How to Buy a Sewing Machine for Beginners

Last Updated on March 8, 2020

How to Buy a Sewing Machine for Beginners

Are you a beginner in sewing who needs that right sewing machine to get started? Well, you have come to the right article. Sewing Machines are of many types, and beginners can not use all kinds of sewing machines. But there are many tips and tricks on how to buy a sewing machine for beginners. Just read on to find out what they are.

Choosing the Right Machine

All sewing machines are not created equal. A specific sewing machine model comes with its unique features and flaws. There would be sewing machines that come with the perfect features for you, but there are other machine models that have features you might not even need.

So first, you have to know what to look for in a sewing machine. It would save you not only a whole lot of time but also a whole bunch of money. For a beginner, a sewing machine should have features that make sewing a straightforward task while also enabling you to do a wide range of sewing projects.

Things to Look for

One of the features you have to look for in a sewing machine is its sewing speed. A high sewing speed would mean sewing projects would be completed as fast as possible.

The availability of switches or dials to change the sewing speed and stitch lengths would also make your sewing experience very simple. If you find sewing machines with automatic features such as an LCD screen that displays what settings the machine is on, you should buy that if it has an affordable price.

1. Built-in Automatic Needle Threader

Another automated feature is the built-in automatic needle threader. This feature is handy for beginners as the machine correctly passes the thread through the needle for you, removing frustration. For sewing a wide variety of sewing projects, you should keep an eye on how many built-in stitches the machine has.

The more the number of built-in stitches, the more types of sewing you would be able to do with that machine. But if you are a newcomer to sewing, then seeing so many stitch options might overwhelm you. So we suggest finding an average number of stitches such as 30-20 built-in stitches, for a more relaxed approach.

2. Lightweight and Portable

You would want your sewing machine to take as little space as possible in your home, and you would also want your machine to be portable. For that, look for a device that has low dimensions and has very lightweight. It would enable you to carry it anywhere you like.

You should also look for a very sturdy sewing machine. See if the device has a durable or heavy-duty metal frame. The stronger the structure, the sturdier the machine is going to be. A very sturdy tool would allow you to even sew with thick or multiple layers of fabrics with ease.

3. Other useful Features

Lastly, you should look for other helpful attributes such as having a free arm for ease with small projects, LED lighting for removing eye strain, an automated bobbin winder, an automated button holing feature, multiple changeable sewing feet, and many accessories.

You should also check what the warranty is on the product to save yourself from future stress. If you find all these essential features in a machine and you think that it is affordable, then you have found the perfect machine for you.


So those were the tips and tricks we had in store for you. The advice mentioned above would now help you to make a sage decision when you go to buy your first sewing machine. We hope that you can find an excellent sewing machine for you, and wish you a pleased sewing journey.


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