How to Sew Pointe Shoes – (6 Easy Steps & Full Guides)

Last Updated on March 8, 2023

Discover How to Sew Pointe Shoes: So you’ve just gotten your first pair of pointe shoes and you’re excited to wear them, but you don’t know how to sew them. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

How to Sew Pointe Shoes

In this guide, we’ll take you through the steps you need to sew your pointe shoes so that you can wear them with confidence.

How to Sew Pointe Shoes – (A Tutorial by Julie)

Julie, One of my favorite Ballet Dancer & Teacher, Shared a Video on “How to Sew Your Pointe Shoes | A Complete Guide for Beginners“. I loved the way she told the method so easily. Do follow her YouTube, TikTok and also follow her on Instagram to inspire and support.

What You’ll Need

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Before you start sewing, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need. You’ll need scissors, a needle and thread, elastic and ribbons, and safety pins. If you’re new to sewing, it’s recommended to use a stitch kit, which includes a thick needle and thread specifically designed for pointe shoes.

You may also want to use a thimble to protect your fingers from the sharp needle. And don’t forget to have a cup of tea or coffee and something to keep you entertained while you sew!

Step 2: Thread Your Needle

Take your needle and thread and thread the needle through the eye of the needle. Cut the thread to about the length of your arm. Hold the needle in your non-dominant hand and the thread in your dominant hand.

Hold the eye of the needle parallel to your eyes and put the thread through the slit in the needle. Leave a little tail of thread hanging out.

Step 3: Sewing Your Pointe Shoes

Flip your pointe shoe inside out and place the elastic and ribbons on the shoe, securing them with safety pins. Start sewing your shoe by making little stitches around the edges of the elastic.

Hold the fabric with one hand and push the needle through the fabric and into the elastic with your other hand. Be careful not to poke your finger with the needle.

Step 4: Tie a Knot

When you’re done sewing the elastic, tie a knot to secure the thread. Push the needle through the fabric and leave a loop. Take the needle under the thread and loop it around two or three times.

Pull the thread tight to create a knot. Repeat this process five times to ensure the knot is secure.

Step 5: Test Your Stitches

Give your stitches a tug to test their strength. If anything comes undone, reinforce the area by sewing more loops around the knot. Repeat this process for each piece of elastic and ribbon on your pointe shoes.

Step 6: Finish Sewing

Once you’ve sewn all the elastics and ribbons, cut the excess thread and flip your pointe shoes right side out. Remove the safety pins and you’re done!

Video Guide to Sew Your Pointe Shoes

Remember Some Pointe Shoe Sewing Tips

Here are some Pointe Shoe Sewing Tips based on the provided information:

  • Use thin, sturdy thread: We recommend using a thin yarn ball for sewing pointe shoes. This type of thread is strong enough to withstand the demands of pointe work but won’t create bulk or stiffness in the shoe.
  • Knot your thread securely: To create a sturdy knot for your thread, pick up the end of the thread and place it over the needle, leaving a small tail hanging over the needle side. With your left hand, hold the tail in place over the needle and twirl the remainder of the thread around the needle once or twice. Put all the thread into your left hand and pull it all the way through so that the thread pulls through your fingertips. Then, tug on the tail end to tighten up the knot.
  • Place elastic close to the back of the shoe pleat: Place the elastic close to the back of the shoe pleat for a secure fit. From the center of the pleat, measure about one inch away and place the elastic there. This will help prevent the shoe from slipping off your heel during movement.
  • Sew elastic with single stitches: When sewing the elastic onto the shoe, pick up only one side of the material at a time to create single stitches. This will make the stitches less visible from the outside of the shoe.
  • Secure the elastic with a zigzag stitch: For extra security, creating a zigzag stitch across the top of the elastic to seal it in place. This will help prevent the elastic from gapping or slipping during use.
  • Place ribbons on top of the elastic: When placing the ribbons on the shoe, put them on top of the elastic. This will create a more secure fit and prevent the ribbons from slipping down the ankle during use.
  • Use proper tension for ribbons: When sewing the ribbons onto the shoe, use proper tension to ensure a secure fit. You want the ribbons to be tight enough to support the foot but not so tight that they restrict movement or cause discomfort.
  • Test the fit: Before wearing your pointe shoes for class, make sure to test the fit and adjust the ribbons and elastic as necessary. The shoes should feel secure and supportive without causing pain or discomfort.


Sewing pointe shoes can be a time-consuming process, especially if you’re new to sewing. But with patience and practice, you’ll be able to sew your shoes with confidence. Just remember to take your time, use a stitch kit, and tie your knots securely. Happy sewing & dancing!

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