Blanket Ladder Decorating Ideas – How to Style

Last Updated on January 6, 2024

Blanket ladders have become a versatile and stylish addition to home decor, offering a practical solution for keeping throws, quilts, and towels organized while also serving as a charming display piece. Here, we’ll explore the concept of blanket ladders, their evolving designs, and various creative ways to incorporate them into your home.

Blanket Ladder Decorating


  • Blanket ladders are not just for farmhouse vibes; they fit any style, providing a chic blanket and towel organization solution.
  • Put your ladder in unexpected spots, like corners, for a pop of color without overcrowding.
  • From living rooms to bathrooms, blanket ladders are functional and add a cozy touch.
  • Easily switch out blankets for a seasonal flair, bringing festive vibes to your home.
  • Wrap rungs with towels or sew covers to protect quilts, and build with a 45-degree angle for a tidy look and safety.

What is a Blanket Ladder?

A blanket ladder is a functional, decorative wooden structure with rungs that hold blankets, quilts, or towels. Typically made from solid wood-like fir, these ladders often feature visible wood grain, adding a touch of rustic appeal to any space. Around six rungs provide ample space for organizing and displaying your favorite textiles.

Are Blanket Ladders Still a Trend?

While blanket ladders were once associated primarily with farmhouse decor, they have evolved to fit a variety of design styles. Modern twists on traditional designs make blanket ladders suitable for rustic, modern, or even industrial-themed interiors. Their versatility and functionality contribute to their enduring popularity.

Blanket Ladder Decorating Ideas

Blanket Ladder Decorating Ideas

Blanket ladders are practical and stylish, fitting different home styles. Put them in unique spots like between a window and doorway for a pop of color. Use them to keep throws handy, display quilts, store towels, or add seasonal decor. Consider the rung angle for a neat look and safety.

Finding the Right Spot – Where to Use a Blanket Ladder

Selecting the ideal location for your quilt ladder is crucial. In their living room, they placed it in a corner between a window and a doorway, utilizing a space that might not accommodate traditional furniture.

This clever placement adds color and texture to the room without overwhelming it. Consider similar unconventional spaces in your home to make a striking visual impact.

A blanket ladder can be used in various spaces throughout your home, including the living room to keep throws accessible for guests, the bedroom to organize and display quilts, the bathroom for towel storage in limited spaces, and as a versatile seasonal decoration that adds warmth and texture to any room.

Living Room

  • Guest-ready Throws: Keep extra throws draped on the blanket ladder for quick access during gatherings.
  • Decorative Element: Enhance your living space with a cozy and visually appealing blanket ladder, adding warmth and texture.


  • Organized Quilts: Display your quilts in an organized and accessible manner, turning the ladder into a functional and aesthetic focal point.
  • Cozy Blankets: Elevate the ambiance of your bedroom by showcasing your favorite cozy blankets in a neatly folded arrangement.


  • Space-Saving Towel Storage: Utilize the ladder in small bathrooms as a stylish alternative for storing towels, maximizing space without sacrificing style.
  • Dual Functionality: Combine practicality and aesthetics using the ladder to hold functional and decorative towels.

Seasonal Decoration

  • Rotating Textiles: Transform your blanket ladder into a dynamic seasonal decor piece by swapping out blankets or throws based on the time of year.
  • Festive Touch: Infuse festive spirit by incorporating seasonal colors and patterns into your holiday ladder display.

Quilt Ladders as Artistic Displays

  • Quilt ladders are an elegant way to showcase your quilts, adding color and texture to any room.
  • Choose a strategic location, such as a corner between a window and doorway, to fill space effectively without overwhelming the area with furniture.

Protecting Your Quilt Ladder

Wooden rungs, especially untreated ones, can potentially stain or bleed onto your quilts. Protect your textiles by using simple methods like wrapping a white cotton hand towel around the rungs or sewing a fitted cloth cover with ties.

Angle Matters

When building or assembling your blanket ladder, consider the angle of the rungs. A 45-degree angle ensures that blankets or quilts can be tucked neatly under the ladder while also serving as a safety feature, especially if you have little ones around.


Blanket ladders have evolved from simple storage solutions to key home decor elements. With the right placement, texture, and attention to detail, these ladders can elevate the overall aesthetic of your living spaces.

So, embrace the trend, experiment with different styles, and turn your blanket ladder into a functional and stylish focal point in your home.

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