Fabric Calculator for Cushions – (With Formula)

Last Updated on February 5, 2024

Use our Fabric Calculator for Cushions: If you’re planning to reupholster or make new cushions for your furniture, accurate measurements are crucial for a successful project. A fabric calculator for cushions can be your best friend in this endeavor, ensuring you purchase just the right amount of fabric.


  • Accurate measurements are the foundation of a successful cushion project.
  • Multiply the cushion length by two to account for both the top and bottom faces to ensure enough fabric for the entire cushion.
  • Add an inch to the length and width to make space for seams.
  • Use the formula Total Fabric Needed = Fabric Length x Fabric Width to figure out the correct fabric required for each cushion.

Fabric calculator for cushions

We created a calculator to make this task easier for you. Here, we’ll walk you through the process using a detailed formula.

Fabric Calculator for Cushions

Fabric Calculator for Cushions

Step 1: Measure the Cushion

Start by measuring the length and width of a single cushion from your furniture piece. Use a tape measure for precision, and record the dimensions in inches.

Step 2: Account for Top and Bottom Faces

Since each cushion has both a top and bottom face, multiply the length by two. This accounts for the fabric needed to cover both sides of the cushion.

Fabric Length = Cushion Length × 2

Step 3: Add Seams

Add an inch to your fabric’s length and width to ensure it covers the entire cushion. This extra inch accounts for the seams where the fabric will be sewn together.

Fabric Length = Fabric Length + 1

Fabric Width = Fabric Width + 1

Step 4: Calculate the Final Fabric Requirement

Now that you have the adjusted fabric length and width, you can calculate the final fabric requirement using the formula:

Total Fabric Needed = Fabric Length × Fabric Width

This formula gives you the total square inches of fabric needed for one cushion.

Example: How do I calculate how much fabric I need for cushions?

Measure your cushion, double the length for both sides, add 1 inch to each dimension for seams, and multiply for total fabric needed.

Let’s say your cushion measures 18 inches in length and 16 inches in width.

Fabric Length = 18×2 = 36 inches

Fabric Width= 16×2 = 32 inches

Adding an inch to both the length and width:

Fabric Length = 36+1 = 37 inches

Fabric Width = 32+1 = 33 inches

Now, calculate the total fabric needed:

Total Fabric Needed = 37×33 = 1221 square inches

How much fabric do I need for a 45cm cushion?

To determine how much fabric you need for a 45cm cushion, follow these steps:

  1. Measure the Cushion: Length of the cushion: 45cm
  2. Account for Top and Bottom Faces: Multiply the length by two: 45×2=9045×2=90 cm
  3. Add Seams: Add an inch (approximately 2.54cm) to the length: 90+2.54=92.5490+2.54=92.54 cm

So, you would need approximately 92.54 cm of fabric for a 45cm cushion, accounting for both the top and bottom faces and including the seam allowance.

How many cushions can you make in 1 metre of fabric?

With 1 meter of fabric with a width of 140 cm, you can make approximately 3 square cushions that are 45 cm each. A cover slightly smaller (1-3 cm) than the inner pad provides a well-filled result.

What is normal cushion size?

  • Normal cushion sizes for a medium-sized sofa are typically 45x45cm (18×18 inches), 50x50cm (20×20 inches), or 55x55cm (22×22 inches).
  • For a larger sectional or sofa, larger cushions like 50x50cm (20×20 inches), 55x55cm (22×22 inches), and/or 60x60cm (24×24 inches) can work well together.

How many cm is a 20×20 cushion?

A 20×20 cushion is 50×50 cm.

What size cushion for a 50×50 cover?

For a 50x50cm (20×20 inches) cushion cover, you would typically use 55 x 55cm (22 inches) cushion inserts.

How do I know my cushion size?

To determine your cushion size, measure the width, depth, and thickness (height) of your furniture. Width is measured from left to right, depth is measured from front to rear, and thickness is the measurement from the seat bottom to the desired height or cushion thickness.


With the help of our fabric calculator for cushions and following these simple steps, you can use a fabric calculator to determine the amount of fabric needed for each cushion.

This ensures a precise and efficient upholstery or cushion-making process, saving you time and resources.