangeAdult

The Ogmar is a reputed brand that produces high-quality tailor’s chalk. Like its other tailoring stuff, this Ogrmar Triangle Tailor’s Chalk comes with excellent features to notice.

The first fact to notice in this stuff is its shape. The chalk has a triangular shape that helps tailors a lot on the gripping aspect. It ensures easy fitting and enables tailors to mark on fabric easily.

For having this shape, users can draw thin lines on clothing comfortably. The Ogmar tailor’s chalks come in four different colors to meet the user’s needs. They are made out of compacted chalks that are similar to blackboard chalk.

Ogrmar 10PCS Professional

That’s why they are easy to wipe off as they get into powdery form while applying on fabrics. The Ogmar chalk comes in a set of 10 pieces; for that, users can use them for an extended period on various colored fabrics. Overall, it can be an ideal option for both professional tailors and home tailoring.

What We Like
– Easy to remove
– Suitable to mark on various fabric
– Allows thin marking
– High-quality
– Comes at a reasonable price
What We Don’t Like
– Can’t get removed using iron steam

2. CLOVER 432/W Triangle Tailors Chalk

CLOVER 432/W Triangle  Chalk
CLOVER 432/W Triangle Chalk
Writing Instrument FormClay, wax, and pigment
Color4 Colors available

The clover 432/W Triangle is fantastic sewing chalk that can help tailors to get their job done. It is made out of clay, wax, and pigment. As a result, the chalk is convenient to hold. Users need to spend a bit of time to get used to handling this stuff, though.

Once they learn to hold firmly, they can easily draw marks on fabrics. While marking, it is recommended that users shouldn’t press the chalk too hard because it may become difficult to remove.

CLOVER 432/W Triangle

Also, before applying it to fabrics, we recommend you test it on a piece of cloth. The clover 432/W offers four colors for various clothing.

You can choose either one or four colors as per your needs. In summary, this Clover tailor chalk allows you to make fine lines that are pretty easy to brush off.

What We Like
– Superior quality
– Suits various fabrics
– Ensures comfortable gripping
– Easy to mark
– Affordable price
What We Don’t Like
– Some users get it broken when the shipment arrives

3. Tailors’ Soft Triangle Tailor Chalks

Tailors’ Soft Triangle Chalks
Tailors’ Soft Triangle Chalks
BrandTailors’ Soft
Educational ObjectiveFine motor skills

Tailor’s soft is a renowned brand for making excellent tailoring stuff. So, undoubtedly, its tailor chalk won’t disappoint the users. It comes in a set of 10 pieces.

All chalks have triangle shapes. For that, each of them fits comfortably on the index and thumb fingers. This dressmaker chalk set contains four colors: three white, three yellow, two blue, and two orange chalks.

dressmaker chalk set

They enable users to use them on various colored fabrics. The primary feature of these chalks is it is easy to remove. They get into powdery form as soon as you apply them to fabrics.

These chalks are pretty durable as they are made out of high-quality chalk materials. In a nutshell, this chalk set can be an ideal option for tailoring, sewing, quilting, crafting, notions, fabric marking, etc.

What We Like
– Durable
– Excellent quality
– Allows to mark thin lines
– Ensures easy removal
– Good value for the price
What We Don’t Like
– It requires a bit of pressure to mark on fabrics

4. Dimecrafts 3 pcs pkg Wax Tailors Chalk

Dimecrafts 3 pcs pkg Wax Tailors Chalk
Dimecrafts 3 pcs pkg Wax Chalk
Instrument FormChalk
MaterialFine natural waxes

The Dimecrafts 3pcs pkg wax tailor’s chalk is famous worldwide for its quality. As it comes with fantastic features, many professional tailors have rated it as the best tailors chalk. So, let’s check out what it has to offer.

It comes in a package of 3 chalks. All have different colors; You will get one white, one yellow, and one red color chalks. They allow you to mark on garments easily. The significant feature regarding these dressmakers’ chalks is tested and approved by professional tailors.

pkg Wax

So, you don’t have to agonize anymore about cracks or other chalk-relevant issues. The 3pcs pkg will provide you with a blend of fine natural waxes. Another remarkable feature of this stuff is it is easy to remove.

You can easily remove the marks from your fabrics either by washing or brushing them off. Only the white chalk will require hot iron steam to get removed. Overall, it is a set of high-quality chalks that you may use for your tailoring tasks.

What We Like
– Suitable for garments
– Available in three colors
– Ensures optimal fitting on fingers
– Gets removed easily
– Fairly priced
What We Don’t Like
– Not for those who are looking for triangle chalks

5. Colonial Tailor’s Chalk 4 Dozen Wax

best tailors chalk
Colonial Tailor’s Chalk 4 Dozen Wax
Closure TypePull On
Sleeve TypeLong Sleeve
Disappears with ironYes

If you are inquiring about the finest-quality crayons, then you may check out the Colonial 4 Dozen Wax Tailor’s Chalk’s features. It comes with four dozen of crayons, which is mentioned in its name. That means you will get 48 pieces of high-quality chalks that can help you out with your tailoring tasks.

All these crayons are made out of whitening powder. As a result, they ensure excellent tensile strength. Not only that, but it is also highly resistant to melting. As the crayon features superb edge retention, it can be drawn on fabrics.

Besides drawing easily, users can remove the marks conveniently, as well. Users need to use iron steam to remove the marks from the cloth. In summary, it is a perfect blend of the natural waxes that you may use.

What We Like
– Excellent quality
– Easy to use
– Can resist melting
– Ideal for both newbie and professional
– Affordable price
What We Don’t Like
– No color variation

6. JDYYICZ 10 Pieces Pack Triangle Tailor’s Chalk

JDYYICZ 10 Pieces Pack Triangle Tailor’s Chalk
JDYYICZ 10 Pieces Pack Triangle Tailor’s Chalk
Instrument FormChalk
Color4 colors
Wash out of fabric with water?Yes

Now, you can choose different colored chalks and use them on fabrics easily with the help of this set of 10 pieces of chalks. Within this set of chalks, you will get two blue, two red, three white, and three yellow chalks.

For that, you can apply different colored marks on various clothes. All these chalks are made from powdery materials, so they are easy to remove. They ensure optimal fitting between the index and thumb fingers as they come in a triangle shape.

JDYYICZ 10 Pieces Pack Triangle Tailor’s Chalk

That’s why most professional tailors use these chalks to draw thin lines on fabrics. The only drawback of these chalks is, that users need to put a bit of effort while marking. In a nutshell, this set will cost you less and provide you with high performance.

What We Like
– Suitable for various clothing
– Easy to wash off
– Comes in a triangle shape
– Ideal for professional usage
– Less expensive
What We Don’t Like
– It requires a bit of effort to get marked on fabrics

7. Bias Bespoke 1 Box Colorful Royal Tailor’s Chalk

Bias Bespoke 1 Box Colorful Royal Tailor’s Chalk
Bias Bespoke 1 Box Colorful Royal Chalk
BrandBias Bespoke
Ink ColorBlue
Unit Count4.0 Count

Professional tailors who want to make patterns on fabrics, they can use these hard clay chalks. They are elegant quality chalks. They come in a box organized. In this box, users will get 10- pieces of chalks.

All of them are manufactured from high-quality materials. They come in four different colors; users will get 3 White, 3 Yellow, 2 Orange, and 2 Blue chalks in this box. They work well with almost all kinds of fabrics. The manufacturer of these sewing chalks has designed them in triangle shapes.

Bias Bespoke 1 Box Colorful Royal Tailor’s Chalk

For that, they ensure optimum fitting in fingers and allow users to draw lines as per their needs. These royal tailor’s chalks are pretty lightweight and durable. In summary, they can be ideal tailoring stuff that you may use for your next project.

What We Like
– Durable
– Superior quality
– Offers four colors
– Easy to remove
– Fairly priced
What We Don’t Like
– The large size can be an issue to some users

8. Tailors Chalk Dressmakers Chalk Sewing Chalk

Tailors Chalk Dressmakers Sewing Chalk
Tailors Chalk Dressmakers Sewing Chalk
BrandTailors Chalk
Color3 Color

It is a set of high-quality chalks which dressmakers around the world like to use. The set contains three chalks, and each of these chalks comes in a different color. That means you will get one red, one white, and one blue color chalks in this package.

You can use these best fabric chalk in various fabrics. As they are clay-based chalks, you can conveniently apply them to clothes. The significant feature of these chalks is that each of them has a triangle shape. As a result, you can firmly hold them with your fingers.

Tailors Chalk Dressmakers Sewing Chalk

Besides, you can easily draw thin marks, as well. In a nutshell, they have all the essential features that every ideal chalk should contain. All these chalks come in a plastic box so that they won’t get broken during shipment.

What We Like
– Ensures optimal fitting
– Easy to remove
– Comes in a plastic box
– Durable and comfortable
– Comes at a reasonable price
What We Don’t Like
– Not ideal for those who are looking square shape chalks

9. ROSENICE Tailors’ Chalk Dressmakers

ROSENICE Tailors’ Chalk
ROSENICE Tailors’ Chalk
ColorMulti (‎As Shown)
Unit Count 10 pieces

The Rosenice tailor’s chalks are widely known for their features. The company never considers anything that can downgrade its staff. That’s why its chalk is reputed, and many professional tailors have rated it as the best tailors chalk.

It is a set of 10 pieces of tailors’ chalks. These chalks have four colors, including three red, three blue, two yellow, and two white. Each of them has a square shape; for that, they ensure optimum fitting. These chalks are made out of premium material.

For having such materials, these dressmaker chalks offer users the to mark crisp sewing lines on the fabric. Besides being easily applicable, they are easy to remove, as well. Users can easily wash these marks off fabrics. Overall, with the help of these chalks, tailors can mark more precise lines on various fabrics.

What We Like
– Ideal for professional tailoring
– Allows drawing thin lines
– Easy to apply
– Made of premium materials
– Affordable price
What We Don’t Like
– It May get broken if put a bit of pressure

10. Vaorwne Professional Tailor’S Chalk

Vaorwne Professional Tailor'S Chalk
Vaorwne Professional Tailor’S Chalk
Unit Count10 pieces

Vaorwne is a trusted and reputed brand that produces excellent tailor’s stuff. Like its other products, the Vaorwne Professional Tailor’S Chalk also comes with fantastic features to notice. So, let’s check out:

It is a set of 10 pieces of chalks. The set offers three yellow, three white, two blue, and two red color chalks. All chalks have a three-corner shape; as a result, they offer easy gripping. Users can use this three-angle shape to draw marks on clothes with superior precision.

Their design makes them convenient to hold and draw marks. The most significant feature of these chalks is that they won’t stain as they are made of high-quality materials. In summary, they can be suitable for professional tailors and home tailoring.

What We Like
– Suitable for home tailoring
– Comes with ten pieces
– Offers different colors to choose
– Superior quality
– Good value for the price
What We Don’t Like
– Users need to put a bit of effort into applying it on fabrics

How to Choose a Good Tailors Chalk – (Buying Guide)

Generally, tailor chalks tend to be similar, but there are some factors between them that aren’t identical to each other. Thus you should consider these facts before purchasing the best tailors chalk.

1. Quantity

Before picking one, you need to consider the number of chalk pieces that you will use for your project. In this case, you should go with the set, which contains more chalks than the traditional package.

However, you should check the price of the set, as well. If it is costly, then you should try to buy multiple smaller sets.

2. Chalk Color

Color is another essential factor to notice before purchasing. As you know, each chalk comes in a different color. Therefore, if you have more than one set, you can use various colors on different fabrics.

But you need to remember that no matter how many sets you buy, your chalks should ensure visible marking. In short, you need to choose chalk colors depending on the fabric type.

3. Shape

The third factor to notice before buying is the shape of the chalks. Usually, tailor chalks come in triangular and square shapes. Triangle-shaped chalks have some benefits, though.

They are convenient to hold as they comfortably fit between the index and thumb fingers. As a result, users can make an exact marking on clothes.

On the contrary, square shape chalks tend to be bigger than triangular chalks. One piece of square chalk contains more chalk materials, and it ensures longevity. But these kinds of chalks aren’t easy to hold if you compare them with triangular-shaped chalks.

The most significant feature of the square shape is it is thinner and ensures easy drawing of thin lines on fabrics. These chalks are easy to remove, as well.

4. Material

While looking for tailor chalks, make sure you check its materials correctly. You will find two types of tailor chalks in terms of elements in the market. Such one kind is made of hard clay or chalk, and others are comprised of wax.

Clay chalks are easy to remove as they create a powdery line. But there is a drawback to this benefit as well. The marking can be disappeared when you toss and turn the cloth. That’s why some people choose wax-based chalks, as they ensure semi-permanent marking.

They can be removed by using hot iron steam, though. We recommend you to use wax tailors chalks if you are working with light fabrics. Otherwise, you can use clay chalk.

5. Packaging

The packaging part is also as essential as the other factors in choosing tailors chalks. Most people avoid this while buying chalk online. As a result, mostly, they get broken chalks since the packaging isn’t good enough.

Thus, we recommend you check thoroughly how your shipment will arrive. In case you want to purchase from the local market, make sure that you use plastic containers or carton boxes for storing purposes. In this way, you can protect your tailor chalks from breaking into pieces.

How to Get Rid of Tailors Chalk Mark?

The need for tailor’s chalk marking no longer exists when the final garments have already been prepared. Therefore, sewer needs to remove the markings of tailor’s chalk from fabrics after finishing their sewing project.

Here’re some remedies that effectively remove tailor’s chalk from cloth.

  • 1. Take a toothbrush, and genteelly rugged it over chalk marking
  • 2. Use a fabric eraser
  • 3. Apply vinegar mixture (vinegar and water) to the chalk
  • 4. Use stain remover or carpet cleaner


When to Use Tailor’s Chalk?

Tailoring cloth consists of several operations, in which every little thing is crucial. The appearance of the final garments depends on them. One of these details is a tailor’s chalk.

Although many beginners try to work with a white pencil, this is not very convenient, since the end should be as pointed and oblong as possible. These parameters correspond precisely to the tailor’s chalk. It allows you to apply fine neat lines, which are essential when cutting fabrics

What is Tailor’s Chalk Made of?

The tailor’s chalk has the following components:
1. 2-Methoxy Naphthalene
2. Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate
3. Calcium Stearate
4. Stearic acid
5. Camphor
6. And other assistants.

How Do You Keep Tailors Chalk Sharp?

To keep the tailor’s chalk sharp, use a small piece of sandpaper or an emery board to gently sharpen the edge. Hold the chalk at a slight angle and rub it against the sandpaper or emery board until the edge is sharp.
Be careful not to apply too much pressure, or you may break the chalk. Another option is to use a pencil sharpener, which may not work well for larger pieces of chalk. Additionally, make sure to store your chalk in a dry and cool place to prevent it from becoming too soft or brittle.

Credit: Salmandraverde arts & crafts, Sewing tools: CHALKS and MARKERS

Final Verdict

Whether you draw the pattern or mark thin lines on your fabrics, the output of your work will depend on the type of your clothes. That means what kinds of chalks you use mostly depends on the fabric that you are working with.

Although almost all tailor chalks may look the same, they are different in terms of materials and functions. Thus, we recommend you test the best tailors chalk on a scrap piece before using it on your project.

In this way, you can ensure easy marking and can keep going forward with your project without face up with any hassle. However, we hope that you find this article informative, and you can choose the best one according to your needs.

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