Brother XR9550PRW Sewing Machine Review

Last Updated on December 6, 2022

Brother Xr9550prw Sewing Machine Review: XR9550PRW is one of the Best Sewing Machine for MonogrammingThis brother brother sewing machine will give you the most stable sewing experience if you don’t intend to knit heavyweight fabrics.

Brother XR9550PRW Sewing Machine

It is best suitable for smaller and thinner quilts. If you want to do heavy-duty sewing machine with this machine, make sure you use the right needle. Also, make sure to get the tension right. So, without further ado, let us dive into Brother XR9550PRW‘s in-depth review to see whether this is the right sewing machine for you or not.

Brother XR9550PRW Sewing Machine Review

Brother XR9550PRW

Built-in Stitches and Sewing Quality

There are 110 built-in stitches in the Brother XR9550PRW against to other. This machine includes stitches that are artistic, heirloom, and alphanumeric. Besides, you even have choices for 8- types of the automatic one-step buttonhole in this sewing machine. To display the stitch choices on the LCD panel, you can use the stitch-selector push-button. You can also adjust the preferred stitch style settings from the LCD panel.

Furthermore, you can indulge in home décor and other creative/crafty projects with its extensive range of stitches. Even the stitching consistency of this machine is fair enough. Though, you can’t expect it to be as ideal as what you will get from a high-end sewing machine. But what you pay for, you’ll get. Overall, the XR9550PRW delivers outstanding value-for-money in this price range.

For fabrics such as cotton that are simple to sew, the Brother XR9550PRW suits well. When you are using heavier materials, the stitching standard is much less impressive. However, you may not be able to say the difference if you are a novice. Besides, you will get a reference map on the back of the instruction manual. It advises you which stitches are appropriate for different types of cloth. Afterward, this sewing machine is perfect for producing buttonholes of high quality.

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Ease of Use

The Brother XR9550PRW is super easy to set up and use. The machine is intuitive and simple enough for a novice to figure out. Also, its handbook of guidance is useful.

Presser Foot Attachments

The Brother XR9550PRW is supplied with 8-presser foot attachments such as-buttonhole, button sewing, zigzag, zipper, monogramming, quilting foot, overcasting, and blind stitch.

Its zigzag foot is the universal or standard foot for most utility sewing designs. Also, its buttonhole foot helps you when making even-sized buttonholes. There is a transparent window in the monogramming foot to keep an eye on the stitches you make. This foot is helpful whether you are making heirloom or ornamental stitches.

It is used, however, for smocking and hemming. For a starter or a hobby sewer, these presser foot attachments should be more than necessary.

Sewing Speed

The Brother XR9550PRW has a 3-level (slow, medium, and high) speed control slider. The machine will stitch consistently at that consistent speed. The weight that you apply to the foot pedal doesn’t matter. The foot pedal can be used to start and stop sewing, or for this purpose, you can use the start/stop button.

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Bobbin System

For the Brother XR9550PRW, a top drop-in bobbin mechanism is used. The company suggests using specially designed bobbins for this machine. By using a different bobbin, the sewing machine could get damaged. Winding and loading the bobbin on this machine is a swift process. On the top of the unit, the diagrams are very useful. The bobbin cover is transparent. Thus, you can then easily monitor the thread supply.

Automatic Needle Threader

Using the automated needle threader on the Brother XR9550PRW is very simple. Most users should get it to operate without any hiccups. It’s a large field where the thread can be placed and then pulled through the machine’s needle.

Final Word

Overall, this simple machine with a decent amount of features will last for a fair amount of time. However, if you don’t find the Brother XR9550PRW is the right one for you, you can look at the serger sewing machine reviews

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