Can You Dye Fabric With Acrylic Paint? (Here’s How)

Last Updated on August 5, 2023

Dyeing fabric has been around for centuries, but did you know that you can use acrylic paint to dye fabric? Have you ever thought about why they do this, though?

It’s Tersia Jager, and welcome back to my another article. Earlier, we tried fabric dyeing with CoffeeTeaHair Dye, Turmeric, etc. Here, I’ll show you how to dye your clothes using acrylic paint in this highly requested article. Dyeing fabric with acrylic paint has several advantages, including ease of use, a wide range of color options, and cost-effectiveness. So, let’s jump right into this tutorial!

Can you dye fabric with acrylic paint?

Yes, you can dye fabric with acrylic paint. Acrylic paint can be mixed with water to create a paint wash solution, which can be used to dye fabric. It offers a wide range of color options, and the process is simpler and more cost-effective compared to traditional dyeing methods.

Materials Needed

  1. Fabric (shirt, t-shirt, etc.)
  2. Acrylic paint in desired colors
  3. Textile medium (optional)
  4. Latex gloves
  5. Bucket
  6. Pillowcase
  7. Safety pin

Steps to Follow

Step 1: Prepare the Fabric and Workspace

Prepare the Fabric
Image Source: Nava Rose Youtube
  • Choose the fabric you want to dye, such as a shirt or t-shirt. It’s recommended to start with 100% cotton fabric for best results.
  • Set up your workspace by laying down a protective sheet or working in an area that can be easily cleaned in case of spills.

Step 2: Mix the Paint Solution

Mix the Paint Solution
Image Source: Nava Rose Youtube
  • Fill a bucket with enough water to cover the garment you plan to dye barely. Avoid using too much water, as it will dilute the paint.
  • Select your acrylic paint colors. Acrylic paints offer various colors and can be mixed to create custom shades.
  • Squeeze the desired amount of acrylic paint into the water. Use approximately two parts acrylic paint to one part textile medium (if using). Adjust the amount based on the intensity of color you desire.
  • Mix the paint and water mixture thoroughly until there are no paint chunks. This will create your paint wash solution.

Step 3: Dye the Fabric

Dye the Fabric
Image Source: Nava Rose Youtube
  • Place your damp fabric into the paint wash solution, ensuring it is fully submerged. For larger garments, you may need to use multiple paint bottles.
  • Mix the fabric in the solution, ensuring every part is exposed to the dye. You can wear latex gloves to protect your hands during this process.
  • Keep the fabric in the paint wash solution for approximately 10-15 minutes to allow the dye to penetrate the fibers fully. Stir occasionally to ensure even coverage.
  • If you want a more saturated color, add more paint to the mixture and continue mixing until you achieve the desired shade. You can add paint directly to the fabric and mix it in.

Step 4: Rinse and Dry the Fabric

Rinse and Dry the Fabric
Image Source: Nava Rose Youtube
  • Remove the fabric from the paint wash solution and wring out the excess liquid. Be cautious, as the paint may still be wet and can transfer.
  • If desired, rinse the fabric under cold water to remove any excess paint. This step is optional but can help prevent color bleeding in future washes.
  • Place the damp fabric inside a pillowcase and secure the top with a safety pin. This will protect your dryer from any paint residue.
  • Dry the fabric in a dryer on the hottest temperature setting available. You can run the dryer for multiple cycles to ensure the fabric is fully dried.

Step 5: Final Touches and Care Instructions

Final Touches - Dye Fabric With Acrylic Paint
Image Source: Nava Rose Youtube
  • Remove the fabric from the pillowcase once it’s dry. The color may appear lighter when dry compared to when it is wet.
  • If you prefer a softer feel, allow the fabric to rest for a few weeks before washing it with your regular laundry.
  • Due to the drying process, some areas of the fabric may have a worn-in or vintage look. This can add character to your dyed garment.
  • Enjoy your newly dyed fabric and incorporate it into your wardrobe. Remember to wash it separately or with similar colors for the first few washes to prevent color bleeding.

FAQ – People also ask

Can you use acrylic paint as fabric paint?

Yes, acrylic paint can be used as fabric paint. Adding a fabric medium to the acrylic paint helps to make it more flexible and durable on fabric surfaces.

Can you use acrylic paint in water to dye fabric?

Yes, you can use acrylic paint mixed with water to dye fabric. Combine the acrylic paint with water in a container, such as a bowl or a jar, and use it as a dye solution for your fabric.

Can I use acrylic ink as a dye for fabric?

Yes, you can use acrylic ink as a dye for fabric. It offers an easier and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fabric dyes, and the fabric can be used in projects as soon as it’s dry.

How do you make acrylic paint permanent on clothes?

Mix a textile medium into the paint to make acrylic paint permanent on clothes. This creates a washable fabric paint that won’t crack, bleed, or run while keeping the fabric flexible.

Can I dye my jeans with acrylic paint?

Yes, you can dye your jeans with acrylic paint. However, it’s important to note that low-quality paint brands with a high filler content may result in cracking after drying on denim.

Does acrylic paint stay on clothes?

Yes, acrylic paint can stay on clothes if the fabric is properly primed with a medium and sealed with heat to prevent running or flaking.

Can ink be mixed with acrylic paint?

Yes, ink can be mixed with acrylic paint, especially if you choose an acrylic-based ink. Both ink and acrylic paint can be diluted with water, allowing them to be mixed together or used in a layering effect.

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Dyeing fabric with acrylic paint offers a cost-effective and versatile alternative to traditional dyeing methods. By following these steps, you can easily transform your clothes into vibrant colors. Experiment with different fabrics, colors, and techniques to achieve unique and personalized results. Happy crafting!

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