How to Print Iron-on Cricut: Beginners Guide

Last Updated on December 17, 2023

Cricut’s printable iron-on is an excellent solution for transferring vibrant printed images onto fabrics. In today’s guide, we’ll explore Cricut’s printable iron-on technique, a versatile material that allows you to transfer vibrant printed images onto fabrics.

Whether you’re working with light or dark fabrics, Printable heat transfer vinyl Cricut’s printable iron-on covers you.

This tutorial is designed for users of any Cricut machine with print and cut capabilities, and we’ll be using the Cricut Maker for printable iron on vinyl Cricut.

How to Print Iron-on Cricut


  • Gather your Cricut machine, EasyPress, and essential materials like Everyday Iron-On vinyl for a successful iron-on project.
  • Measure your fabric, resize your image, and strike a balance for a visually appealing and well-proportioned design on your tea towel.
  • Always mirror your image using iron-on vinyl to ensure your design appears correctly when applied to the fabric.
  • Take your time when weeding the vinyl to avoid damaging your design, and use painter’s tape for a clean and efficient process.
  • Find the right EasyPress settings using Cricut’s official guide to guarantee a flawless application, and remember to let your project cool before peeling off the transfer tape.

What is Cricut Printable Iron-On?

Cricut Printable Iron-On comes in two versions: one designed for dark fabrics and another for light fabrics.

Both options suit anyone wanting to transfer printed images onto a shirt without requiring specialized sublimation equipment.

These iron-ons are compatible with inkjet printers, making them accessible to many users. Any Cricut machine with print and cut capabilities.

How to Print Iron-on Cricut?

How to Print Iron-on Cricut

To print iron-on with Cricut, start by uploading your image in Cricut Design Space, resize it to fit your material (like a tea towel), mirror the design, weed the vinyl, set the EasyPress to recommended heat settings, and apply with light pressure for a warm peel finish.


Gather the following materials before beginning this crafting adventure:

How to do Cricut iron-on step by step?

 Now that we’re prepared let’s get started on the process.

Step 1: Upload Image

Upload Image
Upload Image

We have shared a simple guide on How do upload an image to Cricut for iron-on earlier. You may have a look.

  • Open Cricut Design Space.
  • Upload your chosen image. Ensure it’s a PNG file for this tutorial.
  • Select “Complex” when prompted about image complexity.
  • Skip erasing since it’s a PNG with a transparent background.
  • Save the image as a cut image, add tags, and save.

Step 2: Resize

  • Insert the image onto your canvas.
  • Measure your tea towel (18 inches wide in this case).
  • Resize the image to fit your tea towel. Aim for balance on both sides.
  • Set the image width to 5 inches for a visually pleasing result.
  • Click “Make It” in the top right corner.

Step 3: Mirror

  • Load the vinyl onto your mat, ensuring the shiny side faces down.
  • Select the “Mirror” option on the left side.
  • Click “Continue” and choose the material (Everyday Iron-On).
  • Load the mat into your machine and let the magic happen.

Step 4: Weeding

  • Use painter’s tape on your working surface for easy vinyl handling.
  • Weed the image carefully, ensuring no intricate details are left behind.

Step 5: Heat Settings

Heat Settings
Heat Settings
  • Google “Cricut EasyPress settings” and find the official guide.
  • Select your EasyPress model and the appropriate materials.
  • Set the EasyPress temperature and time accordingly.

Step 6: Warm Peel

How to Print Iron-on Cricut
Print Iron-on Cricut
  • Preheat your EasyPress for a few seconds.
  • Apply the vinyl to the tea towel, cover with parchment paper, and position the EasyPress.
  • Press the green button, applying light pressure.
  • Allow the project to cool before peeling off the transfer tape.

FAQs on Cricut printable iron on

Can I use a different brand of iron-on vinyl with my Cricut machine?

Yes, you can! While Cricut markets its product as iron-on vinyl, many other brands refer to it as heat transfer vinyl (HTV). Ensure your chosen vinyl is compatible with your Cricut machine and follows the recommended settings.

Can I use a Cricut EasyPress, or can I use a regular iron?

While a regular iron can work, the EasyPress is designed for precise temperature control and even heat distribution, ensuring better results. If using an iron, follow the temperature and time guidelines as closely as possible.

Can I wash the tea towel after applying the iron-on vinyl?

It’s recommended to keep these decorated towels for decorative purposes only. However, if washing becomes unavoidable, use cold water on a gentle cycle and let it air dry to preserve the vinyl design.

What should I do if my image is more intricate than the one in the tutorial?

If your image has intricate details, take time during the weeding process. Use weeding tools for precision and consider using painter’s tape to keep the vinyl in place, making the process more manageable.

Can I resize the image to fit a different-sized tea towel?

Yes! The tutorial guides measuring and resizing based on a specific tea towel size. Adjust the image dimensions accordingly to fit the dimensions of the tea towel you’re working with.

Is it necessary to use an EasyPress mat, or can I use an alternative?

The EasyPress mat is recommended for optimal results. If using an alternative, ensure it provides even heat distribution. Follow the guidelines for the specific base material you’re working with.

What should I do if my vinyl curls during the weeding process?

Using painter’s tape on the working surface helps prevent vinyl curling. Additionally, take your time and apply steady pressure during the weeding process to avoid damaging the design.

Can I apply iron-on vinyl to other fabric items besides tea towels?

Yes! The process demonstrated in the tutorial can be applied to various fabric items. Adjust the heat settings based on the fabric type you’re working with.

Do I need to use parchment paper during the heat press process?

Yes, parchment paper acts as a protective barrier between EasyPress and the vinyl, preventing direct contact and potential damage to the design. Ensure that this step is included for optimal results.


And there you have it! A charming, personalized tea towel ready to adorn your kitchen. For a free download of the featured image.

Cricut’s Printable Iron-On opens up a world of possibilities for adding personalized, vibrant designs to fabrics without complex equipment.

Whether you’re working with dark or light fabrics, this guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough to help you easily achieve professional-looking results. 

Remember, these towels are for decoration, but if you must wash them, follow the recommended guidelines. Have questions or want to join our crafting community? Drop a comment or find us on Instagram, or Pinterest.

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