What Can I Use Instead of a Buttonhole? – (7 Alternatives)

Discover What Can I Use Instead of a Buttonhole: If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional buttonhole, you’ll be glad to know that many creative options are available. From using safety pin to velcro, here are some of the best non-conventional solutions for making a buttonhole.

What Can I Use Instead of a Buttonhole?

Luckily, there are many alternatives you can use instead of a buttonhole that can provide the same aesthetic look! We have listed them below:

What Can I Use Instead of a Buttonhole

1. Use Safety Pins

Safety pins have been used as a type of makeshift replacement for buttons and buttonholes since at least the Victorian era.

What Can I Use Instead of a Buttonhole

It is helpful in garments made from thicker materials like leather. You can place one pin along the top edge near the neckline and another near the waistline, so they meet in the middle.

2. Replace Buttons with Snaps Button

Replacing standard buttons or sewing on your own adds another look entirely, and it just requires some snaps and snaps fasteners as a tool.

What Can I Use Instead of a Buttonhole

You’ll want two sets of snaps. One for each side of your clothing, so it looks just like a traditional buttonhole closure when fastened together inside! It’s easy to install, simple to use, and great if you want something quick.

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3. Velcro Loops

Buttonhole Alternatives

Velcro is an innovative yet often overlooked material that can create tight closures but retain flexibility because both sides are made from different fabric fibers (loops & hooks). In contrast, this alternative might be less durable than buttons or snaps. However, Velcro made for it is very versatile and easy to clean!  

4. Hooks & Eyes

Buttonhole Alternatives

Much like safety pins or snaps, hook-and-eye closures create a secure fastening between two edges which can easily replicate what a buttonhole would do. What makes this solution even better is that they come in different sizes depending on the type of clothing item they’re needed for – either regular wear or formal attire!

5. Grommets Eyelets

Another option would be using grommets as a modern twist on conventional buttons that requires minimal effort yet still looks attractive.

Buttonhole Alternatives

Grommets are usually made from metal with an open top & bottom rim for attaching cords/strings through. These are perfect for making backpack drawstrings adjustable in length without having too much looseness at either end (like if you were using regular buttons).

6. Zipper Tabs

Buttonhole Alternatives

Using Zipper Tabs instead of buttonholes is the most creative option – create fabric tabs using matching color thread and then secure them down with Zipper Tabs. You need two basic hand stitches (running stitch & whipstitch) to get this look right and ensure your garment looks impressive!

7. Clothing Magnets Button

For those who don’t want to bother with sewing and want something fast and easy to use – magnets may be your best bet.

Buttonhole Alternatives

They work by connecting a magnet sewn onto both sides of the garment opening and together so that when snapped close, it creates the closure effect similar to having done a buttonhole stitch.

How Do You Attach a Button Without a Buttonhole?

It is possible to attach a button without a buttonhole by using adhesives. You can sew on the button with thread, add a fabric backing to secure it, or use elastic or ribbon loops to hold the button. Plenty of creative ways to attach a button without needing a traditional buttonhole!


Finally, although it might not be undeniable today, Velcro was initially used as an alternative to buttons. Available in various widths, it effectively allows you to cut two strips: one soft & one ribbed side – attach neatly within seams & running opposite directions – thus creating a solid/secure bond when handled together!

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