Brother XR9550 vs. XR9550PRW – Is There Any Difference?

Last Updated on September 7, 2023

It is challenging to compare sewing machines based on their features, especially when both machines are from the same manufacturer. Thus, to know the answer regarding the Brother xr9550 vs xr9550prw, which is better, we have to look deep inside their features.

After inspecting their features and knowing their prices, we should compare them. Finally, we can make the decision which one is appropriate for our sewing and quilting projects. Thus, without any more delay, let’s begin the checking.

What is the Main Difference Between Xr9550 and Xr9550prw?

The main difference between the Brother XR9550 and XR9550PRW sewing machines is that the XR9550PRW is a Project Runway limited edition machine. The XR9550PRW is identical to the XR9550 in terms of its features and capabilities.

Still, it comes with a few extra accessories, such as a designer rolling bag, a designer dust cover, and a set of six designer presser feet. These extra accessories are designed to make the XR9550PRW more appealing to fashion designers and those interested in the Project Runway brand.

Additionally, the XR9550PRW may have a different design or color scheme compared to the XR9550, depending on the limited edition release.

Brother XR9550 vs. XR9550PRW Sewing Machine Similarities, Features and Differences

Brother XR9550 vs XR9550PRW

1. Stitches

Both the Brother xr9550 and xr9550prw offer consumers a large number of stitches. They boast 110 unique stitches, such as decorative, heirloom, and utility. Users can use these stitches both for traditional sewing and quilting projects. Additionally, they offer fifty-five alphanumeric stitches for monogramming works.

2. Buttonholes

The brother embroidery sewing machine always comes with buttonholes. Thus, both models feature eight styles of one-step auto-sized buttonholes. You can create buttonholes on your clothing and then can attach buttonholes with the buttonhole feet’s help.

3. Stitching Speed

The Brother xr9550 and xr9550prw sewing stuff contain start and stop buttons, letting you operate these sewers conveniently. Also, they can control the sewing speed of 850 spm. You can adjust the sewing speed by sliding the speed-control sliders.

4. Reverse Stitching

Most Brother’s sewing machines come with the reverse stitching feature. And so, the xr9550 and xr9550prw also have this feature. They come with reverse stitching buttons. When users touch these sewing device’s buttons, these machines start stitching in the reverse direction. These sewers have needle up and down buttons, which help lower and raise the sewing needle’s position.

5. Presser Feet

Usually, the home embroidery sewing machine tends to offer a variety of presser feet. That stated both sewing models provide the users eight pressure feet.

These are spring-action quilting foot, monogramming, overcasting, buttonhole, button sewing, blind stitch, zigzag, and zipper foot. You can use any of these presser feet as per your sewing and quilting needs.

6. Bobbins

These sewing machines have jam-resistant drop-in bobbins featuring transparent covers. Through these transparent covers, you can see the bobbin’s thread numbers.

7. Thread Tension

The xr9550 and xr9550prw sewers have built-in dials located at the top of these machines. Users can control the thread tension by rolling the thread dial forward and backward.

8. Display

Like the Brother’s other sewing machines, both models come with backlit LCDs. These displays also feature stitch selectors, aiding in the stitch selection process. They also show the users the selected stitch.

9. Needle Threader

The Brother XR series sewing machines boast automatic needle threaders, letting the users thread needles within a few seconds. The function’s benefit is that it provides users relief from eye-strain. The automatic needle threader will push the thread through the needle when the users touch the lever.

10. Design

The Brother’s xr9550 and xr9550prw’s designs make these machines different from each other. Although most of their features are pretty similar, you will find a noticeable difference when looking at their designs. The Xr9550 sewing machine is relatively larger than the xr9550prw. The Brother xr9550’s dimension is 20.16 × 17.8 × 12.52 inches, while the xr9550prw is portable with the dimension of 7.01 × 16.26 × 12.48 inches.

11. LED

Both sewing machines come with LEDs. They illuminate the user’s sewing area. For that, they can conveniently sew dark fabrics in dark places. This makes sewing and quilting work more effective.

12. Free Arm

If the users prefer sewing cuffs and sleeves using these sewing machines. They can do it as both devices have built-in free arms. These free arms enable them to sew smaller clothes, as well.

13. Hard Case

The Brother xr9550 & xr9550prw offer protecting cases. These cases will protect these sewing machines from dust and other related particles.

14. Accessories

Lastly, these sewing devices come with additional accessories. They are the needle set, wide extension table, ballpoint needle, foot pedal, twin needle, bobbins, spool pins, seam rippers, spool caps, eyelet punches, cleaning brushes, screwdrivers, power cords, and more. For having such excellent features, both models fall into the top brother sewing machine category.

Bottom Line

As you can see, the Brother xr9550 and xr9550prw sewing machines have almost the same features. They work similarly, and both machines provide the users comfortable sewing as well as a quilting experience. Thus, any newbie sewer can think that they are the same machines, coming in different models.

Well, in terms of features, we can’t entirely agree with the statement. We have already discussed the significant dissimilarity in the design section. Alongside this difference, their prices and weights are slightly different, but these shouldn’t be your primary concern while comparing them and make the purchasing decision.

In summary, they are perfect for sewing projects, and you can go with both sewing machines or choose any of them that suits your needs.

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