8 Different Types of Cardigans

8 Different Types of Cardigans: Are You the Type of Person Who Prefers Winter Over Summer? – If your answer is Yes, and you’re more of a cold-weather type who enjoys wool clothing and the cold more than ice cream and the sun, then this article will cheer you most.

This article will discuss different types of Cardigans (a type of warm attire) that make you elegant, stylish, and energized like summer days. So, let’s start-

What is Cardigan?

Typically, Cardigan is a buttoned-up sweater made from heavy wool fabrics that keep us warm in the winter. It has become a crucial part of women’s fashion with plenty of styles and color options. A cozy cardigan is a stylish and practical choice, especially for those who don’t want to bundle up in a bulky winter coat.

8 Different Types of Cardigans

Moreover, Cardigan already becomes a winter essential and popular choice for layering winter outfits due to its comfort, warmth, and versatility. Generally, more or less every woman prefers to wear Cardigan on their walk.

The 8 Different Types of Cardigans

1. Open Front Cardigans

Open Front Cardigans

Open Front Cardigans come in several different styles, patterns, and colors. But one common characteristic that they all share is the lack of buttons or hooks. They are draped cardigans with an open front that only features various necklines and hemlines around the body.

Moreover, Open Front Cardigans are typically constructed of knitted wool, wool, linen cotton, or polyester. Like shawls, they wrap around the wearer and provides considerable protection from the weather. They are typically made in a length that reaches your knees and pair well with tee-shirts, tank tops, and leggings or jeans. However, open cardigans can also help you to conceal your weight and body shape as well.

2. Tunic Cardigans

Different Types of Cardigans

These cardigans are longish, just like the usual cardigans, but they can be either buttoned or not. They are typically knitted of materials such as knitted linen cotton, polyester wool, or wool and usually fall just above the knee. They suit best with stockings or jeans, mainly when worn with long boots.

However, Tunic cardigans cover more of your body than other cardigans and come in various colors, designs, and styles. Even if it isn’t cold enough outside, you can wear this Cardigan in the fall and winter.

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3. Zipped Cardigans


The front of these cardigans is zipped. They most often have front pockets and are an excellent substitute for jackets. Although they are intended to keep you warm, they have also become fashion items in recent years due to often being worn as an outer layer. They are usually waist-length and can be worn formally and casually.

Furthermore, zipped cardigans offer a huge variety of colors and designs, allows you to find a cardigan that you’ll love easily. Cardigans with zipped fronts are typically made of knitted wool, polyester wool, or linen-cotton and pair well with blouses, tee-shirts, jeans, or even sweatpants.

4. Long Cardigans

Different Types of Cardigans

Like open cardigans, long cardigans often reach your knees and have large buttons or a zipper in the front. Their front buttons are ideal for lean or skinny people and add value to the outfit as well. In addition, a long cardigan is a perfect alternative to a long coat. Also, you can carry these cardigans easily and conveniently.

However, Long cardigans are available in knitted wool, polyester wool, and even cashmere. They are typically very dressy, but you can wear them casually as well. In a nutshell, they go with almost everything, including jeans, leggings, trousers, and even stockings.

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5. Cropped Cardigans (Bolero)


As the name implies, these cardigans usually long up to the bottom of the chest area and are often formed by very thin or lacy materials. They are best suited for long dresses with printed fabrics, where their solid colors highlight the dress and nightgowns. Cropped cardigans can be buttoned at the front, though many are intended to be worn open. Also, they usually have three-quarter or even short sleeves as well.

However, linen cotton, knitted wool, cashmere, and lace are typically used to make cardigans. So, they can be worn with both formal and casual clothes, depending on the fabric. Usually, they can’t be longer than the waist because cropped cardigans are not supposed to be long enough.

6. Belted Cardigans


If you’re missing your favorite summer dress during the harsh winter months, a belted cardigan can be a perfect substitute for you. But if you are too fat or plump, it might not be the best idea to wear one of these sweaters. This Belted Cardigan is an ideal choice for people who have a well-toned body.

However, these cardigans are made using materials, such as knitted wool, linen-cotton, linen, and cashmere. They are designed with a matching belt for the open front and are often quite long. But belted cardigans usually come in a variety of lengths so that they can be long or short.

They also go well with jeans, leggings, stockings, dresses, slacks, and high boots. Also, they can be worn with both formal and casual outfits, depending on their length and fabric. Besides, these fashionable cardigans are also effective at keeping you warm yet.

7. Jacket/Hoodie Types Cardigans


This one is unique among cardigans in that it has a more tough jacket-like appearance with an open or zippers front. It’s an excellent pick for wearing over your jeans for a casual look. Besides, some Hoodie cardigans are now designed with a hood to provide a sporty look similar to traditional hoodies. Also, these cardigans are available in lace, knitted wool, linen-cotton, linen, and cashmere. Again, they come in waist, knee, and hip sizes as well.

8. Cardigan Vests

Different Types of Cardigans

If the weather isn’t too cold for a sweater or a cardigan, but you want to wear something other than your whole sweater or Cardigan, cardigan vests are exactly what you need to stay warm and fashionable. In short, these sleeveless vests are ideal when you don’t want to wear a long sleeve sweater.

Moreover, Cardigan vests are popular right now. They present an elegant look and fit well on both men and women when paired with the right top and bottom.

However, they can often be found in sheep wool, cotton wool, cashmere, or linen. Also, these cardigan vests are available in waist, hips, or knees sizes. Again, its incredible range of colors and designs allows you to create outfits that complement your mood.

Final Verdict

So, what are you thinking about these Different Types of Cardigans? Find the cardigans that are perfect for your style, comfort, and budget, and enjoy your winter vacations to the snow hills.

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