Can You Sew Leather With a Regular Sewing Machine?

Last Updated on December 20, 2022

Can You Sew Leather With a Regular Sewing Machine?  Although, it depends on what kind of sewing machine you have. The old-fashioned may not be very good, but the current computer smart home machine can use a special presser foot and a special leather needle to sew leather.

Can You Sew Leather With a Regular Sewing Machine?

Can You Sew Leather With a Regular Sewing Machine

Yes. If you don’t have a particular leather sewing machine, you can use an ordinary sewing machine to sew leather.

Therefore, you need to change the machine’s presser foot and loosen the presser foot pressure. Yet, the sewing of leather clothing through ordinary sewing machines requires excellent sewing skills as well.

Can You Sew Leather With a Regular Sewing Machine

However, ordinary sewing machines can’t sew thick leather as well. So, for thick leathers, you have to use advance sewing machines yet.

How Can You Sew Leather Through a Sewing Machine?

Sew Leather

Here are some tips on how to sew leather through the sewing machine.

  • Regular sewing machines can sew leather, as long as you use real leather needles. The sharpness of a leather needle will even allow you to sew multiple layers of leather without facing any significant problem yet.
  • Choose the appropriate stitch size according to the thickness and hardness of the leather. Also, be careful of the friction between the feeder and the presser foot on the leather, which may cause scratches.
  • It is generally not difficult to use an ordinary sewing machine as a leather sewing machine. The ordinary household sewing machine is fine to sew leathers. Change the needle to 16# or 18# and use nylon thread to do it.
  • Ordinary sewing machines cannot sew PU leather, and the sewing machine’s needle does not move, and it is not allowed to sew. Therefore, you can apply talcum powder or wax on the reverse side of the leather to sew with the sewing machine.
  • You can use an ordinary household sewing machine to make a leather bag, and the effect is good. Replace with a 16# or 18# needle, pay attention to increase the pressure of the presser foot appropriately, increase the stitch length, and appropriately increase the height of the feed dog.

Do I Need to Sew Leather on Foot?

Sew Leather on Foot

The walking foot is an additional device for the sewing machine, used to feed the fabric layer when sewing leather on a fixed sewing machine. Walking feet are essential to maintain the leather layer while feeding through the machine. When sewing thicker leather, you must use heavy walking feet.

What is Overwhelming Sewing?

A simple stitch to close the edges of thick fabrics to prevent friction. Using covered stitches will also help create clean and finished stitches on your project.

Can You Sew Leather Fur With a Sewing Machine? – How to Sew a Fur

How to Sew a Fur

You can sew fur like fur. The key is to use 80/12 sharp needles and use heavy-duty lines. It is best to use fluff on stretched or assembled clothing, such as jackets or vests because the fluff will not stretch at all.

The fluff is made of plastic fibers instead of natural fibers (such as real wool). Because the fur is not piled up like actual fur, it is still recommended to put the layers together when sewing.

To create a neat edge, you can use some long stitches to fix the edge of the fluff before you cut it off. So after you cut it, the fluff can be stitched on clothes or any edges that need to be processed. It’s not hairy, so you don’t need to use extra-long seams to finish the edges unless you prefer to look at it.

Final Verdict

If you want to sew leather, you can use a sewing machine. But to get beautiful results, the leather needs to be softer yet. Again, sewing leather will become like sewing any other fabric if you do some patience yet.

Also, to sew leather, you need to use a strong needle (size 18) and wax thread or polyester thread. However, you can use suture needles that have very sharp cutting points. The tip of the serrated needle screams as a “bayonet” and is used to pull leather through the machine.

Furthermore, clothing leather is soft and light. But leathers used for belts, tanned, and jackets are six to eight ounces heavier than clothing leather. So for sewing belts and jackets, it is better to use a leather stitching machine or hand wire stitching.

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