How to Make a Sewing Needle Out of a Paperclip?

Last Updated on August 5, 2023

Learn How to Make a Sewing Needle Out of a Paperclip: We’ve all been there – diligently working on our latest sewing project, focused and determined, only to realize that our trusty sewing needle has vanished into thin air. It’s frustrating, it’s inconvenient, and it puts a halt to our creative flow.

How to Make a Sewing Needle Out of a Paperclip
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But fear not! Here, we’ll explore a nifty solution that will save the day and allow you to keep your stitching momentum going. So, if you’ve found yourself in the unfortunate situation of misplacing your needle, keep reading to discover an ingenious alternative that might surprise you.

How to make a sewing needle out of a paperclip?

So, how do you make a paperclip into a sewing needle? To make a sewing needle out of a paperclip, Unfold one end of the paperclip to create a pointy tip. Thread your yarn or thread through the larger eye of the paperclip, pinch it to secure it, and start sewing by pushing the paperclip through the fabric.

Here are the full steps to make a sewing needle out of a paperclip:

  • Take a paperclip.
  • Gently straighten and unfold one end of the paperclip.
  • This unfolded end becomes the pointy part of your makeshift needle.
  • Find the larger looped end of the paperclip – this is the “eye” of your needle.
  • Thread your yarn or thread through this larger looped end.
  • Pinch the yarn or thread to secure it in the looped end of the paperclip.
  • Now you have a functional paperclip sewing needle.
  • To sew, push the pointy end of the paperclip through the fabric, creating stitches.

Remember, the paperclip needle might create slightly larger holes, so it’s best for fabrics with a looser weave.

Video: Sewing with a paper clip when I’ve lost my needle

FAQ – People also ask

What should I do if I’ve lost my sewing needle?

Don’t worry, and there’s a simple solution! You can use a paperclip as a makeshift sewing needle.

Can I really sew with a paperclip?

Absolutely! A paperclip can serve as a functional replacement for a sewing needle, allowing you to continue your stitching projects without a hitch.

How do I prepare a paperclip for sewing?

Unfold one end of the paperclip to create a pointy tip. This will be the working end of your makeshift needle.

How do I thread the paperclip?

Threading a paperclip is surprisingly easy. Since the eye of the paperclip is larger than that of a regular needle, insert your thread or yarn through the eye and pinch it to secure it.

Will a paperclip work with different fabrics?

 Yes, it will! While the paperclip’s wider width might create slightly larger holes, it can still work with various fabrics, especially those with a looser weave.


Losing a sewing needle doesn’t have to spell disaster for your crafting endeavors. Thanks to the versatility of a simple paperclip, you can avoid unnecessary frustration and get back to creating your masterpiece.

Creativity knows no bounds, and a resourceful approach can often lead to innovative solutions. So, the next time you find yourself without a needle, reach for a paperclip, unfold its potential, and continue stitching your way to sewing success!

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