Do Dickies Shrink? – After wash!

Last Updated on February 21, 2024

Dickies, known for their durability and timeless style, have become a staple in many wardrobes. However, the question of Do Dickies Shrink? is a common concern among users. Here, we’ll look at the shrinkage phenomenon associated with Dickies and unravel the mysteries of their sizing and fit.


  • Dickies pants might shrink by 3% in the first wash and an additional 3-5% in later washes.
  • Consider ordering a size smaller to adjust for the initial shrinkage, letting the pants settle into the right size over time.
  • Dickies pants can loosen and stretch with regular wear and washing, offering a more comfortable fit.
  • To prevent excessive shrinkage, wash Dickies pants in cold water on a low setting. Follow care instructions for hoodies to avoid unwanted shrinkage.
  • Despite some shrinkage, Dickies maintain their durability, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable wardrobe addition.

Do Dickies Shrink?

Yes, Dickies may shrink by around 3% in hot water and high-heat drying during the first wash, with a potential additional 3-5% shrinkage in subsequent washes. Ordering a size smaller initially can contribute to achieving the desired fit over time.

Do Dickies Shrink

First wash: First Wash and Dry

Do Dickies shrink after first wash? When you bring home a fresh pair of Dickies, it’s crucial to understand how they might react to their first encounter with hot water and high heat in the dryer.

The initial wash and dry can lead to a shrinkage of approximately 3% of the original size. This means that your Dickies will undergo a subtle adjustment in dimensions, adapting to their new environment.

Second Wash: Final Frontier of Shrinkage

As Dickies experience their second round of hot water and high-heat drying, the shrinkage rate can vary between 3% to 5%. However, the good news is that this marks the end of significant size adjustments. Once they have gone through this process, Dickies tend to maintain their quality and loyal fit over subsequent washes.

Do Dickies loosen in the wash?

Yes, Dickies work pants can loosen in the wash over time, especially with regular wear and activity. To expedite the process, machine washing them with fabric conditioner and tumble drying with a softening sheet can help soften the fabric faster. If air-drying, shaking the pants every 20 minutes can also reduce stiffness.

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Do Dickies stretch over time?

Yes, Dickies trousers can stretch over time. Although they may feel stiff initially, wearing them for a while or putting them through a wash with washing powder or fabric softener can help stretch and loosen the fabric for a more comfortable fit.

Ordering a Size Smaller

To ensure the perfect fit, some Dickies enthusiasts swear by ordering a size smaller than their usual size. This proactive approach takes into account the initial shrinkage, resulting in a pair of Dickies that will eventually settle into the ideal size after the first few washes.

This sizing strategy contributes to the long-term satisfaction of Dickies wearers, who value the brand for its reliability and comfort.

Maintaining Quality

One of the key reasons Dickies has stood the test of time is its commitment to quality. Despite the initial shrinkage, Dickies retain their durability and robust construction. The fabric and stitching ensure that even after slight size adjustments, the garment’s integrity remains intact.

Do Dickies pants shrink in the wash?

Yes, if you machine wash Dickies pants in cold water on a low temperature and gentle spin cycle, they are less likely to shrink. The cold water helps prevent damage or shrinkage, and the slower spin cycle is gentle on the worn-down sections of the trousers, avoiding any undesirable changes in size.

Do Dickies hoodies shrink?

Yes, Dickies hoodies can shrink if you use warm or hot water to wash them and throw them in a hot dry cycle for a prolonged period.

The fabric’s nature makes it susceptible to shrinkage under such conditions. According to the instruction label, the recommended care is to machine wash cold and tumble dry low to minimize shrinkage.


In the journey of discovering whether Dickies shrink, it’s essential to embrace the initial changes that occur during the first wash and dry. The 3% shrinkage in size is a small price to pay for the loyalty and durability that Dickies offer.

For those who prefer a snug fit, ordering a smaller size can be smart, allowing the pants to settle into the perfect size over time.

So, Dickies stand out not only for their iconic style but also for their ability to withstand the test of wear and washing, emerging as a reliable and enduring piece of clothing in every wardrobe.