17 Different Types of Women’s Sweaters (in 2024 Trend)

Last Updated on February 28, 2024

Different Types of Women’s Sweaters: When the weather drops, having an extra layer of clothes to wear over your shirt, such as a sweater, is an absolute need.

With sweaters, there isn’t one single style that fits everyone. Therefore, the construction of women’s sweaters used to vary greatly depending on the style and personal tastes.

Types of Women's Sweaters

10 Different Types of Women’s Sweaters

There is a wide range of sweaters designed for women. Some of these sweaters are also suitable for children and men. Here, we will discuss 10-popular types of women’s sweaters. Find out what makes each of these sweaters unique by reading this article.

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1. Cardigan Sweaters

Some say- the cardigan sweater is named after James Brudenell. He was a British general 19th century and the 7th Earl of Cardigan. He’s known for being attentive to his hairstyle.

The Earl attached buttons to his sweater to remove it without pulling it over his head, allowing him to take it off and put it on without messing up his hair.

You can praise this Earl’s vanity for the variety of cardigan sweater styles available today. This classic, long-sleeved, button-front cardigan is perfect for layering over a t-shirt or fitting blouse. And then some cardigans are fully button-less.

Open cardigans, also known as open sweaters, are worn open over the first layer of clothing for a slim-fitting, crafted look. The wrap cardigan is designed similarly to the open cardigan, but they have a bathrobe-style belt or tie for closing purposes.

2. Pullover Sweaters

Pullovers are a vast subcategory of clothing. Pullovers can be described as any sweater that doesn’t have buttons or a collar. However, tunics and turtlenecks fall into a separate category because of their distinct features.

Sweaters with pullover styles are those that are worn over the head. Crewneck and V-neck are the primary differences between non-turtleneck and non-tunic sweaters.

3. Tunic Sweaters

The tunic is a difficult piece of apparel to categorize because of its ambiguity. Tunics aren’t always sweaters, unlike the other items on this list. Depending on the occasion it’s possible to wear a tunic as both a shirt and a sweater.

The design of a tunic distinguishes it from other sweaters. When it comes to tunics, they will have a looser fit and hang lower on the body, rather than tapering to a fitting hemline.

Depending on the shape and drape of the sweater, several other styles can be classified as tunics. You may find a V-neck or mock neck on several tunics. However, most are pullovers.

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4. Turtleneck Sweaters

The turtleneck is probably the simplest of all of these styles to identify and characterize. You can tell that a sweater is a turtleneck if, when you look at it from the front, it has a high collar that folds down over itself and covers your neck entirely.

The turtleneck is also known as the roll-neck or the polo neck, among other sweaters. It is possible that turtlenecks and mock neck sweaters can be misinterpreted with one other, but they are not the same.

5. Crewneck Sweater

Early 20th century athletes wore sweaters made of thick wool or other materials that inspired today’s modern crewneck sweaters. Today, it’s informal, sporty apparel that appeals to both men and women most.

Crewneck sweaters have a round neckline and no collar, giving them a more laid-back appearance without making them completely informal. You can wear them when to look fabulous but don’t want to deal with a complicated outfit.

6. V-Neck Sweater

The V-neck sweater is a versatile item that goes well over a collared shirt or a fitted blouse. This sweater can look sharp with a tie or a sport coat for a less formal but polished look. But remember to tuck in the shirt you’re wearing underneath!

7. Mock Turtleneck Sweater

Mock turtleneck sweaters are short and only reach just below the Adam’s Apple, unlike normal turtlenecks, which reach from the collarbone to the lower jaw.

Although it seems like a high-necked garment, the faux turtleneck is significantly less restricting than our thinking. It’s still a must-have dress-up for the winter, but it is also suitable for both spring and summer.

Mock turtlenecks are an alternative for folks who like the design but don’t want the extra cloth gathered around their necks.

8. Quarter-Zip Sweaters

The zipper of this sweater runs about a quarter of the way down. So, this sweater is easy to put on and take off. Besides, in terms of collar shape, quarter-zip sweaters are comparable to V-necks.

Also, this type of sweater is thicker and warmer than others. It is typically used as outerwear in the warm season during summer and fall.

You can dress them up for a night on the town with some high heels or wear them casually for a family picnic and leaf-swimming excursion. For the office, quarter-zip sweaters are also an excellent choice because they are both stylish and comfy.

9. Boyfriend Sweaters

To consider a sweater as a “boyfriend sweater,” it must look like it was stolen from your boyfriend’s wardrobe. As long as it’s big enough to keep you warm, any style can fall into this category.

As a result of all the extra fabric, your outfit will be both comfortable and stylish. There are various ways to wear boyfriend sweaters, from layering them over a t-shirt or tank top to wrapping them around your waist when you don’t need the extra warmth.

10. Sweater Vests

When it comes to sweater vests, it is the kind of sweater that has no sleeves. The fashion style of wearing a sweater vest seems to violate the principle that you should be warm when you’re in the sweater. Afterward, they are must-have clothing that genuinely stands out in women’s fashion.

If you wear a sweater vest with a button-down shirt rolled up to the elbows or wear a sleek sport jacket and tie, you will look professional. You can wear a sweater vest in any situation!

11. Jumper

It is a cozy knitted item without fasteners adjacent to the figure. The jumper is worn over the head and most often has a round collar.

12. Poncho

Loose, rather peculiar clothes that hide problem areas. It is a large rectangular piece of cloth with a hole for the head in the middle. Today it is relevant not only among the Indians of South and Central America but also among women worldwide. Poncho is made from dense yarn or thin knitted material.

13. Biker jacket

The product has a diagonal zipper. The biker jacket is similar to a biker jacket but is made of softer and thinner fabrics, unlike a jacket. Black, brown and white shades are the most relevant.

14. Sweatshirt

The product is similar to such elements of clothing as a sweater and a shirt (“sweater” + “shirt”). A sweatshirt is a sweater cut like a sweatshirt. Usually, it is sewn from knitwear and insulated from the inside with a warm pile.

15. Jacket

Sweatshirts in the form of a jacket are pretty popular. In the traditional sense, a jacket is the upper part of a business suit. Recently, however, non-standard designs made of soft knitwear have been presented. These instances are often referred to as jackets.

16. Jacket-blende

The highlight of this clothing is the imitation of the presence of another piece of clothing under it, often a shirt or turtleneck. Fake or double sweaters have shirt sleeves or a collar. Samples that combine a turtleneck and a knitted vest look interesting.

17. Sports Sweatshirts

Admirers of a convenient sports direction are offered models of sports style. Such models have a lot of names and forms.

  • Long sleeve is a long-sleeved sweater made of thin fabrics.
  • An Olympic jacket is essentially the same turtleneck, only without a collar. The sweatshirt is a variant of the type of pullover. It has a rounded neck and elasticated sleeves.
  • Attractive models with a hood are called hoodies. Among them are kangaroos – samples that have pockets in addition to the hood. Sports sweatshirts can be with or without a zipper, loose or tight.

What Are the Trendy Sweaters Style Variations are there?

For girls who follow fashion trends and always want to look bright, various styles of sweaters are offered. Usually, the choice of style varies from person to person based on their choice, interest, preference, and convenience. Here are some of the lady’s sweaters styles that are trending nowadays: –

Sweaters Style

  • Knitted sweatshirts, made with buttons, are very comfortable to wear. You can combine them with different clothes.
  • The current model is considered a jacket, where the zipper is placed in front. It has remarkable convenience and functionality. Copies with a diagonal or side zipper look original and non-standard. These sweatshirts are very similar to leather jackets.
  • Fashionable, light sweaters with an open back or shoulders have always been part of fashion trends. They have recently been in demand because they look very romantic and gentle.
  • Sweaters with an open back with bows, rhinestones or ribbons look very feminine and expressive.
  • The original decor option is peplum. A peplum made of dense material creates an elegant look while carefully correcting certain flaws in appearance. They allow you to highlight a thin waist and hide a small belly.
  • Sweaters with lowered shoulders are in demand. They will be especially relevant in the warm season or at a party in winter. An interesting model emphasizes the sex appeal and grace of its owner.
  • The current shapeless sweater suits everyone without exception and allows you to demonstrate the fragility and grace of the figure.
  • The baggy cut sets you apart from the crowd and lets you show off your authenticity. Tight-fitting sweaters have not sunk into oblivion. They still emphasize the figure and give women self-confidence.
  • Sweaters with sleeves that differ in material or color look interesting and bright. In special honor are samples with leather sleeves that slim and create a luxurious look.

What is the Ideas Length of a Sweaters?

Classic sweaters up to the belt line are considered shortened. They are most relevant because they make it possible to create successful bows with pencil skirts, skinny trousers, jeans and shorts. Short waist-length sweaters are also in trend. They are convenient to combine with skirts and high-rise jeans.

Length of a Sweaters

Often come across elongated styles of jumpers, cardigans and sweatshirts. They cover the buttocks a little and lengthen the growth. Sweaters up to the knees look interesting. Such sweaters can be used as a dress, complementing them with tight tights and a wide belt at the waist.

Sleeve length also varies. The long sleeves are warm and cozy, but the short sleeves, for example, ¾ sleeves, highlight the waist and give more freedom of movement.

Which Materials to Choose for Women’s Sweaters?

An important factor when choosing a women’s Sweaters is the material. Sweaters are made from natural and synthetic fibers and mixtures of threads. Here we will discuss some common materials widely used in women’s sweaters.

Women's Sweaters

  • Wool is hot and cozy, holds heat well and is wear-resistant. Modern manufacturers create non-spiky, soft sweaters with high technical characteristics.
  • Cashmere is considered a popular material for tailoring. It looks good, is pleasant to the body and has excellent heat-shielding properties. Cashmere jackets, sweaters and cardigans are pretty standard in the collections of famous fashion designers.
  • Denim and acrylic sweaters also do not lose their relevance.
  • Sweaters made of mohair are soft, warm, and very pleasant. Most of these products are made from 30 percent mohair. The remaining additives are synthetics and silk, which are necessary to create comfortable socks.
  • It is interesting to look at the specimens presented at fashion shows, made from grass – a special type of yarn. The grass looks fur, and its products look impressive and catchy.
  • It is impossible to ignore knitted sweaters, which have long been relevant in France and far beyond its borders. Knitwear is very comfortable, soft and hygroscopic, providing an excellent fit.

Which Figure Types Sweaters to Choose?

Whatever style of sweater you choose, the main thing is that the sweater sits well on you. A sweater, whether a hoodie, turtleneck or cardigan, should emphasize the advantages of the figure and hide the flaws. It completes the look and style.

Figure Types Sweaters

So before paying attention to fashion trends, you must consider your figure type first when choosing the sweater. Because fashion is constantly changing, your style always stays with you!

Here are some guidelines for choosing sweaters based on several types of body figures:

  • Elongated and baggy sweaters are ideal for overweight women. Only the style should not be too loose. Also, such samples are suitable for pregnant women.
  • Puffy breasts will become even more seductive when choosing a V-neckline. This neckline suits women with broad shoulders. If you have sloping shoulders, you prefer sweaters with a round collar.
  • A “pear-shaped” figure can be more harmonious using a style with shoulder pads or voluminous shoulder straps. You can also use samples with flounces, stones, and a large collar. Any decorating elements on the chest and shoulders will visually improve the proportions.
  • Bat style is on-trend. It perfectly hides full shoulders and arms, especially suitable for tall girls.
  • Cardigans and sweatshirts are suitable for women with an inexpressive waist and hips. They have horizontally located details at the level of the hips and chest. You can use wide belts at the waist and buy sweaters with bare shoulders.
  • For the “apple” figure, we recommend paying attention to vests and sweaters emphasizing the chest, such as a curly neckline.

The Best Style Directions

Each sweater corresponds to a certain style – business, casual, romantic or youth. When choosing a sweater, consider where you will wear it.

Models that allow you to create a feminine and sophisticated look are considered universal. You can use them for both work and travel. In your free time, you can use oversized models, youth, and asymmetrical cuts, which are more democratic and comfortable to wear.

Range of Colors and Prints of Women’s Sweaters

In addition to models and styles, such outerwear is distinguished by colors. For many years, designers have presented classic tones to the fashionable public – black, brown, and gray, which are always in trend and suitable for any occasion.

Women’s Sweaters

The trend is also bright and rich colors that become the highlight of the image – burgundy, yellow, bright green, and scarlet. Muted shades also do not leave the catwalks of the world – beige, light gray, mint, pink and powdery sweaters and sweatshirts emphasize the tenderness and femininity of their owner.

The infantilism characteristic of modern sweaters dictates the fashion for cool and flirty prints. These can be sweatshirts with cartoon prints, animals and movie characters. This style is perfect for young girls who want to demonstrate their mischievous character.

It is impossible to do without the New Year theme. Sweaters and cardigans with deers, bears, snowflakes and bunnies give a special, festive mood.

Girls are happy to wear sweaters with the image of various desserts – ice cream, cakes, sweets. You can use them in youth and street styles.

What to Wear?

As you can see, Types of women’s sweaters are very different, so you can combine them with almost any clothing. By showing imagination and design inclinations, you can create a unique style that sets you apart from the crowd.

Women’s Sweaters

Sweaters and cardigans look great with T-shirts, tank tops and turtlenecks. Loose pullovers can be combined with a shirt to create a business style. Turtlenecks can be supplemented with vests or jackets.

The perfect complement would be trousers and jeans matching in style. Skirts are in perfect harmony with sweaters, sweatshirts and turtlenecks.

The main thing is to choose the right style and consider the combination of shapes and volumes.

A particular style selects shoes and accessories. For youth fashion, sneakers and moccasins sneakers are acceptable. Low shoes, boots and topsiders will be an excellent addition to a casual style. When creating a business look, use pumps, strict high boots and ankle boots.

If we talk about scarves and accessories, almost everything is allowed. The main thing is not to overdo it by decorating your bow.

What Women’s Sweaters Are the Most Stylish outfits?

Women’s Sweaters

  • Casual outing: oversized jacket, jeans or trousers, comfortable shoes.
  • Business look: classic white sweater with braids + black pencil skirt + high-heeled boots.
  • Romantic bow: pale pink tight-fitting sweater + white skirt+ jeans pant + light shoes.
  • Grunge style: plaid shirt + oversized sweater on top + ripped jeans + rough men’s boots.

There are so many types of women’s sweaters that you can easily and boldly experiment with. Choose fashionable sweaters based on our preference and your intuition!

Final Word

Here we have explained different types of women’s sweaters which are authentic in their designs and patterns. Read this article if you love sweaters and want to find which sweaters will go with you best. We hope this write-up will assist you in getting a better match.

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