Brother PQ1500SL Quilting and Sewing Machine (Review)

Last Updated on December 15, 2022

Brother PQ1500SL Quilting and Sewing Machine Review: Brother originally specialized in repairing sewing machines. However, later, in 1932, the manufacturer began to develop and produce various types of sewing machines.

In this year, this company is transnational and famous for the release of high-quality sewing equipment with a large number of functions, rich equipment and a price corresponding to quality.

Brother PQ1500SL

To compile a rating of 12 models of sewing machines manufactured by the Japanese company Brother, an analysis was made of the statistics of their purchases.

The official test results of the equipment, its technical characteristics, expert opinions and customer reviews were also taken into account.

Brother PQ1500SL Quilting and Sewing Machine

Are you searching for a high-speed sewing machine for quilting? Here it is no need for any search further. This quilting machine produces very quick stitches. It can sew about 1500 stitches per minute, but the computer can do only straight stitches.

It has a push-button thread cutter. You can start the thread by just a single push. That saves you time, and you can work without losing the sewing quality. The built-in needle threader saves you time and makes threading very simple.

Brother PQ1500SL Quilting and Sewing Machine

This sewing stuff features an adjustable pin feed mechanism. The mechanism allows you to interchange the feed dogs for a single pin. It can help you much to do your large projects without any feed dog marks on it.

You will get complete control over fabric due to its four feed dog settings. The machine also contains a bed extension table that will provide you ample working space. Built-in LEDs of this machine will cover the whole working surface bright enough. It is a very durable and speedy machine for quilting.


  • Can deal with multi-layer fabrics
  • Plenty features
  • Free motion quilting
  • Extra space for a larger project
  • Durable and compact


  • A bit heavy
  • Adjustment is hard

How to Choose a Brother Sewing Machine in Terms of Price Quality Ratio?

When choosing a brother sewing machine from the Japanese manufacturer Brother, the buyer needs to pay attention to the following equipment parameters :

1.   Device type

Depending on the principle of operation, Brother sewing machines are produced in three types:

  • Electromechanical Models: They are ideal for beginners due to the presence of a programmed adviser that will allow you to set the optimal sewing mode. Also, the functions of sewing on buttons, automatic thread trimming, performing standard and decorative seams will facilitate operations. Adjusting the speed of work and the stroke and needles of such models is smooth.
  • Electronic (computerized) devices: They are programmed from 40 to 150 types of lines. You can control the sewing process using the LCD display, which displays information using the Latin alphabet. Computerized models are able to work with absolutely all types of fabrics. Also, such equipment is equipped with some very useful functions: automatic basting and threading, processing of narrow parts of clothing thanks to a removable sleeve in the body, various types of legs for adjusting the thickness of the fabric, sewing on buttons and fasteners, stitching with double needles, reverse stitching.
  • Highly specialized devices: These include embroidery machines, quilting machines, cover stitch serger, etc.

2. Number of operations

For home sewing and repair, a sewing machine with a number of operations from 10 to 40 is sufficient. When using equipment for sewing clothes for sale, a more powerful device will be required.

3. Type of processed material 

Suppose the machine is purchased for stitching thick materials or processing fabrics in several layers. In that case, it is recommended to purchase a model with an adjustable foot and an electronic needle piercing force stabilizer.

4. Power consumption of the device 

Machines for home use should have a power of 45 to 80 watts.

5. Manufacturing material

The body of the sewing machine must be made of stainless steel or impact-resistant plastic. In this case, the device will last a long time. Internal mechanisms should ideally be metal, as they have a very long service life and do not wear out under the influence of mechanical friction, unlike plastic ones.

6. Line speed

For domestic use, a sewing speed of 750-1000 stitches per minute (sti/min) will suffice. Professional sewing will require a higher speed of over 1000 sti/min.

7. Shuttle type

They are horizontal and vertical. The first will contribute to a more comfortable process of threading the bobbin and prevent the lower thread’s tangling. The second – coordinates the tension of the thread.

8. Complete set

Models of Brother machines produced in 2022 have a fairly rich package, including various presser feet, a needle threader, a set of standard needles, twin needles, bobbins, scissors, a screwdriver, and a special compartment for storing sewing accessories. In addition, some models include devices for embroidery, creating ruffles, making decorative stitches, quilting, and edging.

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