Free Quilt Patterns Using 5 Inch Squares – What to Make?

Last Updated on January 8, 2024

Hello, fellow crafters! It’s Melinda, and today, I’m excited to share with you a fun project I recently took on in my craft room. If you’ve ever found yourself with a collection of free quilt patterns using 5 inch squares, you’re in for a treat!

Free Quilt Patterns Using 5 Inch Squares


  • Learn how to make a charming quilt using 5-inch fabric squares without the need for half-square triangles.
  • Combine a charm pack and a Fat Quarter bundle to achieve a cohesive and visually appealing quilt top.
  • Master cutting and trimming 5-inch squares to ensure precision and uniformity in your quilt blocks.
  • Add a personal touch by incorporating leftover fabrics for borders, enhancing the overall design of your quilt.
  • Experiment with a figure-eight quilting pattern on a long-arm machine to give your quilt a unique and attractive finish.

Free Quilt Patterns Using 5 Inch Squares

I stumbled upon a charming charm pack called “Bliss” by Moda’s Three Sisters at a quilt retreat, and the inspiration struck to create a beautiful quilt using a free pattern I found on the Fat Quarter Shop – the Packed Cherry Quilt.

Free Quilt Patterns Using 5 Inch Squares

Materials Needed

  1. Charm squares (5-inch fabric squares)
  2. Fat Quarter bundle (in coordinating colors, if desired)
  3. Sewing machine
  4. Rotary cutter and mat
  5. Ruler
  6. Iron and ironing board


Charm squares5-inch squares
Solid squares5-inch squares
Print squares5-inch squares
Number of solid squares72
Number of print squares72
Total number of squares needed144 (72 solid, 72 print)
Fat Quarter bundleModa Fabrics, Corey Yoder’s “Beautiful Day”
Quilt top bordersSkinny on sides, wider on top and bottom
Assembled nine-patch block3×3 layout (solid, print, solid on top; solid, print, solid on bottom)
Rows of five-patch blocks24 rows with 3 patches each
Final quilt top dimensionsCustomized with added border for desired length
Quilting patternFigure-eight pattern on a long-arm machine

Step 1: Choosing and Cutting Fabrics

Cutting Fabrics
Cutting Fabrics

The pattern calls for 72 solid 5-inch squares and 72 print 5-inch squares. Since I only had 42 of each, I decided to cut additional squares from my Fat Quarter bundle. Ensure your fabric pieces are pressed and squared before cutting.

Step 2: Assembling Nine Patch Strips

Assembling Nine Patch Strips
Assembling Nine Patch Strips

Follow the pattern instructions to assemble nine-patch strips using two solid squares and one print square. Make a total of 24 strips, each measuring 5 by 14 inches.

Step 3: Creating Nine Patch Blocks

Creating Nine Patch Blocks

Sew the solid center with prints on each side and the print center with solids on each side. Pay attention to the arrangement of solid and print squares to follow the pattern correctly. Chain piecing can help speed up the process.

Step 4: Nesting Seams and Assembling Rows

When sewing the three-patch units together, press seams in alternating directions to allow for easy nesting. This technique aids in achieving precise points. Assemble rows following the pattern instructions.

Step 5: Trimming Blocks

After cutting the nine-patch blocks in half, use a ruler to trim them to 7 by 14 inches, ensuring straight lines and even edges.

Step 6: Creating Half Blocks

Assemble half blocks by combining one print and one solid block. Make eight of these half-block units.

Step 7: Assembling Quilt Top

Follow the pattern to assemble the quilt top by combining full blocks and half blocks in a specified order. Pay attention to the placement of solid and print squares for a cohesive design.

Step 8: Adding Borders

If desired, add borders to your quilt. April added wider borders to the top and bottom, with narrower borders on the sides for a balanced look.

Step 9: Quilting and Finishing

Quilting and Finishing
Quilting and Finishing

Quilt your project using your preferred design. April chose a figure-eight pattern for her quilt. Once quilted, add the binding, and your charm pack quilt is complete!


Can I use different fabric brands for the charm pack quilt?

Mixing and matching fabrics from different brands can add visual interest to your quilt. Just ensure that the colors and patterns complement each other well.

What if I don’t have a charm pack? Can I still make the quilt?

You can cut 5-inch squares from your fabric stash if you don’t have a charm pack. The key is to have 72 solid and 72 print 5-inch squares for the pattern.

I’m a beginner. Is the Packed Cherry Quilt pattern suitable for me?

Yes, this pattern is beginner-friendly as it avoids the complexity of half-square triangles. The straightforward construction of nine-patch blocks makes it an excellent choice for those new to quilting.

 What’s the purpose of nesting seams when assembling the blocks?

Nesting seams help achieve precise alignment and seamless connections between fabric pieces. It contributes to cleaner points and a more polished overall appearance in your finished quilt.

Can I customize the border size for the quilt?

Feel free to adjust the border size based on your preferences. The pattern is a guide, and personalizing it with unique borders is a great way to make the quilt your own.

How do I choose a quilting pattern for my quilt top?

A6: The choice of quilting pattern depends on your preference. I opted for a figure-eight design for its visual appeal. Experiment with different patterns or consult with a long-arm quilter for ideas that complement your quilt.

Can I wash my quilt after quilting to remove any marks or imperfections?

Yes, washing the quilt after quilting is a common practice. It often helps remove any marks or imperfections and gives the quilt a softer, more lived-in feel. Follow the care instructions for your fabrics and quilt batting.

How do I ensure uniformity when cutting and trimming the squares?

Use a clear ruler and align it precisely with the edges of your fabric squares. Take your time to measure and cut accurately. Trimming the blocks after assembly can further ensure uniformity in your quilt top.


Crafting with 5-inch fabric squares opens up a world of possibilities, from charming quilts to other creative projects.

I hope this journey through making a charm pack quilt has inspired you to explore new patterns and experiment with your favorite fabrics. Remember, crafting is about enjoying the process and creating something beautiful with your hands. 

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