How to Get Hot Glue Off Fabric? – (Simple Guide)

Last Updated on August 21, 2023

Welcome to TheSewingStuffs; today we will talk about your go-to source for effective cleaning solutions. Before diving in, remember to consult fabric care labels and test any solution on a small area. Different glues require different approaches.

How to Get Hot Glue Off Fabric

Is hot melt glue removable?

Yes, certain types of hot melt glue are removable. For instance, gummy glue, a pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive used to attach credit cards to paper surfaces, is designed for temporary bonding. It’s soft and peelable, allowing easy removal of credit cards without causing damage or leaving residue.

Does hot glue ruin fabric?

Hot glue can be an excellent choice for fabric, but cautious application is key. If applied too hot, hot glue can melt the fabric. To avoid damage, consider using low-temperature hot glue guns that allow you to work at cooler temperatures, ensuring your fabric remains unharmed.

If you need more clarification, contact the glue manufacturer. This guide is best on animal and fish-based glues.

How to get hot glue off fabric?

To remove hot glue from the fabric, let it dry first. Scrape off excess glue, soak in cold water overnight, apply a bit of liquid laundry detergent, use an eraser ball to rub the stain, then wash in warm water gently.

Step by Step

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Let It Dry

Let It Dry

Allow the hot glue to dry completely before attempting to remove it. This prevents spreading the glue further.

2. Gentle Scraping

Use a stiff-bristled brush or a blunt object, like the end of a spoon, to gently scrape off as much glue as possible.

3. Cold Water Soak

Cold Water Soak

Submerge the stained fabric in a bowl of cold water. Ensure the fabric is completely covered. Let it soak overnight. This softens the glue for easier removal.

4. Apply Liquid Laundry Detergent

Apply Liquid Laundry Detergent

After soaking, remove the fabric and apply a small amount of neat liquid laundry detergent, such as Persil Small & Mighty, directly onto the glue stain.

5. Use an Eraser Ball

Gently massage the stain with an eraser ball, working the detergent into the fabric.

6. Washing Machine

Washing Machine

Finally, place the fabric in the washing machine. Opt for a warm setting, as hot water can set the stain. Add your regular laundry detergent and wash as usual.

Does vinegar dissolve hot glue?

Absolutely! Removing hot glue is a breeze. White vinegar works wonders in dissolving hot glue, making its removal from various surfaces a cinch. Acetone and alcohol also do the trick by breaking down the glue’s bonding properties. So, whether it’s vinegar, acetone, or alcohol, your hot glue worries are sorted.

How do you remove hot glue from fabric without acetone?

Removing Hot Glue from Fabric without Acetone: Freeze the fabric for a few hours, then apply isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab. Gently rub glue spots wearing rubber gloves, and wash the fabric with Tide Detergent as usual.


Dealing with hot glue stains on fabric doesn’t have to be a hassle. With a few simple steps and a bit of patience, you can effectively remove those pesky marks and restore your fabric to its former glory.

Remember, patience is key. If the stain persists after the first attempt, repeat the process until the glue is completely removed.

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