How to Get Super Glue Out of Clothes? – (Easily)

Last Updated on August 21, 2023

Welcome again! on tackling a common dilemma – how to get super glue out of clothes. We’ve all been there: a crafting mishap or a wrong repair leaves you with unsightly glue stains on your favorite garments.

But fear not! With some know-how and the right techniques, you can bid farewell to those stubborn superglue stains and restore your clothes to their former glory.

How to Get Super Glue Out of Clothes

Here, we’ll walk you through practical methods and precautions to ensure successful glue removal without damaging your fabrics.

Does super glue stain clothes?

Yes, but avoiding immediate scrubbing is key. Contrary to usual stain-removing advice, allowing super glue stains to dry first is wiser. Attempting removal while wet can worsen the stain, as wet super glue spreads easily, enlarging the stained area.

Can you dissolve super glue from fabric?

Yes, you can! Super glue on fabric can be dissolved using acetone, rubbing alcohol, or nail polish remover. These agents break down the glue, making it removable. Just apply carefully and test on a small area first. Below we have shared step by step guide for you.

How to get super glue out of clothes?

Bid farewell to stubborn super glue stains on clothes with these easy methods. Gather a scrub brush, nail polish remover with acetone, and optional stain remover.

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Here’s how:

  1. Rinse the glued area with cold water.
  2. Gently rub the spot with a scrub brush or toothbrush until the glue softens.
  3. Apply a bit of nail polish remover with acetone using an old toothbrush, brushing back and forth.
  4. Use stain remover (optional), then wash following fabric label instructions.

Note: Keep super glue out of kids’ reach. Did you know super glue became available to the public in 1958? 😉

Will acetone damage clothes?

Yes, it can. Acetone’s potency may bleach or remove dyes from fabrics. Test in an inconspicuous spot to avoid potential damage when using acetone-based products like nail polish removers on clothes. Always better to be cautious!

Can baking soda and vinegar remove super glue from fabric?

While isopropyl alcohol is recommended for metal, baking soda and vinegar can remove super glue from fabric. Although it might require extra effort, scraping, and picking, it’s possible with patience and care. Always test on a small area first.

Can vinegar remove super glue from clothes?

Absolutely! Vinegar can effectively remove super glue from clothes. Thanks to its acetic acid content, vinegar can break down water-based and super glue, making it a handy solution for removing glue.

Can I use acetone on all fabrics to remove super glue?

Acetone can effectively remove super glue, but exercise caution on delicate fabrics. Always test on an inconspicuous area before applying.

Is rubbing alcohol safe to use on all fabrics?

Rubbing alcohol can help dissolve super glue, but some fabrics may be sensitive to it. Test on a hidden spot before using it on the stained area.

Can I use hot water to remove super glue from clothes?

While hot water can soften the glue, it’s not as effective as acetone, rubbing alcohol, or vinegar. These solvents are more reliable for glue removal.


Refrain from letting super glue mishaps get the best of your wardrobe. With the insights shared in this guide, you’re armed with the knowledge to conquer glue stains and enjoy your clothes once more.

Act quickly, test solutions on a small area, and treat different fabrics with care. Whether you opt for acetone, rubbing alcohol, or vinegar, each method has its own strengths.

So, the next time super glue tries to leave its mark, you’re well-equipped to restore your clothes confidently.

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