How to Make Punch Needle Pillow – Tutorial

Last Updated on January 11, 2024

Today, I’m thrilled to share a step-by-step guide on making a stunning punch needle pillow. Recently, I set out to make a boho-inspired cushion with earthy tones, lovely textures, and a hint of shagginess.

The result? It is an absolutely amazing piece that brings warmth and style to any space. Join me as we dive right into the world of punch needle crafting!

How to Make Punch Needle Pillow


  • Experiment with different punch needle sizes, like the Oxford punch needles, to create diverse textures in your pillow project.
  • Choose natural materials such as cotton-silk blends and eco-friendly, animal-friendly yarns for a sustainable and elegant punch needle pillow.
  • Plan your design using tools like Procreate, ensuring a balanced and aesthetically pleasing color palette.
  • Consider adding a tufty look by cutting loops in the middle of more extensive, multi-colored yarn sections for an extra dimension of texture.
  • Prevent loops from coming loose by using adhesive fabric on the back, creating a durable and polished finish for your handmade pillow.

How to Make Punch Needle Pillow

How to Make Punch Needle Pillow

To make a punch needle pillow, pick your favorite yarn, punch loops onto a fabric-covered frame, secure the back, sew it up, and you’ve got a cozy pillow ready to use!

Follow these step by step guide on how do you make a punch needle at home, handmade result!

1. Gather Your Supplies – What materials do I need for punch needle?

What materials do I need for punch needle
The materials for the punch needle

Before we begin, let’s make sure we have all the necessary supplies:

  • Punch Needles: I used three types of punch needles in this project. The Oxford punch needles were my top choice, providing the best quality and comfort. For chunky yarns, I opted for a regular size 10 needle, a size 8 for thinner yarns, and an adjustable punch needle for creating super long loops.
  • Yarn: I chose natural materials for an eco-friendly touch, including a cotton-silk blend and multi-colored wool yarn in earthy tones. Feel free to experiment with your preferred color palette.
  • Frame: A snap frame is convenient, allowing easy fabric insertion and reuse. Use monk’s cloth as your fabric, securing it with tape to prevent fraying.
  • Tools: Scissors, a sewing machine or needle and thread, and a backing cloth are essential. Also, have a special adhesive fabric (like black fleece) to secure the back of your punch needle piece.

2. Set Up Your Workspace

Set Up Your Workspace
Prepare the Frame & Sketch
  • Prepare the Frame: Use a snap frame by removing all bars, placing the monk’s cloth over them, and sliding them back on. Ensure the fabric is taut, like a drum.
  • Sketch Your Design: Create a sketch using tools like Procreate before punching. Plan your design, considering color combinations and the placement of different patches.

3. Punching Time!

Punching Needle
Punching Needle
  • Thread Your Needle: Depending on the yarn and needle size, thread your punch needle accordingly. Ensure the yarn has enough slack to avoid pulling out stitches.
  • Punching Technique: Always punch the needle fully, maintain yarn slack, and turn the needle in the direction you’re going. Be cautious with the sharp tip and avoid stabbing yourself.
  • Create Texture: Experiment with different needle sizes for varied loop heights. Leave spaces between rows, especially for chunky yarn and long loops.
  • Tufting (Optional): Cut loops in the middle of large, multi-colored yarn sections for a tufty look. This adds a cute, textured dimension.

4. Finishing Touches

How to Make Punch Needle Pillow
Make Punch Needle Pillow
  • Secure the Back: Cut off excess tails at the back and use adhesive fabric to secure the loops. Iron the fabric onto the back, ensuring it sticks to the stitches and prevents them from coming loose.
  • Assemble the Pillow: Pin the punch needle piece (loopy side up) to a linen backing fabric. Sew around the edges, leaving a small gap to insert the pillow.
  • Final Steps: Trim excess fabric, turn the pillow inside out, and insert the pillow form. Close the gap with needle and thread.


What is the best fabric for a punch needle pillow?

The best fabric for punch needle pillows is monk’s cloth, specifically in a 12-14 count or holes per inch, 100% cotton monk’s cloth. This provides the ideal foundation for punch needle and rug hooking projects.

What is the best yarn for a punch needle pillow?

Cotton yarn is recommended for punch needle pillows. It is smooth enough to work well with the punch needle, has a balancing texture, and is easy to use. Cotton yarn is an excellent choice for creating small decorative items or anything needing washing.

Can I use a punch needle on cotton fabric?

Yes! Punch needle can be done on quilting cotton. Just use fusible webbing to attach the weavers cloth to the cotton and punch as you normally would. This technique allows versatility in your punch needle projects, even on different fabric types.


You’ve just created a beautiful punch needle pillow. I hope you enjoyed this creative journey as much as I did. If you found this tutorial helpful, don’t forget to comment below. Until next time, happy crafting!

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