Can You Sublimate on Nylon? is it Possible?

Last Updated on January 19, 2023

Answering Can You Sublimate on Nylon? Nylon and polyester are practical, beautiful, and inexpensive fabrics. Their products are in great demand. Therefore, if you print only on natural fabrics but are considering expanding your production, pay attention to these synthetic materials.

Is Nylon Good for Sublimation?

Before you starting the article, let me clear you about Is Nylon good for sublimation or not. Actually, Nylon is good for sublimation due to its excellent durability and strength.

Can You Sublimate on Nylon

But, 100% Nylon is challenging to sublimate because it lacks the polymer layer needed to absorb the color. Since polyester is an excellent option for sublimation, fabric that is a combination of polyester and Nylon can be a good option for sublimation. 

For the dye to be absorbed during the sublimation process, the polyester fibers in the cloth have a polymer coating.

Polyester-nylon blends are well-liked for their strength-to-weight ratio, making them ideal for sportswear, bags, backpacks, and outdoor equipment.

Can You Sublimate on Nylon?

The answer is Yes, you can sublimate on Nylon. Like Lycra, Rayon and Spandex, Nylon is also good for sublimation printing.

5 Advantages of Nylon Sublimation

Can You Sublimate on Nylon

1. Low Price

Sublimation on Nylon is cost comparatively lower than on fabrics made from natural fibers. Products made of polyester and Nylon are available to a wider audience due to their low price.

2. Wear resistance

Synthetic fabrics retain their shape and color saturation much longer than natural ones. They are also more resistant to abrasion.

3. Good weather protection

Polyester protects against wind and rain and keeps you warm. Nylon also keeps cold air out. Clothing made of high-quality synthetics is suitable for recreation, sports, and physical work.

4. Easy care

Synthetics are easy to wash, do not shed, dry very quickly, and do not need ironing.

5. Aesthetic appearance and variety of designs

Polyester and Nylon are easy to cut, dye and process. Products from these fabrics are quite easy to sew. All this allows you to create beautiful and diverse designs of clothes and accessories.

Areas of Application for Nylon Fabrics

Nylon Fabric
  • Clothing: underwear, casual wear, sportswear, outerwear, and workwear.
  • Accessories: bags, backpacks, suitcases.
  • Tourist equipment: tents, covers.
  • Home decor items: curtains, bedspreads, furniture covers, carpet, rug etc.
  • Promotional textiles: promotional clothing, promotional tents, promotional products.
  • Other products: umbrellas, flags, sails, parachutes.

The scope of synthetic fabrics is vast. And in all areas of application, dirt-repellent properties, the ability to keep cold and moisture out, and ease of cleaning and drying speed are crucial.

At the same time, any products made of polyester and Nylon must be applied with images: drawings, inscriptions, and logos. After printing, ordinary clothes, accessories, and interior items are transformed into an artistic design. Also, you can only do prints in the advertising business.

Can You Sublimate on 100% Nylon?

Sublimate on 100% Nylon

No.100% nylon does not work well for sublimation because it lacks the polymer coating necessary for the dye to be absorbed. The dye won’t be able to reach the fabric’s fibers without this coating, which will result in a partial transfer of the image.

Although some businesses have developed techniques to coat or treat 100% nylon cloth to enable sublimation, these approaches are rarely generally used and may call very specialized tools.

In addition, a nylon fabric with a high percentage of polyester is typically advised since it offers the polymer coating needed for sublimation. Because of this, many nylon fabrics include a significant amount of polyester.

Q. How long does it take to sublimate Nylon?

A. It takes about 80-90 seconds to sublimate Nylon at 165-170 degrees Celsius temperature.

Q. What Temperature Do You Sublimate on Nylon?

A. To Sublimate on nylon around 165-170 degrees Celsius temperature is suitable for sublimating Nylon.


In most cases, images are printed on light synthetic fabrics using the sublimation method. But products made of dark and colored synthetics can be printed using silk-screen printing.

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