How to Sew a Hooded Cloak – (10 Easy Steps)

Last Updated on October 22, 2023

Are you ready to add a touch of enchantment to your wardrobe or prepare for an upcoming costume party? Sewing your hooded cloak is a magical and budget-friendly way to do just that. I’m Tersia from, and in this step-by-step guide, I will show you how to sew a hooded cloak that can be your go-to for Halloween or everyday dress-up adventures. 🎃👻

How to Sew a Hooded Cloak


  • Learn how to create a stylish hooded cloak, perfect for Halloween or everyday dress-up.
  • Budget-friendly project using black fabric, free templates, and basic sewing tools.
  • An easy step-by-step guide, complete with measurements and fabric calculations.
  • Craft your cloak, attach a hood, and finish edges for a professional look.
  • Add a snap closure for convenience and personalize with unique embellishments.
  • Embrace your inner magic and discover endless costume possibilities!
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Materials You’ll Need:

So, How to Sew a Hooded Cloak – 10 Easy Steps

How to Sew a Hooded Cloak

Step 1: Taking Measurements

Taking Measurements
Taking Measurements

Before you dive into sewing, taking measurements is essential to ensure your cloak fits perfectly. Here’s what you’ll need to measure:

  • Neck circumference: Measure around your neck. In the provided example, it’s 35 centimeters.
  • Cloak length: Decide how long you want your cloak to be. In this case, it’s 90 centimeters, reaching knee length.
  • Seam allowance: Add 1 centimeter for the seam allowance.

Step 2: Calculate Fabric Dimensions

Calculate Fabric Dimensions
Calculate Fabric Dimensions

To calculate the dimensions of your fabric, follow these steps:

  • For the neck hole radius, divide the neck circumference (35 cm) by 6. This gives you a radius of approximately 6 cm (rounded for simplicity).
  • Add the cloak length (90 cm) and the seam allowance (1 cm). This results in a total of 97 centimeters.

Step 3: Mark and Cut the Fabric

Mark and Cut the Fabric
Mark and Cut the Fabric

Lay out your fabric, fold it over, and place the right sides facing each other. Use the provided measurements to mark the fabric. If you have a circle skirt template, it can be a helpful guide. Pin the template in place.

  • Mark the neck radius (6 cm) from the fold.
  • Measure 97 cm from the fold for the cloak length.
  • Join the marks to create a semi-circle.
  • Cut along the marked lines.

Step 4: Cut the Second Half

Cut the Second Half
Cut the Second Half

Unfold the fabric and cut another identical semi-circle. This step ensures you have two identical pieces for your cloak.

Step 5: Sew the Center Seam

Place the two halves together with the right sides facing. Pin along one of the selvages. Sew along this side using a straight stitch.

Step 6: Calculate Hood Base

Calculate Hood Base
Calculate Hood Base

Measure around half of the hood’s neck opening. In this example, it’s 24 cm. Add 1 cm for the seam allowance.

Step 7: Draft and Sew the Hood

Draft and Sew the Hood
Draft and Sew the Hood

To create the hood pattern:

  • Draw a rectangle with a width of 50 cm (shoulder to top of the head) and a height of 25 cm (hood base + seam allowance).
  • To round the top edge, use a plate to trace a curve.
  • Cut out the pattern.
  • Fold your fabric’s right sides together and pin the pattern in place.
  • Sew from the top edge down to the bottom with a 1 cm seam allowance.

Step 8: Attach the Hood to the Cape

Lay out the cape with the seam in the center. Place the hood piece right side down and align the center seams. Pin the hood to the cape, then sew all around the curve.

Step 9: Finish the Edges

Finish the Edges
Finish the Edges

If your fabric frays, finish the raw edges with a zigzag stitch or an overlocker. Ensure the center seam of the hood aligns with the cape’s center seam.

Step 10: Add a Snap Closure

Add a Snap Closure - how to sew a hooded cloak
Add a Snap Closure

Sew on a snap closure to the front of your cloak. This will keep it securely closed. You can also embellish it with a decorative button for a unique touch.

And there you have it! Your very own hooded cloak, ready for magical adventures. Whether you want to be a wizard, witch, superhero, or any other character, your possibilities are endless.🎃👻

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