How to Choose a Sewing Table – (5 Unique Ideas)

Last Updated on December 15, 2022

How to Choose a Sewing Table? Not only a good sewing machine determines the quality and usability. Whether it be sharp scissors or thin and durable chalk, any little things create comfort in work, improve its quality, and ultimately increase the mood and pleasure from sewing.

The table occupies a special place in the workplace arrangement and the sewing process for the sewing machine. When cutting fabric, ironing, and placing the necessary tools and accessories takes place on one small table, it is often necessary to be annoyed by the inconvenience and crampedness, which makes it difficult to focus on the most important process sewing.

How to Choose a Sewing Table?

How to Choose a Sewing Table

How to solve this problem, if the price of such a table (photo) is higher than the cost of an inexpensive model of a computerized sewing machine, from 18 thousand rubles. How to get a good sewing table for a sewing machine for a small price. And is it possible to make a table for a sewing machine with your own hands?

What Makes a Good Sewing Table?

A decent sewing table should have enough of working area, be solid and durable, and have many shelves and drawers to store sewing accessories and fabrics.

Can I Use a Folding Table for Sewing Machine?

Folding Table for Sewing Machine

Yes! For household sewing machines in the store, you can buy a ready-made, folding table as a sewing table.

Describing its advantages does not make sense. This is clearly visible in the photo. Everything that you have for the sewing process can be placed on this table, starting from threads and ending with overlock. If possible, it’s better not to come up with an option for arranging your sewing place.

The designers provided all the nuances and took into account its height and width, the convenience of the sewing machine’s location, and other tools. And most importantly, such a sewing table easily turns into a small bedside table, where your inventory will be stored.

Even for a sewing machine, when folding such a table, there was a place. She just goes down there with the platform, mounted on special runners.

Of course, all these features are not provided for all models of sewing tables. The presence of many of them will depend on its price. But even the most inexpensive folding table will add up, which is very convenient and useful, especially in a small apartment.

Can I Use a Computer Table as a Sewing Table?

Computer Table as a Sewing Table

Yes! For a sewing machine, you can adopt a regular computer table. Moreover, often it is not even necessary to buy it since it is in every house. And sometimes when buying a new one, they just throw it away as unnecessary or take it to the country.

You can buy a new table. Then you will have the opportunity to choose its size and number of boxes, etc. By the way, if the old computer desk has shelves mounted on top, they can be easily dismantled, thereby freeing the countertop. But the seamstress does not have extra shelves; there is always something to place there.

Even the most ordinary school computer desk will create your comfort and convenience at work. Moreover, the price is quite affordable.

How to Make Your Own Sewing Table? Is it Possible?

It is possible, but not necessary. Firstly, it is quite difficult, and not every craftsman will make it neat and beautiful. Secondly, for the manufacture of the table, not only a laminated plate but also accessories will be required, which in general will cost slightly lower than the finished sewing table.

If it is so necessary to make a sewing table with your own hands, then the easiest way is to adopt a bed from a foot sewing machine for this. It is enough to buy a solid plate under the countertop in the building materials store and fix it on the back to the legs of the bed. Naturally, you will need to dismantle the foot drive and paint the metal frame to match the color of the countertop. Then it will look not only neat but also stylish.

If the countertop is quite long, then on such a table, it will be convenient not only to sew but also to cut the fabric. This is important for those who often sew and cut clothes, curtains, etc.

Can I Use Industrial Sewing Machine Table in Home?

Sewing table for industrial sewing machine unsuitable for home. Despite the fact that its drive works quietly enough and it is possible to connect 220 volts to the network, nevertheless, it is more convenient to use such a table in an atelier or workshop. Moreover, a household sewing machine will not work for such a table, but only an industrial one. Industrial equipment at home can only be found in professional seamstresses who do not need such advice.

Professional Swing Table for Home

Industrial Sewing Machine Table

But for the house, you can buy just such a professional sewing table. It has an adjustable tabletop height, and it is convenient to use the pedal since there is a lot of free space under the table. It is also important that the working surface of the machine is regulated flush with the countertop, on which you can even tint small details. We bring to your attention some of the most popular models of sewing tables.

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  1. I’ve been on the hunt for an L-shaped table for my wife’s sewing area. Having trouble finding one, thinking of getting it custom-made as a Christmas surprise and to move her sewing stuff out of the kitchen. Any suggestions on builders who can make and ship one?

  2. Consider reaching out to local carpenters or furniture craftsmen who offer custom-built solutions and shipping services to find the perfect L-shaped table for your wife’s sewing needs, making Christmas a delightful surprise.

  3. My cutting table is two long boards put together, 2.40m by 1.20m, and instead of legs I have two chests of drawers. Then I have a sewing table which i baught it from amazon.

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