Brother vs. Babylock – Which One is Better?

Last Updated on June 22, 2023

Discover Brother vs. Babylock differences: Both Brother and Babylock are well-known brands in the sewing industry, each with its own unique features and benefits. Understanding the differences between these two popular brands is critical to make an informed decision.

Choosing a new sewing machine can be overwhelming, especially when deciding between two market-leading brands like, Brother and Babylock. Both companies have many years of experience in the sewing machine market and provide excellent quality products.

Brother vs. Babylock Sewing Machines Differences

Brother and Babylock are formidable brands in the sewing machine industry, each with its own strengths and specialties.  

Brother vs. Babylock

Here, we will delve into the similarities and differences between Brother and Babylock sewing machines, helping you make an informed decision.

History of Brother and Babylock

Brother International Corporation , founded in Japan in 1980, has a longstanding presence in the sewing machine industry. Originally known as the Yasby Sewing Machine Company, they started as a repair company before venturing into manufacturing in 1932.

On the other hand, Babylock is a relatively newer brand that emerged in the mid to late 1960s. Babylock focused on creating home-friendly versions of industrial overlockers or sergers, making them more accessible to sewing enthusiasts.

Is BabyLock the same as Brother?

Both Brother and Babylock are renowned sewing machine manufacturers with unique strengths. Brother excels in computerized embroidery, while Babylock has established itself as a leader in inspirational sergers.

Interestingly, Babylock sewing machines are manufactured by Brother, utilizing Babylock’s specifications.  

Brother vs. Babylock Similarities and Differences

Now, we’ll compare Brother and Babylock sewing machines and help you determine which one is the best fit for your sewing needs.

Ease of Use

Both Brother and Babylock machines share a similar style, making them nearly indistinguishable in terms of functionality. While both brands offer high-end models, they also cater to beginners with user-friendly options.

Functions and Features

Since Brother produces many Babylock machines, the functions and features are practically identical. Although branding and color schemes may differ, the core functionality remains the same. Minor variations in bed size exist but do not significantly impact the overall machine performance.

Customer Service

Brother machines are widely available for purchase, ranging from online platforms like Amazon to retail box stores and dealerships. However, the level of customer support may differ depending on the purchase location.

Dealerships generally provide more comprehensive support compared to online or box store purchases.


Babylock is renowned for its high-quality and meticulously crafted machines with a higher price tag. Their commitment to meeting high standards and customer satisfaction is reflected in their pricing. Brother offers machines across various price ranges, including budget-friendly options.


Babylock strongly emphasizes build quality, utilizing high-level components and focusing on elegance and reliability. They are known for producing machines that meet the highest standards.

While Brother machines are generally durable, Babylock’s reputation as a world leader in sewing machine quality is well-established.

Mechanical or Computerized?

Brother produces both mechanical and computerized machines for both Brother and Babylock brands. This allows both companies to benefit from Brother’s computerization and innovative design expertise.

Mechanical machines lack computer-controlled features, while computerized machines offer more advanced functionalities.


Babylock machines, being built to a higher standard, are anticipated to be more durable and incorporate high-quality components. They often outlast cheaper Brother models.

However, as the price range increases for Brother machines, the durability improves due to better materials and advanced technology.


Both brands provide dependable and high-quality machines, so analyze your needs and make an informed choice.

Ease of UseEqually user-friendlyEqually user-friendly
Functions/FeaturesNear identicalNear identical
Customer ServiceSupport may vary based on purchase location (e.g., Amazon, box stores)Instant support through registered Babylock dealerships
AffordabilityOffers entry-level budget machinesExpensive high-end machines
QualityLower overall quality standards, suitable for occasional sewistsHigh emphasis on build quality, higher-end market focus
Mechanical/ComputerizedBoth mechanical and computerized options availableBoth mechanical and computerized options available
DurabilityCheaper models may have lower durabilityHigher-end models have comparable durability

So, Whether you opt for Brother’s expertise in computerized embroidery or Babylock’s inspirational sergers, both brands will surely provide you with a sewing machine that meets your needs and enhances your sewing experience.

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