ELNA Sewing Machine History

Last Updated on August 5, 2023

Delve into ELNA Sewing Machine History: The ELNA trademark has long been synonymous with exceptional quality, innovation, and top-notch customer service. ELNA is a dynamic and thriving company with a steadfast focus on continuous improvement and an expanding global distribution network.

ELNA Sewing Machine History
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Its presence extends to over 60 countries worldwide, and its sewing machines and overlocks have been making waves in CIS countries for over a decade. Renowned for superior design and product quality, ELNA has rightfully earned its place as a premium brand, revered by experts in the clothing industry.

Philosophy: Sewing and Embroidery Made Fun

ELNA’s philosophy revolves around making sewing and embroidery an enjoyable experience. This principle guides their commitment to creating sewing machines that are modern, versatile, and user-friendly.

As pioneers of innovation, ELNA introduced a range of groundbreaking features, including lightweight sewing machines, automatic needle threaders, heirloom stitch options, and expandable stitch collections through the invention of interchangeable cams, cartridges, and stitch cards.

ELNA Sewing Machine History

The brand’s commitment to quality stitching and machine design is evident. ELNA is a leader in household overlockers, introducing a unique tilting mechanism for easy needle changing. Their machines set new standards by combining 5-thread stitches, 2-thread chain stitches, and 3-thread cover stitches. ELNA’s trailblazing spirit even led to introducing a computer display with operating instructions and automatic thread tension.

A Historic Journey

The company’s history traces back to 1940, marked by the launch of the revolutionary Elna #1 sewing machine. This compact, portable, free-arm electric sewing machine boasts a folding knee lever for adjustable speed. Its vibrant green color set it apart from the traditional black machines of its time. Elna #1’s commercial success propelled the company into the realm of household sewing equipment production.

Pioneering Innovations

The Elna Supermatic, introduced in 1952, made history as the world’s first home sewing machine with a zigzag stitch and interchangeable cams for altering stitch patterns. The iconic Elna Lotus debuted in 1968 with a distinctive design that earned it a place in New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) Design Collection.

In 1973, ELNA launched the pioneering Elna Press – the first home ironing press that transformed ironing into a hassle-free task. Compact and delivering professional results, the Elna Press swiftly gained worldwide acclaim.

A Comprehensive Range

ELNA Sewing accessories

ELNA’s product lineup includes a comprehensive range of sewing machines, overlockers, and ironing presses. ELNA caters to all skill levels, from basic electromechanical models to cutting-edge sewing and embroidery machines capable of intricate designs. Each ELNA product meets stringent European quality standards, ensuring reliability and excellence.

Your Sewing Companion

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned sewing enthusiast, ELNA is here to assist you. As your trusted sewing shop, we’re dedicated to helping you find the perfect sewing machine to bring your creative visions to life.

1940ELNA #1 is the first portable sewing machine with detachable arm, electric motor and built-in lighting. Invented by Ramon Casas, this machine has revolutionized the household sewing machine segment.
1952Elna Supermatic is a revolutionary concept brought to life. It is the first household sewing machine with forward feed, reverse feed and interchangeable copiers.
1963First overlock stitch for home sewing machine.
1964The Star series is the first electronic sewing machine to offer its users such innovations as variable sewing and decorative stitches, as well as automatic buttonhole sewing.
1968Elna Lotus is an innovation of its time. This is the first compact household sewing machine with a reduced size and weight. The covers that serve as a cover for the machine, when unfolded, form a convenient sewing table. An integrated accessory compartment is located on the top of the machine. Lotus is on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
1972Elna was chosen as the official sewing machine for the Munich Olympics.
1973Elnapress is presented – professional ironing equipment for the home.
1976A double overlock stitch has been created.
1978Elna Air Electronic is the first sewing machine with air pedal control, color coded stitch selection and settings. A distinctive feature was also a reduced noise level from the operation of the machine.
1982Elna Carina, a machine that retains the benefits and design concept of ELNA Lotus, has added many new features for comfortable sewing, such as the first super overlock stitch suitable for all types of fabric. Electronics has become an integral part of this series of machines.
1985Elna 5000 is the first computerized Swiss sewing machine and the first machine with an electronic memory unit.
1986The first Elna overlock with the latest developments is presented – tension discs, a deepened moving knife with a local blade system, adjustable foot pressure on the fabric, a moving thread guide for the lower looper.
1986Elna 7000 is a computerized sewing machine with a cartridge that allows you to update a set of stitches.
1987Elnalock L5 is the first portable 2-needle 5-thread household overlock with 2-3-4-5 threads.
1988The first ironer with an integrated sleeve platform.
1989The Elna 9000 computer sewing machine is introduced with a stitch width of 7 mm, the possibility of direct and mirror image of the lines.
1991Elna PRO 5 DC is the first 4/5-thread computer overlocker with exclusive electronic speed reduction.
1994Elna 905DCX and 904 DCX are the first overlockers with a computer controlled thread tension system; Elna 905 is the first household overlocker with a cover stitch and the exclusive PRO Card system.
1994Elna introduces the first computerized embroidery sewing machine with traditional sewing stitches and automatic hoop embroidery.
1996Elna 925 DCX is the first household overlocker with three types of cover stitch, including a 3-needle cover stitch.
1998EnVision embroidery software, compatible with a consumer computer, and Elna CE 20 and Elna 8006 sewing machines are introduced.
1999Elna introduces the 945 overlocker, which has an extended memory that allows you to work with 48 programs.
2001Elna introduces the Opal press with a temperature display on the panel.
2001The Elna Xquisit computerized sewing and embroidery machine with automatic bobbin winding was introduced.
2001The eXpressive software for the Elna Xquisit sewing and embroidery machine is released.
2002Elna overlocker with built-in 2-stage converter, clear display and automatic thread tension adjustment.
2004Computer sewing machine Elna 7200 Quilter’s Dream PRO with new technical characteristics: high speed and increased working surface, knee lever, variety of sewing functions.
2004Computer sewing machine Elna 6600 Quilter’s Dream2 with built-in memory.
2005Embroidery machine Elna Xperience 8200.
2005A device for recording embroidery designs has been developed.
2006Mechanical sewing machine Elna 3210 with a standard set of operations.
2006Electronic sewing machine Elna 3230 with an increased set of stitches.
2006Computer sewing machine Elna 6200 with an additional compartment for storing feet on the front panel of the machine and new types of stitches.
2007Five-thread overlocker Elna 745 with an additional chain stitch function and a special decorative stitch for sewing blankets.
2007Mechanical sewing machines Elna 2600 and Elna 2800 with an updated design and a standard set of operations.
2007Elna 9900 comes out. This is the first four-needle semi-professional embroidery machine.
2007Developed professional software Digitizer EX for embroidery.
2008The Elna 444 cover stitch is the perfect complement to an overlock machine.
2011The new Elna eXcellence 740, a computerized sewing machine with a long free arm (280 mm) and a large working surface for large projects.
2011Elna is celebrating its 40th anniversary and is renewing its range of ironing presses with three new models: Elnapress 720 , 520 and 320
2012Elna renews its greatest classic and launches the new Elna Lotus sewing machine, elegant and easy to use.
2013The continuation of the eXcellence series comes out – the 730 and 760 machines. Excellent computer sewing machines for patchwork and quilting. These two models offer a maximum stitch width of up to 9mm for impressive results.
2013Elna eXpressive 860. The latest sewing-embroidery machine, equipped with a compact embroidery module, 9 mm stitches and a wide range of other cutting-edge features.

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