Elna Vs. Janome – Are They Same? Which One is Better?

Last Updated on June 11, 2023

Discover the difference between Elna vs. Janome: One of the first things that users often notice about Elna machines is their superior finish and unique touches. Elnas tend to have a more refined appearance, and their design features set them apart.

Elna Vs. Janome
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Elna vs. Janome

However, at their core, Elna machines are built with Janome’s high standards and quality. This translates into excellent stitch formation and the ability to use Janome feet, which are compatible with both 5mm and 6mm+ stitch machines.

Advantage of Elna Machines

Elna Elnita ec60
Elna Elnita ec60
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One particular advantage of Elna machines is their presser foot pressure, which allows for more precise control over fabric feeding. 

Also, Elnas often come with a nicer accessory compartment and a broader selection of stitch options compared to the entry-level Janome models. 

These extra features can enhance the overall sewing experience and provide more versatility for various projects.

Advantage of Janome

Janome 3160QDC-T
Janome 3160QDC-T
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Janome machines also offer their own set of advantages. They are known for their reliable performance and stitch quality, which is essential for achieving professional-looking results. 

Janome offers various models to suit various skill levels and sewing requirements. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned seamstress, a Janome machine meets your needs.

What is the main difference between Janome and Elna?

Janome and Elna have a close relationship. The main difference between Janome and Elna is the brand name and the external appearance of the machines. They are closely related, with Janome being involved in the manufacturing process of Elna machines. 

Specific models within each brand may have different features and price points, so it’s important to consider the individual models rather than just the brand name when purchasing. 

Here are the main differences and similarities between the two brands:

  1. Brand Identity: Janome and Elna are separate brands but share some similarities due to their association. Janome manufactures machines for themselves as well as other brands, including Elna.
  2. Compatibility: The accessories made for Janome machines are compatible with Elna machines. That suggests that the machines’ internal workings are similar, and the only notable difference may be in the external casings.
  3. Pricing and Features: In some cases, Elna may offer additional features compared to the equivalent Janome model at a slightly higher price with more features for an additional $500.
  4. Manufacturing: Elna machines are no longer Swiss-made but are now manufactured by Janome. So the manufacturing of Elna machines has been integrated into the Janome production line.

Elna vs. Janome – Which One is Better?

When picking between Janome and Elna, evaluating the dealers’ customer service and support is critical. While manufacturing quality is similar, the level of service accessible to you may vary based on your region and the dealers available to you.

One strategy to evaluate a dealer is initially to inquire about entry-level machines. A reputable dealer should treat you well regardless of your budget and help you make an informed decision based on your needs.

Another aspect to consider is the availability of servicing after the sale. Local dealers often handle machine repairs, so it’s worth finding out from people in your area about their experiences with both Janome and Elna dealers. Reliable and prompt servicing can ensure that your machine continues to perform optimally in the long run.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of information available online, including reviews, pictures, and comparisons, that can assist you in making an informed decision. Before making your final decision, do your homework and get as much information as possible.

In the end, whether you choose Janome or Elna, both brands offer quality machines that sewing enthusiasts highly regard. The fact that Elna machines are made at Janome plants and share many similarities with Janome models speaks volumes about their reliability and performance.

User Experiences:
An author of the Patternreview Sewing forum shared, “I have personally owned two Elna machines, the 9500 and the 745 sergers, and have found them to be excellent in terms of reliability. I have also had previous experiences with Janome machines, and I can also attest to their quality. Ultimately, my decision to choose Elna was influenced by the exceptional support provided by my authorized online dealer, which was crucial for me as I frequently move locations.”


In conclusion, Janome and Elna offer reliable sewing machines with unique features. Conduct thorough research, read reviews, and visit local dealers to determine which brand and model best suit your needs. Regardless of your choice, investing in a Janome or Elna machine will likely bring you joy and satisfaction in your sewing endeavors. Good luck!

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