How to Check the Sewing Machine When Buying

Last Updated on February 28, 2024

How to check the sewing machine when buying: Probably every person who buys his first modern sewing machine asks how to understand how high-quality a machine he will buy now and what it is worth, first of all, to pay attention to.

How to Check the Sewing Machine When Buying

A sewing machine is a reliable assistant in every home and has decided to make a purchase, and you need to prepare thoroughly.

6 Main Stages of Verification

After all, this purchase is made for a long time, and by choosing high-quality sewing equipment, you can sew with pleasure for many years. Having mastered simple tips, everyone can test the sewing machine before buying.

1. Appearance

First of all, you need to consider the appearance, and the surface should not have scratches and even more chips. Take the manufacturer’s instructions and check the contents of the package.

2. Speed Controller

Electromechanical sewing machines for home use have a pedal to control the sewing speed. When pressed, the machine’s movement should be smooth, not “tear” from a place. The way the pedal is pressed is of decisive importance. Do not squeeze it all the way; it is done smoothly, with little effort.

The presence of a speed regulator will allow you to control the sewing speed, and it is necessary to sew a line by setting both the slowest step and the fastest one. In simple models, the sewing speed changes depending on the pedal’s pressure; with a little practice, it will not be difficult to control the speed.

3. Sewing Stitches

To be fully armed, take a piece of calico with you. When choosing, it is important to check the sewing quality. To do this, fold the material in two layers and sew a straight stitch.

The fabric does not need to be handled or guided. The sewing machine should perform a straight stitch on its own, and the thread tension should be the same; the fabric should not “go” to the side. Allowable slip is up to 5 mm per 10 centimeters of length.

Check the zigzag stitch, select a width of 3 mm, and a stitch length of 3 mm, and the thread tension should not change during sewing. Deliberately loosen the upper thread tension with the dial and sew again. Loops will appear on the seamy side, and the same size is a good sign. When performing this operation, pay attention to how the reverse works.

If your machine includes a buttonhole foot, check this function. Buttonhole sewing machines can be automatic or semi-automatic, depending on the machine model. In the first case, a person who does not have much experience in performing loops will cope with testing.

If the mode is semi-automatic, ask the shop assistant to make the buttonhole. Having decided to purchase an overlock, take a piece of jersey with you instead of coarse calico, check the quality of the stitching, controlling:

  • Thread tension;
  • The appearance of the stitch.

In this case, it is important that the jersey does not gather in folds, all the threads lie flat.

4. Hinge appearance

Take a closer look at the hinges on the outside and the wrong side. Optimally, when the threads’ arrangement is even, the loop resembles as much as possible the stitches made on factory items.

5. Sewing Sssistance Functions

When choosing a household sewing machine, it is worth knowing more than just how to check a sewing machine when buying. Experienced experts advise choosing a model with options to facilitate further work. The main ones are:

  • Regulator of pressure on the fabric: The final quality depends on the force of pressure of the presser foot on the material. When changing the type of fabric, adjust the presser foot pressure. The presence of a pressure regulator will simplify the adjustment;
  • Thread tension regulator: When working with the material of different thicknesses, the regulator will have to be used constantly. Its design should be clear, and the manufacturer’s instructions describe in detail how to increase or decrease the tension;

6. Warranty Service

Today, all new sewing machines have a warranty, and it must be at least one year. It is better if the repair services are located in the city of your residence.


And you also need to check whether the bobbin is wound, whether all the buttons work, and that’s all, perhaps.

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