Brother PR1050X Review

The Brother PR1050X is a highly versatile and feature-rich multi-needle embroidery machine that offers an array of advanced functionalities. Today, we will explore each of its standout features and their benefits.

Brother PR1050X
Image Source: Brother, Canva

Brother PR1050X Review

Here in this review, we will delve into the versatility and remarkable features of the PR1050X. With its advanced capabilities, this machine proves to be a game-changer in the world of embroidery.

My Design Center Demo

The standout feature of the Brother PR1050X is undoubtedly the My Design Center Demo, enabling users to perform digitizing directly on the screen or by utilizing the scanning hoop included with the machine.

This allows creative minds to turn images and photographs into captivating embroidery designs. This easy-to-use functionality eliminates the need for third-party software, making the design process more seamless and efficient.

Density Sizing

The PR1050X takes embroidery design resizing to a whole new level with its Density Sizing feature. While conventional flatbed machines might limit resizing options to a mere 20%, this machine offers extensive flexibility.

By pressing the Density Sizing button, users can resize their designs to their desired dimensions, whether doubling the size or reducing it by half. The machine automatically adjusts the stitch count to maintain design integrity, resulting in impressive outcomes.

Versatile Clamp Hoops

Brother PR1050X’s cylinder arm and its array of clamp hoops open up exciting opportunities for embroidering on unconventional items. Carissa demonstrates hooping various objects, including a bag and a tablet cover. The grips on the clamp hoops ensure secure positioning, allowing for stable and accurate embroidery on diverse fabrics and materials.

Easy Hoop Changes and Bobbin Access

Swapping clamp hoops on the PR1050X is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. Changing hoop sizes requires minimal effort, enabling quick transitions between projects. Moreover, accessing the bobbin while working on the machine is simple, ensuring uninterrupted embroidery and boosting productivity.

Live Camera View

An impressive feature of the PR1050X is its Live Camera View, which allows users to see their project through the lens of the machine’s camera.

This functionality aids in the precise placement of designs and ensures that embroidery aligns flawlessly with the target area. The Live Camera View feature is valuable for avoiding errors and achieving professional results.

Video: Brother PR1050X


In summary, the Brother PR1050X is a feature-rich multi-needle embroidery machine that caters to both beginners and experienced embroiderers. Its innovative My Design Center Demo, Density Sizing, and Live Camera View features offer unparalleled creative possibilities.

My Design Center DemoDigitize designs on the machine’s touch screen or use scanning hoop to turn images into embroidery designs
Density SizingResize designs to desired dimensions with automatic stitch adjustment for stitch integrity
Versatile Clamp HoopsCylinder arm with grippy tape clamp hoops for embroidering on unconventional items and challenging fabrics
Easy Hoop ChangesQuick and effortless hoop changes for different embroidery projects
Bobbin AccessEasy access to the bobbin during embroidery, minimizing downtime
Live Camera ViewReal-time monitoring of the embroidery area for precise design placement and alignment

So, the machine’s user-friendly interface, versatile clamp hoops, and easy hoop changes make it a valuable addition to any embroidery enthusiast or professional’s toolkit.  

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