How to Make a Mug Cozy – Step by Step

Last Updated on January 11, 2024

As fall approaches, there’s nothing cozier than wrapping your hands around a warm mug of your favorite hot beverage. To enhance your autumn experience, why not add a personal touch to your mugs with handmade mug cozies?

How to Make a Mug Cozy


  • Make your cozy season with a handmade mug cozy for your favorite hot beverages.
  • Grab cotton fabric, matching thread, elastic, and a button to embark on this simple and rewarding DIY project.
  • Adjust the pattern to match your mug’s size for a snug and gap-free cozy that suits your preferences.
  • Fuse interfacing, sew elastic, and stitch the pieces together with a quarter-inch seam—simple steps for a stylish accessory.
  • Add a button, turn it right side out, and enjoy your personalized mug cozy all season long!

These simple accessories not only keep your hands from getting too hot but also serve as a stylish and practical addition to your daily routine.

How to Make a Mug Cozy – Step by Step

How to Make a Mug Cozy

 So, let’s dive into the crafting world and create a cozy mug that suits your taste.


Materials for Mug Cozy
Materials for Mug Cozy

 Before you embark on this delightful DIY project, gather the following materials:



Start by printing the provided pattern and cutting out the pieces. The pattern is designed for a standard-sized mug, complete with a small gap for the handle.

height measurements
Mug Height Measurements

However, if you have a different-sized mug or prefer a snug fit without a gap, take circumference and height measurements. Subtract half an inch from each dimension to determine the size of your fabric pieces.

Additionally, subtract an extra half inch from the width and height for the interfacing.

cut two pieces of fabric
Cut two pieces of fabric

Using the pattern or your custom measurements, cut two pieces of fabric and two pieces of interfacing. Fuse the interfacing sections to the middle of the fabric’s wrong side, ensuring the interfacing’s shiny side faces the fabric. Press each section for at least 10 seconds to secure the bond.


Cut a five-inch length of elastic
Cut a five-inch length of elastic
  • Cut a five-inch length of elastic and sew the ends to the right side of a shorter end of one of the fabric body pieces. Make sure the extra elastic stays down on the body piece.
  • Layer the fabric body pieces together with right sides facing and pin in place. Sew with a quarter-inch seam allowance, leaving an opening of a few inches at one of the long ends.

Finishing Touches

Topstitching around
Topstitching around
  • Turn the cozy right side out and fold the open edges in, pinning them securely.
  • Topstitch around the entire piece, backstitching at both ends for added durability.

Final Steps

Sew the button
Sew the button
  • Sew the button to the end opposite the elastic on either side of the fabric using a hand-sewing needle.
  • The side with the front of the button will become the right side of the cozy.


Congratulations, you’ve just crafted your own mug cozy! Embrace the upcoming fall season with a warm beverage in hand, snugly wrapped in your handmade creation. We hope you enjoyed this crafting adventure. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out.

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