How to Finish Cross Stitch Projects in Hoop – (Guide)

Last Updated on January 10, 2024

Welcome to The Sewing Stuffs! I’m Melinda, and today I’ll guide you through three different ways to finish your cross-stitch projects in a hoop. These techniques will add the perfect finishing touch to your creations, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced stitcher.

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  • It is ideal for a fast and effortless solution, perfect for hanging against neutral walls. It’s not permanent; it’s changeable anytime.
  • It provides a polished finish with a covered back, preventing light from showing through. Non-permanent, allowing flexibility in finishing.
  • Offers a decorative and permanent solution, great for gifting. Completely covers the back for a professional look. Requires more time and supplies.
  • Choose the finish based on where you plan to display your cross stitch – whether on a wall, as a gift, or as a personal keepsake.
  • Don’t hesitate to try different finishing methods. Each approach adds a unique touch to your cross-stitch projects, so enjoy the process!

How to Finish Cross Stitch Projects in Hoop

Cross Stitch Projects in Hoop

To finish a cross stitch project in a hoop, tighten the fabric, trim excess fabric, and secure with a quick running stitch for a simple finish. Add a backing fabric and hide the back with a felt for a neater look. For an elegant, permanent finish, glue the fabric onto the hoop, cover the back with fabric-covered cardboard, and enjoy a polished piece of hoop art.

So, let’s explore turning your completed cross stitch pieces into beautifully finished hoop art.

1. Quick and Easy Finish – (Approximately 10 minutes)

Quick and Easy Finish
Quick and Easy Finish

Position your stitched piece in the hoop, tighten the screw, trim excess fabric, and use a running stitch to secure – a speedy, hassle-free option suitable for neutral backgrounds.

For a speedy yet effective finish, follow these simple steps

Positioning in the Hoop

  • Place your finished cross stitch piece in the hoop and tighten the screw securely.
  • Ensure the stitching is centered and has proper tension before tightening the screw again.

Fabric Trimming

  • Trim the fabric around the hoop, leaving approximately an inch or inch and a half.
  • The goal is to maintain a tidy edge without the need for precise measurements.

Running Stitch and Final Touch

  • Perform a running stitch around the hoop with sewing thread.
  • Pull the threads together to gather the fabric and ensure a clean finish.


  • Quick and easy.
  • Suitable for hanging against neutral-colored walls.
  • Not permanent; you can change the finishing anytime.


  • Back is uncovered, making the project translucent against light.

2. Hiding the Back – (Around 20 minutes)

Hiding the Back
Hiding the Back

Add backing fabric to the hoop, optionally insert cardboard for density, blanket-stitch felt to cover the back – a polished finish that conceals the back and minimizes light seepage.

For a more polished finish that covers the back, try these steps:

Backing Fabric and Optional Cardboard

  • Add a backing fabric to enhance density and prevent background visibility.
  • Optionally, cut a piece of cardboard matching the inner hoop dimension to block light; place it behind the fabric.

Stitching and Felt Attachment

  • Run a stitch around the hoop, pulling the fabric together.
  • Attach a piece of felt to the Back using a blanket stitch, ensuring it covers the entire Back.

Final Check and Adjustment:

  • Inspect the Back to ensure no light is visible through the stitching.
  • Trim any excess fabric, ensuring the finish is neat and presentable.


  • Hides the back for a neater look.
  • Better at preventing light from showing through the front.
  • Not permanent; you can change the finishing.


  • Aida fabric bulkiness might be visible through the felt.

3. The Prettiest – (Approximately 30 minutes)

The Prettiest
The Prettiest

Glue inner and outer fabrics to the hoop, create a fabric-covered backing with cardboard and felt, and attach a pretty fabric with a running stitch – a decorative, permanent finish ideal for gifting with a flawless look.

For a decorative and permanent finish, follow these steps:

Fabric Gluing onto the Hoop

  • Cut the fabric shorter, covering the width of the inner hoop, allowing it to gently touch the project inside.
  • Apply glue to the inner hoop and press the fabric against it, ensuring not to use excessive glue.

Creating Fabric-Covered Backing

  • Use cardboard and felt, cut to the inner hoop diameter, and glue them together.
  • Cut the decorative fabric around the cardboard, leaving a centimeter or two.
  • Stretch the fabric over the felt side and secure it with a running stitch.

Final Assembly

  • Attach the fabric-covered backing to the hoop, ensuring symmetry.
  • Press the fabric around the hoop to eliminate loose ends and visually inspect the final result.


  • Offers a polished and attractive finish.
  • Completely covers the back, preventing any light from showing through.
  • Ideal for gifting with the option to add personal touches.


  • Requires more time and supplies.
  • Permanent finish; not easily reversible.

FAQs for Finishing Cross Stitch Projects in Hoop

Can I change the finishing style after completing crossstitch?

Yes, the finishing is not permanent for the quick and easy and hiding-the-back methods. You can easily cut the thread and change the finishing style if desired. However, the prettiest finish is more permanent and requires careful consideration before applying the glue.

 Can I wash my cross stitch project after applying the finishing?

Washing is generally not recommended, especially for the glued finish, as it may affect the adhesion. For the quick and easy and hiding the back methods, washing is possible, but be cautious with excessive water exposure.

How do I prevent visible scrunched shapes when using Aida fabric to hide the back finish?

To minimize the bulkiness of Aida fabric, cut the edges shorter, and consider washing and ironing the finished piece. This softens the Aida fabric, making it less rigid and reducing visible scrunching.

Can I use a different type of glue for the prettiest finish?

While we used tacky glue, you can experiment with other fabric-safe glues. However, ensure the glue is acid-free to prevent damage or discoloration over time.

Can I add personal touches or a signature to the finished project?

Yes, the prettiest finish offers a great opportunity to personalize your project. You can add your signature, a date, or even a short message for the person you’re gifting it to.

 Will the fabric-covered backing method work for different hoop sizes?

Yes, the fabric-covered backing method is versatile and can be adapted to various hoop sizes. Adjust the dimensions of the cardboard, felt, and pretty fabric accordingly.

Can I use double-sided tape or a glue gun for the prettiest finish to speed up the process?

Yes, you can use double-sided tape or a glue gun as alternatives for the prettiest finish. They may speed up the process, but be cautious with excess glue and ensure it won’t damage your fabric over time.

How can I ensure my stitched piece is centered and has good tension in the hoop?

Before finalizing the finishing, always double-check the centering and tension. Adjust the position of your stitched piece in the hoop, tighten the screw, and ensure it meets your satisfaction before proceeding.

Can I use leftover thread from my cross-stitch kit for the running stitch in the hiding-the-back method?

Using leftover thread from your kit is a great way to tie in the colors of your project. You can also use a neutral-colored thread for a subtler look.


There you have it – three different ways to finish your cross-stitch projects in a hoop. Will you go for the quick, easy, neatly covered back, or prettiest finish? Share your thoughts, tips, or questions in the comments below. Happy stitching!

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