How to Gather Fabric with a Sewing Machine?

Last Updated on July 25, 2022

How to Gather Fabric with a Sewing Machine

Gathering fabric is essential for making creative designs with ruffles. They look excellent on skirts, sleeves, necklines, or other projects. It is quite simple to do with any sewing device. This process is less time-consuming than doing the same with hand stitches.

The users get more control over the fabric while using a sewing machine. Today, we are going to describe the procedures of gathering materials with your favorite sewing machine. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Collect the Requirements

You will need several tools and materials to do this. Make sure to bring the following items before start working:

  • Large and small pieces of fabric
  • A sewing machine: As a sewer can do it with a straight stitch, he/she can use any device.
  • Fabric marker
  • A ruler
  • Iron

Step 2: Prepare the Machine

First of all, you have to adjust the stitch length of the machine. Select one of the longest stitch lengths the machine offers. Try to pick a range above 3-inches. Be sure to leave a long extension of the thread in your tool.

It will be better to take a different colored yarn in the machine’s bobbin. It will allow you to detect the bobbin thread with minimum effort.

Step 3: Start Sewing

Lower the presser foot of the machine for generating the first seam. Sew a single straight stitch-line 1/4-inch from the fabric edge. The majority of the sewing tools allow a seam of this length. Don’t sew right at the sides to prevent making unwanted knots. Avoid reverse stitching at either beginning or the closure.

Now, drop the needle into your clothes or fabrics. When the needle goes down, lift the presser foot. Then make one more stitch line from a 1/4-inch distance from the previous line. The stitch should be parallel to the first one; otherwise, it will result in uneven ruffles.

If the two lines cross each other instead of being parallel, they will produce knots. In this case, the users have to start over. Keep long distances of thread at the sides of the fabric. It should be at least three to four-inch.

Step 4: Gather the Fabrics

The gathering can be done by pulling up the threads of the bobbin. As you used different color bobbin thread, you can easily detect it.

Now, you need to push the gathers towards the closure of the stitch line. Hold the threads carefully and pull both of them to get even gathers.

In this way, you will get perfect, evenly gathered fabrics each time. After pushing them with steam, you can start creating ruffles.

Step 5: Gathers Adjustment

As soon as the gathers are ready, tie the sides. Cut the extra thread. The created closed end will help to secure your gathers.

So they won’t come out while adjusting. Move and adjust the gathers according to your wish and create the look you want.

Step 6: Give Finishing

Sew Backward with a regular stitch length. It will help to secure your projects. Do it patiently to create a straight line and prevent the gathers from being caught on the presser foot. And this is it! Welcome the beautiful and perfect ruffles.

Final Words

Now you know the necessary procedures for adding ruffles. For the new sewers, it can be complicated. They might not get the desired result in the first trial.

So try these steps on a scrap piece of cloth first before working directly on your projects. We hope you will be able to create high-fashion outfits by following our guidelines appropriately.

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