How to Do Monogramming With a Sewing Machine

Last Updated on March 1, 2020

How to Do Monogramming With a Sewing Machine

A monogram is a pattern design to decorate, or showing ownership. A drawing made with a few letters combination is known as the monogram. With a regular sewing machine, it might consume your time. All you need is the best quality of sewing foot. So, you can use it as an embroidery machine.

Where can you use a monogram with a sewing machine?

Monogram can be any person’s initials or other things (like an organization or a symbol or logo). But most of them it is personalizing their crafts. It shows its owner’s personality or taste. The monogram we are talking about, it can be done in anything. With a sewing machine, you can do it in every type of fabric.

Types of Monogramming Design

There are five types of monogramming design.

Straight placed monogram

A straight line of name or number draws with the sewing machine.  If there are three initials, then the middle one will be a little more significant than the front and back one.

Shaped monogram

In this design, initials written in any shape. It can be oval, circular, or other type shapes. Here the monogram is done without using a frame.

Framed monogram

Here, the initials heaped inside a frame of any shape. The shape can be circular or oval or other shapes.

Block monogram

In block monogram, two or three initials heaped completely. Every initial is did in a different design.

Interlock monogram

Here will happen to overlap. Initial letters or numbers will interlock.

How to install monogramming foot

In the monogramming foot, there is a large opening for the needle to go through because decorative stitches can be broad. On the back has a nice wide groove for the stitches to go through when they have sewn. It is effortless to install. You have to take off the foot you have on your sewing machine and clamp on the monogramming foot.

How to use monogramming foot

Once you installed the monogramming foot, you can start doing some fun decorative stitches. There are different needles for different sutures. There is an important thing that is you cannot use your automatic threader with the wing needle.

You have to do it by your hand. You can easily increase the space between your stitches and switch over to a different decorative stitch also. Another thing that you can do with your monogramming foot is you can use a twin needle.

How to sew monogram stitches

You need a good quality of monogramming foot to sew. There are also a few things that you need to create a monogram (like fabrics, bobbin, monogram design, foundation paper, embroidery hoop, spray bottle, scissors).

Prepare the fabric to sew

First, you have to choose your fabric where you want to stitch.

Draw the design you want

Always draw the design that you want in your fabric. Sketch in your foundation paper and transfer it in fabric.

Prepare the machine

Firstly, remove the pressure foot and put it in up. Place the hoop under the needle and insert an embroidery needle. Set the bobbin and thread the machine.


Sew two small stitches and lock the stitches by backstitching them. Try to hold the hoop unwaveringly with both hands. Move the hoop slowly by your left hand. Move one initial to another by putting the pressure foot up.

Cut the thread: When you finished with your monogramming, take out the hoop. Remove the fabric under the pressure foot and cut the thread.

Here we showed you how to do monogramming with a sewing machine. I hope this will help you with your sewing. Thank you.


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