Brother MZ53 Sewing Machine Review

Last Updated on September 11, 2023

Welcome back to TheSewingStuffs! Today, we’re diving into a comprehensive review of the Brother MZ53 sewing machine. If you’ve just unboxed this mechanical wonder, stick around as we explore everything this machine has to offer.

Brother MZ53 Sewing Machine Review

Brother MZ53 Sewing Machine Review

Later on, we’ll also guide you through loading the bobbin and threading the upper part of the machine, so you can get started on your sewing journey.

What’s in the Box?

 Let’s start with what you’ll find in the Brother MZ53 sewing machine package:

  • Foot pedal and electric cord.
  • Dust cover to protect your machine when not in use.
  • Instructional DVD and an instruction booklet.
  • Various warning papers and a list of included parts.
  • A decorative faceplate for personalization.
  • Three extra bobbins (plus one already in the bobbin compartment).
  • An extra spool holder for twin needle use.
  • A finger guard for added safety.
  • A darning plate cover for feed dog cover-up.
  • A button foot for sewing buttons.
  • A zipper foot for precise stitching near edges.
  • A screwdriver for handling machine screws.
  • An edge joining foot for sewing two pieces side by side.
  • A blind stitch hem foot for inconspicuous hems.
  • A narrow hemmer foot for creating delicate narrow hems.
  • A buttonhole foot with adjustable button placement.
  • A package of extra needles for the machine.
  • A unique twin needle with offset needles (explained later).

Winding the Bobbin

Winding the Bobbin

 Let’s get started by winding a bobbin:

  • Ensure your machine is unplugged and the presser foot is up.
  • Remove any existing bobbin from the machine.
  • Place your chosen thread on the spool pin, ensuring it unwinds from the back.
  • Thread the thread through the designated guides.
  • Insert the thread end through the bobbin’s hole.
  • Snap the bobbin onto the bobbin winding spool.
  • Start the bobbin winding process, trimming any excess thread when needed.
  • The bobbin will stop automatically when it’s full. Cut the thread and remove the bobbin.

Loading the Bobbin

Loading the Bobbin - Brother MZ53 Sewing Machine Review

Now, let’s load the bobbin into the machine:

  • Open the bobbin compartment and insert the bobbin with the thread coming over the top.
  • Ensure the thread is properly placed in the tension notch.
  • Guide the thread through the channel, letting it hang out slightly.
  • Close the bobbin compartment, and you’re ready to go.

Threading the Upper Part

Threading the Upper Part

Here’s how to thread the upper part of the machine:

  • Place your thread on the spool pin, unwinding from the back.
  • Follow the thread path, making sure the presser foot is up.
  • Thread the needle, ensuring the needle is in the uppermost position.
  • Use the automatic needle threader if desired.

Pulling Up the Bobbin Thread

Pulling Up the Bobbin Thread

For added convenience, consider pulling up the bobbin thread:

  • Hold the upper thread taut.
  • Turn the handwheel towards yourself, and the bobbin thread will pop up.
  • Grab the bobbin thread and pull it up, securing both threads.

You can start your sewing projects with your Brother MZ53 sewing machine threaded and ready to go. Stay connected for our next sewing machine review, where we’ll delve into other sewing machine for various stitches and guide you through your stitches on fabric.  


This Brother MZ53 sewing machine offers a comprehensive set of features, making it an ideal choice for beginners and sewing enthusiasts alike. With its array of accessories and user-friendly design, it’s a versatile machine that can handle a wide range of sewing projects.

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