Dickies 874 vs. 873 – Which one is best for you?

Last Updated on February 14, 2024

We’re going deep into Dickies today, putting the 873 and the 874, two heavyweights, up against each other. After an avalanche of requests from you fine folks, I’ve rolled up my sleeves (or pant legs) to bring you a detailed comparison.

We’ll be sizing up these workwear legends in terms of fit, comfort, and wearability. Stick around until the end for the ultimate showdown and my final take.

Dickies 874 vs. 873


  • Fit Preference: Choose the 873 for a slim fit, hugging thighs and glutes, or the 874 for a more comfortable fit, especially if you have larger thighs.
  • Sizing Insight: Tailor your choice based on body type; 873 may suit smaller thighs, while 874 is recommended for individuals with larger builds.
  • Comfort Level: Both the 873 and 874 offer above-average comfort, scoring 7.7 out of 10, providing functionality without reaching sweatpants’ or Levi’s comfort.
  • Versatile Wearability: Dickies pants shine in versatility, seamlessly transitioning from workplace to casual settings and even accommodating skateboarding.
  • Final Recommendation: For taller individuals or those with bigger thighs, go for the 874; if shorter or with smaller thighs, the 873 is recommended. Both offer a great look and comfort, ensuring a solid choice.

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Dickies 874 vs. 873 – Which one is best for you

Choosing between Dickies 874 and 873 comes down to personal preference. If you prefer a slimmer fit, opt for the 873, while the 874 is ideal for a more comfortable fit, especially for individuals with larger thighs.

Dickies (874)
Dickies 874
Image: Amazon
Dickies 873
Image: Amazon

If you’ve ever wondered which Dickies pant is your perfect match, you’re in for a treat. So, buckle up, and let’s explore the Dickies 874 vs. 873!

1. Fit

Starting with fit, the 873 and 874 showcase distinct styles. The 873 is noted for its slim fit, tightly hugging the thighs, glutes, and groin area. On the other hand, the 874 offers a more comfortable fit, especially for individuals with larger thighs.

Fit Dickies 874 vs. 873

The comparison emphasizes personal preferences, with the 873 catering to those with slimmer thighs and the 874 being a preferred choice for those with a more substantial build.

2. Sizing

Both models were tested in a size 33/34, with the 873 exhibiting a slightly thinner thigh opening, aligning with its slim fit design. The article suggests that individuals with smaller thighs might find the 873 more suitable, while those with larger thighs may prefer the 874.

The importance of understanding one’s body type and sizing is emphasized, as it greatly influences the overall look and comfort of the pants.

3. Comfort

Dickies 873 Comfort

Discussing comfort, the article notes that both the 873 and 874 offer comparable comfort levels. The materials used in both pants are identical, contributing to a consistent feel.

While the comfort is rated above average, it is made clear that Dickies pants may not provide the same level of comfort as, for example, sweatpants or Levi’s. The review gives them a 7.7 out of 10, acknowledging their functionality without being mind-blowing.

4. Wearability

The wearability of Dickies pants is highlighted as one of their standout features. They can seamlessly transition from workplace to casual settings and even skateboarding, showcasing their versatility.

The only critique mentioned is the sustainability factor, urging Dickies to improve their environmental practices. However, the overall sentiment is positive, emphasizing the legendary wearability of Dickies pants.

5. Final Verdict

Dickies 874 vs. 873
Dickies 874 vs. 873

The article concludes with a final verdict, considering factors such as size, fit, comfort, and wearability. For taller individuals or those with bigger thighs, the 874 is recommended, while the 873 is suggested for shorter individuals or those with smaller thighs.

So, both pants look great, making it challenging to go wrong with either choice. Knowing one’s body type and preferences is the key to achieving the desired fit and style.


So, there you have it – the lowdown on Dickies 874 vs. 873! If you’re taller or packing extra thigh power, the 874 might be your go-to for comfort and style. On the flip side, if you’re a bit shorter or prefer a slimmer fit, the 873 could be the perfect match.

Remember, it’s all about knowing your size and your body type and choosing what feels right for you. Both pants offer solid comfort, legendary wearability, and a versatile style that can handle anything from work to play.